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gabrielboyscan some answer a couple basic questions for me about setting up the layout of a site00:00
philiKONjust ask questions. if there's anyone who can answer the question s/he will answer00:00
philiKONi didn't say you'll get your answers :)00:01
gabrielboysunderstood, helps just to write it out anyway ;)00:03
gabrielboysI am setting up a site, and have been reading through a couple of Zope3 books and I just want to make sure I have the right general idea with how to set up the site visually.  My understinfanding is the following00:10
gabrielboys1) I create a skin and in that skin a new layer plus the defualt and rotterdam layers.00:10
gabrielboys2) I create a macro that holds the basic markup for all of the pages.  In this macro I have slots for the differnet parts of the page.00:10
gabrielboysI would have slots for the title, meta, style in trhe header.  Then in the rest of the doc I put slots where dyanmic content will be going.00:10
gabrielboysSo for example I would have a main content area, a side bar area and so on.00:10
gabrielboys3)  Once I have all these slots set up then I make templates for the different content types I have.  So for example in my task there00:10
gabrielboysis a Project that has a bunch of attributes.  When the user goes to the template for that Project, they see the attributes from the00:11
gabrielboysproject displayed per how the template is set up.00:11
gabrielboysIs that the right genreal idea?00:11
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philiKONi would not base my skin on rotterdam, to be honest00:15
philiKONi've also experimented wiht viewlets recently and am quite satisfied00:16
philiKONthey make the whole slot juggling obsolete00:16
gabrielboysok thanks00:17
gabrielboysI have not checked out viewlets00:17
philiKONthere's a skin based on viewlets00:17
philiKONit's not in a release00:17
philiKONbut it's availble in svn00:17
philiKONcheck it out00:17
philiKONi wouldn't necessarily copy everything that boston does00:17
philiKONbut it gives good examples00:17
gabrielboysI just need examples......perfect00:17
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gabrielboysif you are not too busy, could you give me a quick overview of viewlets?00:23
floxsee /++apidoc++/Code/zope/viewlet/README.TXT00:24
gabrielboysawesome, thanks00:25
floxi try to use viewlets, too... and i started with Boston skin to understand it.00:25
gabrielboysexcellent, thanks for the help00:26
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efgehi, can anyone explain why I get this:01:53
efgetz = pytz.timezone('Europe/Paris'); print datetime(2006, 7, 1, tzinfo=tz).utcoffset()01:54
efge0:09:00 instead of 2 hours...01:54
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baijumhi all :)15:10
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baijum (interesting read)15:14
baijumbut it's not Zope 3, is it?15:16
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ktwilightlack of confidence in zope3 you are :)15:22
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roymhello folks - what would, if any, be the z3 equivalent of Message queues from the J2EE world (ie: JMS, MQ series, etc)?15:43
roym(being that z3 "subscribers" execute synchronously).15:44
benjiroym: not being familiar with the J2EE Message queues, I'd need more information about how they act to help15:47
benjiwhat property of the Z3 event system are you looking to avoid?15:47
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roymbenji: message queues basically allow for asynchronous execution - I suppose one could execute the code in a thread - is that the recommended way to do this?16:02
roymAlso, there are usually higher level tools built in to monitor/manage queues.16:02
benjiI'm still not clear on what you're trying to do, but it sounds like you want zasync (or something like it)16:03
roymah - let me dig into zasync.16:03
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benjiroym: zasync may be Zope 2 only, I don't know if there's a Z3 version16:05
benjiGary and I have talked a bit about doing something like zasync in Z3, but haven't had a nead yet16:06
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rockyroym: there is no equivalent to the best of my knowledge16:16
benjiroym: I just talked to Gary, and by coincidence he started work on a Z3 version of zasync this weekend, but it'll probably be quite a while before it sees the light of day16:17
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roymbenji, rocky: is there a decent example that might serve for a simple starting point (ie: proper handling of threads in a z3 environment)?16:46
Theunithreads? /me runs16:46
benjiroym: I think my advice would be "don't" :)16:46
benjiIf you really need something like that, I'd have a seperate process that pulls things off a persistent queue and processes them16:47
benjiyou can use ZEO so two processes (Z3 and your other thing) can both access the same ZODB16:47
roymsometimes knowing what not to do is more valuable than knowing what to do - this seems like a good case in point. thanks!16:48
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baldtrolhi all.  i'm sure i've run into and solved this before, but i can't remember how now.  :\17:22
baldtroli have a btreecontainer that has some attributes.  if i set up IReadContainer and then require permissions for the attributes, it works.  but then i can't delete anything from the container, because I need IWriteContainer also, which conflicts with the require perms for hte attributes...17:23
Theuniright. you'll either have to rearrange that in your own interfaces, or just specify the writable attributes by listing them17:24
baldtrolhmm.  like how?  i'm confused.17:25
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Theunihumm? if you listed the attributes for a permission requiredment, do the same for the write-interface (except leaving out those already given away for read permissions)17:28
* Theuni wonders if he actually misses something ... 17:28
Theuniwasn't there a difference between reading an attribute and writing it?17:29
baldtrolhmm...  yessir.  i know you can set both of them, but usually i just set_schema.17:29
baldtrolis set_schema and IWriteContainer the place where i'm seeing the conflict, do you think?17:29
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TheuniYou mentioned a set of attributes on the read permission. That's maybe conflicting with the IWriteContainer?17:32
baldtrolhmm.  well, with just IReadContainer set, i can put my permissions on both the read and write of the attributes.  and i can create content in the btree.  but __delitem__ is forbidden.  i assumed that was from the zcml permissions.  but maybe it's from something else?17:34
Theuniwell, __delitem__ should belong to IWriteContainer, if I'm not mistaken17:35
TheuniSo why don't you just declare <require permission="your.writepermission" interface=""/> ?17:35
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baldtroli did...  but having permissions set on the attributes at the same time breaks things.  argh to me! ;)17:45
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baldtrolTheuni: turns out, i just needed to derive from IContainer.  I had, for whatever reason, thought i should build my interfaces from Interface and set the zcml up as necessary.  didn't realize i should/could be deriving from IContainer.  my mistake.18:05
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timtehmm, bin/runzope finds zope that belongs to python-zopeinterfaces that is installed as a dependency on twisted19:40
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whitanyone having any issues with
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