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baijumFew days back I started writing an article but found it's not that easy. Here is the link Interested guys can edit there itself or move to wiki15:01
philiGOOOLhi baijum15:02
philiGOOOLbaijum, i just wrote this:
philiGOOOLthat's great news about the what's new article15:03
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baijumphiliGOOOL: new Appetizers are cool :)15:04
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volvoxphil.. you know what would be useful for beginners15:26
volvoxa short summary explaining when to use views vs viewlets, forms vs subpages vs object widgets15:27
philiGOOOLvolvox, feel free to write this :)15:27
philiGOOOLi'm quite busy with th ebook15:27
volvoxoh when i'll understand better15:31
volvoxhave you got a subpage example at hand?15:31
* philiGOOOL points to rocky15:32
* rocky looks up his subform example15:32
rockyvolvox:  has a subform example15:33
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rockythanks to srichter i understand subforms now :)15:33
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