IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-11-19

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xenruhi there13:24
xenruanybody use zope3 under Mac OS X?13:25
dobeexenru: yes me13:25
xenrucan u help me a litlte13:26
xenruI'm insall macpython 2.4 (from
xenruand zope 3.313:26
dobeexenru: i always use darwinports13:27
dobeeto install python13:27
xenruI just switched to Mac OS X13:28
xenruwhere I can darwinports?\13:28
xenrudobee: thank you13:29
dobeenp, there is no zope3 port, but the installation is exactly the same as on linux13:31
xenruzope3 also in ports?13:31
xenruokey dokey13:31
dobeeu need, the following ports: python24, zlib and py-readline (for pdb)13:32
xenruI have error with readline lib now13:34
xenruhope your recomendations help me13:35
dobeexenru: hm, never saw this error before, what z3 version do u use?13:38
xenruas I see this problem not in zope itself13:39
xenruseems like it in python distro13:39
dobeehave u done a port selfupdate13:40
dobeeport sync13:40
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dobeexenru: did u use --with-python=/opt/local/bin/python2.4 in configure13:43
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cc77hey, I get compile error when trying to compile zope.2.10-final on ubuntu20:30
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cc77problem solved, but thanks for the help20:46
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nynymikeHello everyone. Is there a document somewhere that describes the minimal config to get one ZPT page published sans ZODB? I'm attempting this: 1) Define a package in etc/package-includes 2) create a directory in lib/python with an 3) Write a ZPT 4) in configure.zcml Grant permission to an un-authenticated user to View 5) in configure.zcml  add browser:page directive with for, name, template and permission22:20
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nynymikenevermind, got it working...22:44
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