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rockyhm, there aren't any sensible date widgets available in zope core?14:37
ignasrocky: no14:38
rockyis this by design or just that no one has gotten around to doing one?14:38
ignasi think the second one14:39
rockyhm, what is the default widget that a Bool uses called?14:40
ignasdon't know really14:41
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ignasanyone who had worked on zope.index.text.queryparser ?14:42
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volvoxrocky, zc.datetimewidget contains the LGPL dynarch widget, maybe it is intended to go in zope core?15:05
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rockyvolvox: oh, thanks for pointing that one out15:10
volvoxrocky: it needs some patch to make it work with xhtml and avoid innerHTML, let me know if you need it15:11
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rockyoh, ick ;)15:11
rockyas we try pushing Plone away from Archetypes widgets and towards zope3 widgets we will need a rich set of widgets to choose from to compensate (AT has some really nice widgets but the architecture is simply not compatible with z3)15:12
rockywe have a common repository location for people contributing widgets15:12
rockyso my plan/hope is that as we build these widgets for plone that can be used in regular zope3 as well15:13
volvoxi tell you: widgets are something I would like to contribute15:14
volvoxand I've mated with javascript before15:14
volvoxbut at the moment I'm still getting confidence with the framework15:14
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floxgood afternoon15:23
floxan easy question...15:23
floxby default Zope3 instance is running on 'localhost'15:24
floxhow i make it available to all network interfaces?15:24
floxi guess this is the <server> tag in 'zope.conf'.... but no documentation15:24
rockyflox: by default zope listens on all network interfaces15:25
rockyi could have swore15:25
rockyoh well15:25
floxzope 3.3.0beta1 ==> this is not the case15:25
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floxi install on 2 windows PC15:26
rockythat's never an issue for me as i *always* run zope behind apache in production where i might have these interfaces15:26
floxand i check the same15:26
floxfirst line in the log:15:26
flox2006-06-23T01:37:07 INFO root -- HTTP:localhost:333 Server started.15:26
J1mflox is running on Windows15:27
rockyand i make apache listen on the devices as i need them to (by default apache2 listens on all devices, i know that for certain)15:27
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floxand there's no clue of "localhost" in the zope.conf15:27
J1mOn Unix, omitting the hostname from the address causes all addresses to be listed on.15:27
J1mOn Windows, only localhost.15:27
floxi see...15:28
floxbut i do not have any fix...15:28
floxi can put address  '*:8080'15:28
J1mIn the address option, include the IP address you want to listen on.15:28
floxor '' ... maybe15:28
J1mI don't know if there is a way to spell all interfaces.15:29
J1mAsk someone who uses windows. :)15:29
J1mBut you can use the ip address or hostname explicitly.15:29
floxi will check by myself, if nobody use Windows15:29
rockythere are people that actually use windows? :)15:29
J1mDo you really *need* to listed to all interfaces?15:30
floxi need a 'portable' zope.conf, which can be use on any PC..15:30
floxto build a custom installer for our project15:31
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floxi will experiment...15:32
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J1mIf you are building a custom installer, perhaps the installer could determine the local ip address and provide it in the config.15:34
floxthis line works:15:40
flox    address$ZOPE_HTTPSERVER_PORT15:40
floxmaybe we could add this to some usefull place, for future Windows users15:41
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J1mIf nothing else, a comment in woould be a good start.16:05
J1mI wonder how z2 handles this.16:05
J1mI suppose too that the zconfig handler could do this too.16:06
J1mIf it detects that the platform is windows.16:06
J1mflox, are you a contributor? :)16:06
floxZope2.8.6 broadcast on all network interfaces16:06
floxon Windows16:06
J1mYou mean listens.16:07
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J1mI wonder how *it* accomplishes that.16:07
floxJ1m: u're right... but i'm not a contributor AFAIK16:07
floxJ1M: maybe in the future16:07
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J1mafaik?  You don't know if you submitter a contributor agreement? :)16:08
floxJ1m: today, i am learning the component architecture of Z3...16:08
floxJ1m: not a contributor at all...16:09
floxJ1m: to become a contributor, i hv to submit a paper agreement?16:09
J1myes, which you can also submit by gax or by emailing a scanned copy to me.16:10
floxi guess i hv to visit for further information16:10
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mgedminthe zconfig handler is responsible for making 'listen 8080' bind only to localhost on Windows, iirc16:16
floxJ1m: thks16:16
J1mmgedmin, I assume that that is by omission, rather than intent.16:17
J1mThere's actually a collector issue on this topic, so I think there is interest in a fix, if not much energy.16:17
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mgedminit explicitly checks os.platform and sets the hostname part to 'localhost' on windows, but leaves it as an empty string on linux16:23
