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waglikis it possible to construct an interface definition at runtime?16:10
mgedminyes, but usually you should not need to do that16:13
waglikBasically, I'm building an application with user-defined shipment documents.16:14
waglikEvery document has a heading and a set of lines, with user defined fields16:15
waglikthe definitions are stored in postgres database16:15
waglikI've figured out, it would be easiest to construct a Interface from the definition and prepare a formlib Form to get and validate the lines16:17
waglikmgedmin: can you tell me how to construct the Interface at runtime?16:17
waglikmgedmin: I've tried: ILine['field'] = Int(...)16:18
waglikmgedim: ILine.field = Int(...)16:18
waglikand it seems it doesn't work either way16:18
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mgedminwaglik: you do not need to create an interface!16:21
mgedminyou need to create a form.Fields() object16:21
mgedminform.Fields(Int(__name__='foo', title=...), TextLine(...))16:21
mgedminyou can also add fields together16:21
mgedminform.Fields(...) + form.fields(...)16:21
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* waglik slaps his forehead :)16:34
waglikheh, i forgot it's that simple16:34
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alecmphiliKON: Is it OK if I check a failing test into Five, I'm still at a bit of a loss about how to fix this security thing.19:17
philiKONmake a branch?19:17
alecmWell, from what I'm seeing this can't be fixed in Five unless we do something really nasty.19:17
alecmEssentially zope's two traversal mechanisms (request traversal and object traversal) are doing their checks differently19:18
alecmthings that are unusable from restricted code work just fine when called via url, which is really bad19:19
philiKONuh, yes19:19
philiKONhow does zope deal with this problem normally, though?19:19
philiKONi mean, there's lots of such cases in zope 2 itself, right?19:19
alecmIn those cases private methods are generally explicitly marked as such on the class19:20
philiKONusing _?19:20
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alecmUsing security.declarePrivate(methodname) or __${methodname}__roles__ = ().  From restricted code methods with no security declarations are disallowed, in traversal they are allowed if the permissions on the most recent object in the aq_chain that had a security declaration would allow access to a user with the current users roles.19:23
alecmOr by not putting in a docstring19:23
alecmwhich is pretty common I guess19:23
philiKONand that approach doesn't work in browser views?19:24
alecmThe only reason I hadn't noticed this bug is because I am usually pretty lax about putting docstrings in place, esp when the interface has a docstring.19:24
alecmphiliKON: Sure it does, but in views we generally want to be able to do the security declarations using zcml, no?19:25
alecmWe'd have to introspect the class and make all methods private19:25
alecmbut some need to be made protected/public19:25
philiKONdoesn't declareObjectProviate() work?19:25
philiKONthe IBrowserPublisher methods need to be protected/public19:26
philiKONbrowserDefault, __call__, etc.19:26
alecmmarking the class as private in all cases works but is prevents using the view directly from restricted code, like tal:define="view nocall:context/@@myview"19:26
philiKONi see19:27
philiKONso, lemme ask:19:27
alecm(it also breaks a bunch of tests that rely on this behavior)19:27
philiKONwould this solve the problem:19:27
philiKONin browser;page we take a look at the class and declare everything private that19:28
philiKON* is not part of IBrowserPublisher and19:28
philiKON* is not listed explicitly in allowed_attributes19:28
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alecmYes, though I'm not sure we have the allowed_attributes info when declaring the security on the class, it's also a little hack-y19:29
alecmUnfortunately, I have to go :-(19:29
philiKONallowed_attributes would have to be supplied  by whoever writes the view and registers it19:29
alecmYeah, but the handler for 'permission' doesn't know about it, right?19:30
philiKONbrowser:page knows about it19:31
philiKONi think it'll work19:31
alecmphiliKON: OK, so what's the best way to find the methods on a class, iterate through the __dict__ looking for instances of FunctionType?  Or is there something better?19:39
philiKONand then look for FunctionType19:40
philiKONor, methodtype19:40
philiKONunbound method type to be exact19:40
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alecmI was mistaken and did not have to go :-)19:48
alecmIt looks like it might be working, though it seems a bunch of the existing ftests depend on this bad behavior :-)19:49
mgedmininspect.ismethod() might be useful19:53
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mgedminhmm... inspect.getmembers(class, inspect.ismethod)19:55
mgedmininspect.classify_class_attrs is also interesting19:55
mgedminalecm: hope that's useful for you19:55
alecmmgedmin: Thanks19:56
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alecmphiliKON: Thanks, looks like it's working.  I've checked it into 1.4 branch and I'll port to other branches later.20:14
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philiKONalecm: you da man20:42
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hazmatalecm, you can get a minor abstraction using.. inspect .. getmembers( klass, lambda y: isinstance( y, types.FunctionType) )20:57
mgedminhazmat: are you saying that "inspect.getmembers(class, inspect.ismethod)" would not work?20:58
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hazmatmgedmin, yeah... that would work too.. just didn't see it21:03
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