IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-11-02

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srichterdobee: schon fertig mit mixen?00:46
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afd_How can one customize the schemadisplay view (aka zope/app/form/browser/ The is registered in the python code for DisplayView, but it's not attached to a view19:33
srichterafd_: most people use zope.formlib these days19:35
afd_allright, but I'm set on teaching myself more zope 3 and it would be interesting for me to know this (if it's possible)19:36
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* philiKON wonders how's Data.fs could've grown to 200 MB w/o any changes. the data inside is not even 1 MB22:13
philiKONafter packing it's 700 KB22:13
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dobeephiliKON: persistent session data22:20
philiKONnope, no such thing22:20
philiKONhmm, or?22:20
philiKONperhaps i should disable that22:20
benjiphiliKON: I once had a Data.fs that someone had used a persistent list instead of a btree to hold a large set of data; every append22:21
dobeeis there by default22:21
philiKONdobee, yes it's there. does it create stuff by default?22:21
benji... which was often, would make the DB grow by 1 MB22:21
philiKONdobee, i mean, does it create stuff even when nothing uses ISessin22:21
philiKONbenji, yeah. not doing that, t hough22:21
dobeephiliKON: i checked in a change in the trunk22:21
benjifixed that and then packed the DB from over 2 GB to < 200 K22:21
dobeethe session implementation always writes session keys for anonymous users22:22
philiKONbenji, heh, yeah, PersistentList is evil that way22:22
dobeethis should be fixed22:22
philiKONdobee, ok, whyu isn't this on the 3.3 branch?22:22
philiKONand is this also a problem if you're not using ISession at all?22:22
dobeebecause i had to add a feature to the session implementation22:22
philiKONmy code does not use sessions nowhere22:22
philiKONi c22:23
dobeewhich authenticator do you use22:23
dobeeok thats it22:23
philiKONbut i don't log in very often22:23
dobeethis doesnt mather22:23
philiKONoh wait, it doesn't matter22:24
philiKONi see it now22:24
dobeei dunno if we should backport this22:24
philiKONwhat's the feature you had to add?22:24
dobeei just added a get method22:24
philiKONwe should probably ask on the list22:25
philiKONi'm susprised get wasn't part of the original interface anyways22:25
philiKONafter all, they're all dicts22:25
philiKONwell, dict-like things22:25
dobeebut __getitem__ creates objects22:26
philiKONyes, i realize that22:26
dobeesee log on revision 7029322:27
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dobeeand 7029222:27
philiKONyes, looks good22:28
philiKONi realize the change you made22:28
philiKONit makes sense22:28
philiKONi think we shoud back port it22:28
philiKONdobee, anyways, thanks for the pointer22:31
dobeenp, btw: hope you had no hangover in seattle ;-)22:32
dobeegot some nice pics of you22:32
philiKONi had a huge hangover on friday, as you know22:32
philiKONi took it slower during the sprint22:32
dobeeme 222:32
philiKONwas exhausted22:32
philiKONi got a nice video of you guys singing :)22:32
dobeeoh god22:32
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srichterdobee: do you have a mapping of content types to interfaces somewhere?23:04
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dobeesrichter: u mean z3c.filetype23:05
dobeethe interfaces have tagged values23:06
srichterlet me check23:10
srichterok, this is not what I need23:12
srichterbut that's ok23:12
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