IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-06-02

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rockyJ1m: ping00:45
J1mI'm on the phone atm, I'll be available in a bit.00:47
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J1mrocky, what's up?01:13
rockyJ1m: was wondering if the full foundation committer invitee list is private or not... strikes me as odd that i'm the only plone framework team member on that list ... so if the full list isn't private i'd like to knock some plone heads ;)01:14
J1mI'm not sure if it should or shouldn't.  It would be a good questions to raise on the list. :)01:16
rockyhehe, ok, will do ;)01:16
J1mRepeat after me: "Jim is not in charge." :)01:16
J1mbtw, other plone developers were invitd to become members.01:17
rockyi figured there were01:17
J1mBasically anyone who checked in in the last year and a half were invited.01:17
J1mFor example, Whit and Rob should have gotten invites.01:18
J1mMaybe you could nag them. :)01:18
rockygreat... those were two specifically i had in mind ;)01:18
rockythats exactly why i was asking01:18
whitI got no invite01:19
rockyspeak of the ...01:19
whitbut I gotta go01:19
J1mwhit, hm.... now that you mention it. I don't see your name on the list.01:20
J1mI think there was some confusion about your account though.01:20
J1mwhit, please get with me when you have time so we can sort it out.01:20
rockywhit's account isn't the only thing confusing about him :)01:20
J1mBTW, it would make a lot of sense for the Plone Foundation to Join as a Strategic Developer.01:21
rockyi need to re-read things to figure out exactly what a strategic developer actually is01:21
rockybut the 26pgs of foundation by-laws kind of made me put off reading things again for a bit ;)01:22
* rocky needs the condensed version :)01:22
J1mThere are only 3 pages of bylaws01:22
rockyum, what did i download?01:23
rocky"Zope Foundation By Laws"01:23
rocky  ... my pdf reader puts it at 26 pgs01:23
J1msorry I was looking at the contrib01:24
J1mclicked on the wrong link. :)01:24
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rockyJ1m: the bylaws state "Strategic Developer Members shall be entities that meet the requirements of a Strategic Developer Member as set forth under the heading “Strategic Developer Members” in the Membership Agreement, as amended from time to time in accordance with any and all requirements of these Bylaws set forth herein."01:28
rockybut i can't seem to find anything on "Strategic Developer Members" in my membership agreement01:29
rockyi assume there's another strategic developer membership agreement someplace i haven't seen?01:29
J1mYou mean the committer agreement?01:29
rockywell, i don't know what i meant... just that i can't find where its described what a strategic developer member is ;)01:29
rockysorry if i'm being a pest, but i'd prefer to understand that part a bit more before i present it to the plone foundation ;)01:30
J1mI'm not aware that there is a membership agreement for any members but committers, who arte not stregic developers. :)01:30
J1mOf course01:30
J1mJust a sec01:30
J1mOh, there's another doc. :)01:32
J1mJust a minute, I'll post it.01:32
J1mRob is working on posting some docs too.01:32
J1mCrap, we all need to sign this agreement too. Waaaaa.01:35
J1m11 pages. Sigh.01:40
J1mHm, maybe strategic developer makes no sense01:42
rockyoh, hm... don't think plone foundation has hired two full time developers01:42
rockywell, plone foundation wouldn't qualify01:42
J1mDoes the PF even have employees?01:43
rockydon't believe so01:43
J1mPerhaps strategic consumer would make sense.01:43
J1mAssuming that the PF signed up 3 contributors, the cost would be $10,00001:44
J1mBut then you could appoint a Board member.01:44
J1mwhich would be a good thing imo.01:44
rockywe shouldn't have any problem getting 3 contributors with commit access signed up01:45
rockyi'm sure even on the plone framework team alone there are at least 3 people with zope committ writes01:45
* philiKON is a PF member01:46
J1mI need to make sure it is clear how to submit this thing.01:46
J1mIt looks like there are 3 pages that need to be written on.01:48
J1mI'm not gonna tell people about this until tomorrow. :)01:49
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volvoxam I the only one to receive a bunch of messages in zope3-users that is one month old?13:55
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rockyhm, what pkg/setup do i use on zope 3.2 to get events running for tests ? (i know on zope 3.3 its zope.component.eventtesting.setUp)14:18
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hannoschcan somebody point me to the right contributer agreement to get svn write access? I couldn't find the one from Zope Foundation or do I still have to sign the old one?15:21
srichterhannosch: this is a question for J1m, I think :-) I am not sure.15:22
J1mYou have to sign the old one for now.15:22
hannoschthx, I heard some people already got the new one sent to them, that's why I was wondering ;)15:23
J1mAlthough I expect it will turn out that we'll start having people sign the new one soon.15:23
J1mThose people were invited to become ZF committer members based on their past contributions.15:23
hannoschok. I'll get the old one :)15:24
hannoschsrichter: did you see my mail about my i18n enhancement plans? I've seen that the TODO comment in INegotiator about the lack of using IAvailableLanguages was written by you and was wondering if you had already some ideas about how to solve that one?15:27
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srichterhannosch: no, I have not read your mail yet; actually, I just deleted this discussion, since I did not want to get involved. I have no ideas about I18n at this point15:28
hannoschsrichter: ok, fine, so phili is the one I should talk to?15:29
srichterI only know two things: (a) micro-domains are better than monolithc ones, and (b) We need to be able to register multiple mo files for the same domain, so that we can do translation merging and overriding15:29
srichteryou can talk to me to, but you need to make sure I am listening ;-)15:30
srichterIs there a Python implementation of a PO to MO converter?15:32
hannoschsrichter: no problem, I have some experience in annoying people, as I'm managing the plone bug tracker for some time ;) we agree on a).15:32
srichterIf not automatic generation of MO files will be hard15:32
hannoschsrichter: there is, PTS currently does this15:32
srichterok, but I would like to see a proposal15:33
srichterI think that detecting changes in the PO files would be cool15:33
srichterlike APT works now15:33
srichterI am not too thrilled about the "tracker mode" as I think it is pointless15:34
hannoschsrichter: sure, I'll write proposals, right now I'm trying to figure out what people think should go into Zope3 core and what should live in add-ons15:34
srichterwe have i18nextract whcih gets us all strings from all the sources15:34
srichterall strings that are not translated in the PO files are thus strings that are not available15:34
srichterhannosch: btw, you can feel free to call me; this is a too low bandwidth channel for me15:35
hannoschoh that's interesting, I put it on my list after talking to philiKON. Personally I'm not much of a fan of this either. /me lives in Germany and prefers mailing lists and IRC ;)15:36
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srichterso what, it costs me about $0.06 per minute to call and I think with the 01024 number it costs you about 0.03 Euros per minute15:37
hannoschhum, havn't done any international calls in a while, but my current provider doesn't allow me to use any special prefix numbers15:39
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fdrakeTheuni: have an AIM id?16:46
Theunisure. i pinged you on aim16:47
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J1mCan anyone here lookup, ping, or otherwise see
J1mIf anyone here sees Godefroid, ask him wtf with his email address. :)17:44
J1m(That's short for "what the fudge".)17:44
benjimmm, fudge17:45
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hannoschI just talked to him, he's currently switching over to a new hosting provider18:16
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AisteGodefroid's email is borken at the moment18:40
Aistehe can be reached by gotcha@swing.be18:40
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roym`If I set dc.title on an object, I can then access it as context/zope:title23:30
roym`However, I cannot seem to get the same results with23:31
roym`  dc.creators = ["name1"] and context/zope:creators23:31
roym`What am I missing?23:31
roym`(dc is the IWriteZopeDublinCore adapter)23:31
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