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andresor better: is there interest for a patch implementing it?00:00
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enterloperhi all. Looking for a good resource or tip: I'd like to get a scaffold for a PAU. I'm looking to simulate principal objects, but they are just plain zope objects in reality that my framework makes in the zodb. How simple can this become to do?02:54
enterloper(assume that those objects are named after the user and store a dictionary with a 'pw' entry) What would you do in a quick job way? thanks in advance.02:56
enterlopergood example links, rather then API docs, would be helpful as well.02:58
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enterloper_hi all. Looking for a good resource or tip: I'd like to get a scaffold for a PAU. I'm looking to simulate principal objects, but they are just plain zope objects in reality that my framework makes in the zodb. assuming those objects are named by user as a dict with a 'pw' entry, is there a good example?04:10
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J1mmkerrin, srichter are you guys responsible for the twisted integration?17:44
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mkerrinJ1m: I guess so.18:07
J1mI think someone needs to take responsibility.18:08
J1mIf no one is willing, that's OK. We can just stop using it. :)18:08
J1mSo anyway, assuming that you are the volunteer....18:09
J1mThe current released version seems to be 2.2.18:09
J1mBut we're using some unreleased 2.1.18:09
mkerrinWe are currently using a release branch of version 2.1 (which was current a long time ago)18:12
J1mRight. That's what I said.18:12
J1mrelease branch != release.18:13
mkerrinThere was two bug fixes I can think of that we found in twisted.web2 which is way we got stuck on the branch18:13
J1mBut surely these bug fixes ended up in 2.1 final or at least in 2.2.18:14
radixTwisted is at 2.4, not 2.2.18:16
radix2.5 will hopefully be out within the month, or so...18:16
J1m is rather confusing then.18:17
radixJ1m: It is unfortunate that you found a link to that page.18:17
J1mWhere does one find twisted releases?18:17
J1mSadly, not in pypi it seems.18:17
radixJ1m: I'll try to get that page removed / redirected. Can you tell me where you found a link to it?18:17
J1mI googled for twisted web.18:18
benjiradix: you can ask Google who links to a particular page:
J1mThe first hit was
radixwe have a few generations of web site redesigns, now :\18:18
J1mWe can relate. :)18:19
benjiheh :)18:19
J1mSo that had a twisted link:
J1manyway, the link you gave looks much better.18:20
* J1m hopes that is a distutils source release.18:20
mkerrinJ1m: I know the version of twisted we are using badly needs an upgrade. And I think it was a month ago I got Zope3 running on the Twisted trunk with quite good deal of changes to Zope18:21
J1mYou're kidding.18:21
J1mWhat changes were needed to Zope?18:21
J1mwsgi is supposed to insulate us.18:21
radixI am reminded of the 2.4.4 change.18:22
mkerrinWSGI insulates you to a point but mainly getting a lot of the tests to pass was not fun18:23
radix(Python 2.4.4, that is) --  you can't use the cgi module with wsgi objects any more, or something... but then Twisted added a hack that extends the wsgi interface to allow it.18:23
J1mmkerrin, what sorts of tests failed?18:23
J1mDis these have to do with http? Or ftp? Both?18:24
J1mradix, do you know if wsgi got updated to deal with this?18:24
mkerrinlogging for HTTP was one I remember.18:24
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radixJ1m: wsgi specifically leaves this part out. It's about the size argument to readline. The WSGI authors state that it only adds unnecessary complexity, and nobody uses it, or should use it.18:25
radixJ1m: let me find the bug..18:25
J1mradix, sure, but have they reevaluated since the change to the cgi module?18:25
radixhmm, I don't know.18:26
J1mFair enough.18:26
J1mSigh sigh sigh18:26
radixanyway, that's not a problem with zope trunk / twisted trunk.18:26
J1mYeah, but I want to work with wsgi.18:28
J1mWhatt is the point of using wsgi if it only works with one server.18:28
radixI think the change made to Zope will make it work with any WSGI server.18:28
radixThe way it does this is by wrapping the wsgi file-like object and ignoring the 'size' argument to readline.18:28
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J1mmkerrin, what was the source of the logging test failures?18:33
J1mAre we using some private channel to get twisted to log the right user?18:34
mkerrinJ1m: can't remember at this point the source of the problem at the moment.18:36
J1mwe need to lower the maintenance burden.18:38
radixWell, if you guys have any questions, feel free to bug me18:38
J1mIf there are features that are causing us pain, we should think about getting rid of them.18:38
J1mThanks radix.18:38
radix(since I am actually working with zope3 these days)18:38
J1mmkerrin, I guess I wouldn't worry about it atm.18:39
J1mBut for 3.4 (and hopefully much sooner) I'd like to switch to using Twisted releases.18:40
J1mI'm hoping the releases will just install via bildout/setuptools.18:40
J1mThen we can deal with what breaks. :)18:40
mkerrinsorry-  a bit busy here - I will send a mail to the list on this as there are one or two other issues that I know of with Twisted that maybe we can sort out and agree on18:42
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pelle_alecm: hi ! im trying to get some background knowledge about viewlets (for the 144 plip) and are stepping through the zope3demos ( - i'm trying to run the tests  for example in the viewletdemos but have problems to find out how to set up a correct zope3demos-ftesting.zcml in the pachage-includes of an instance - do you have any hints or help to how this file should look li22:25
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mgedminpelle_: why do you think that you need to have a zope3demos-ftesting.zcml?22:37
mgedminif a package doesn't need special zcml setup for its functional tests, having just zope3demos-configure.zcml is sufficient.22:37
pelle_mgedmin: ok thanks for feedback - but when i run functional test i get the error: : IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/pelle/ftesting.zcml' and when looking around in some postings at the zope 3 mailing list there was some notes about some tests required special  ftesting.zcml setup but it was more a guess then do you have any suggestions ?22:41
mgedminpelle_: it looks as if you're trying to run the tests from the wrong working directory22:41
pelle_mgedmin: ok i must admit that i have bin a bit confused how to run the tests in zope 3 - hoo do you for example run the functional tests in the zope3demos pacakge or another package ?22:43
mgedminif I'm in an instance directory, I would do22:44
mgedminbin/test -pv -s zope3demos22:44
mgedminif I'm using a checkout rather than an instance, I would do22:44
mgedmin./ -pv -s zope3demos22:44
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pelle_mgedmin: thanks a lot - i run the test from an instance and it seems to work :)22:59
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