mgedminwell, everywhere else, not just linux16:23
* mgedmin has no idea why it does that16:23
mgedminsee src/ZConfig/datatypes.py16:23
mgedminif sys.platform[:3] == "win":16:24
mgedmin    DEFAULT_HOST = "localhost"16:24
mgedmin    DEFAULT_HOST = ""16:24
mgedminit doesn't look to be an omission to me16:24
mgedminunless "" would not work on windows16:24
mgedminhm... then it does inet_address = InetAddress(DEFAULT_HOST) and inet_binding_address = InetAddress("")16:24
* mgedmin does not understand that code16:24
mgedminthere's a datatype "inet-address" that uses DEFAULT_HOST, and a different datatype "inet-binding-address" that always binds to all interfaces16:24
J1mOK, I have no idea what's going on thre then. :(16:25
rockydoes anyone here happen to know the CVSROOT for accessing cvs content from ? (chris mcdonough's cvs repo)16:25
J1mWho does svn credit for this code?16:25
rockyi can't for the life of me track this down16:25
mgedminif the 'address' directive in zope.conf used the 'inet-binding-address' type, then I think it would work the same way on Windows as on other platforms16:27
floxIMO, to set it in on 'localhost' by default is a good thing16:28
floxbec at first, the zope.conf is configured for "development"16:28
floxhence the 'devmode on' at the end of the zope.conf16:29
floxto add a comment assuming this is for "security reason" that server is bind to localhost is enough16:30
floxthen a line to explain how to bind it to all interfaces16:30
floxsince a lot of users are "newbies" when they install Zope for the  first time, it is good thing to let the default configuration "as-is" (ie: on
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ignasis there a way to deal with MessageID objects in Data.fs ?16:43
ignasi can't do anything with evolution scripts as they fail while loading the object16:43
mgedminflox: +1, but then zope should bind to localhost on all platforms by default, not just Windows16:48
mgedminI'm +1 for changing to explicitly spell out 'localhost:'16:48
floxmgedmin: some other well-known packages do the same... to bind on by default16:50
mgedminI'm also +0.5 for getting rid of platform specific behaviour when the network interface is not explicitly specified16:50
mgedminwhat's the issue number in the tracker?16:50
mgedminignas: is the problem that MessageID cannot be imported because it no longer exists?16:50
floxmgedmin: for example EasyPHP, a LAMP installer for windows16:51
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ignasmgedmin: indeed, guess it was BBB back then and we can't support evolution from revisions too old for Zope3 to handle16:52
mgedminignas: I suggest monkey-patching for the duration of the evolution script16:53
mgedminflox: I think it is a very good idea to bind to for production servers, and then have apache in front handling ssl/virtual hosting16:53
ignasmgedmin: not sure that we do care about migration from 0.10 to 2006 ;) there were like 4 releases after 0.10 if someone managed to skip them - it's his fault ;)16:56
floxmgedmin: we use Zope on intranet, no Apache. i will consider installing Apache...16:59
floxmgedmin: moreover, the VHM is dropped in Zope3... another reason to use Apache17:00
edgordonhow is that another reason to use apache? isn't vhm for use w/ apache?17:03
floxu can use vhm without apache in Zope2...17:05
floxthis is weird...17:06
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floxfor example u serve /subproject/ folder when u call http://mysite/ and u serve the root / when u call by IP address...17:07
edgordonwhat does z3 replace vhm w/?17:08
philiKONmoin MacYET17:08
floxedgordon: u can do virtual hosting in Zope3, but support for VHM is dropped17:09
floxedgordon: in Zope3 u hv to install Apache to use Virtual Hosting17:10
floxmgedmin: factly, Zope3 does 'url rewriting'. Apache does ''virtual hoting'17:12
floxlast remark was targeted to edgordon... sorry17:13
edgordonvirtual hoting sounds awesome17:15
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MacYETany news from the zope 3.3b2 front?17:17
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edgordonthanks, i was just about to ask for some docs17:18
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benjiMacYET, don't know, but the bug day (and days thereafter) were very productive, so I'd assume b2 is forthcoming17:26
* MacYET cracks the whip17:40
* MacYET twiddles his thumbs17:41
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ignasi am all for intelligent design over any kind of evolution scripts!17:59
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philiKONMacYET, we should have a zope 2.10b2 shortly after 3.3b2 (or together with it)18:04
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MacYETsure :)18:09
MacYETthat's why an grouching :)18:09
MacYETwhy i am ..18:10
* philiKON hands MacYET a cookie18:10
MacYETtwo and i'll stop18:10
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philiKONgive 'em your little finger and they want the whole hand...18:10
MacYETtypical troll behavior18:11
* philiKON feeds MacYET some of the liquid nitrogen from his physics lab18:12
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benjinice, MacYET has been cryogenically preserved until b2 is released, he'll be so happy18:46
MacYETevil world18:46
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* mgedmin wonders why INotFound has accessor methods instead of plain attributes20:53
J1mprobably because of its age.20:54
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