IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-10-13

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roymphiliKON: benji: if you're still there - I just discovered that calls to xmlconfig.{file.string}() are additive (as far as the adapter registry is concerned) - it's just that placelesssetup.setUp() clears all, so one must be careful to call it first.00:20
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philiKONroym, yup, of course :)00:30
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ribeiroHi all, Is this channel also for help using zope3?00:42
roymribeiro: there is no other one... :)00:44
roymask away.00:45
ribeiroIn a simple view for a content type, if I try to access any metadata, like title or description, zope3 raises an error... Do I have write a "view class" to provide the metadata to a template?00:47
roymYou can get at the dublincore attributes in a zpt like so:00:49
roym<h1 tal:content="context/zope:title">title here</h1>00:49
roymthe "zope:" prefix is the magic here.00:49
ribeirogreat! :)00:50
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ribeiroIs there any documentation about the new TALES syntax and idioms?00:54
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WebMavenis someone handling the Zope-list spamming?03:00
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ribeirohi all, what's the equivalent in zope3 of the put_factory in zope2 (to make html pages uploaded by ftp enter zope as Page Templates)?03:17
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AlexGreenHi! I have red about migration zope project developers to java world - is it false?11:59
floxAlexGreen: CPS is only a small part of the zope world12:04
d2mflox: nuxeo is/was quite a big member of the zope/cms branche12:05
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projekt01d2m, that's true for Zope2 and CMS, but not for Zope312:08
floxd2m: i see, zope3/ecm was sponsored by nuxeo, too12:08
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ChrisWwhere's the five channel again?14:03
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HakTomhello! what can i do if i get this bug?   using Zope 3.3 with 2.4.4c115:13
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HakTomtnx, found it out myself.15:30
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ignasis there a way to make an attribute, passed to viewlet through zcml, translatable15:45
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ignasphiliKON: hi16:19
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lunatikhi there18:48
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benjihi, lunatik18:49
lunatikhi, I would like to know, why target_language is not pass to the translate() call of the context in zopepagetemplate :)18:52
lunatikthere is a strange comment in that put it in TODO18:53
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benjino idea, lunatik; if you don't get an answer here you can try the mailing list19:00
lunatikok :)19:00
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ksmith99srichter: thanks for your feed back on mapSchemaToDicts19:22
ksmith99so in zope3 to replace tables with divs in forms, use namedtemplates...19:23
ksmith99to replace widgets, use CustomWidgets?19:23
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