IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-12-14

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rockyhm... how do you all handle events resulting from renaming something?  i mean in this case you usually need information of the original version and the new version23:44
J1mYou mean old location and new location?23:45
rockyhm... yeah i suppose23:46
J1mThat information is in the event.23:46
rockyi just noticed IObjectCopiedEvent23:46
rockyi guess similar in style to that23:46
J1mThat is a very fifferent beast.23:46
J1mI don't think it has anything to do with location, does it?23:47
rockywell yeah, because the obj is still the same obj, it would just have a different location23:47
J1mwhere is that?23:47
J1mNot for a copy23:47
rockythat's what i'm saying23:47
J1ma acopy creates a new object.23:47
rockyfor my renaming thing23:47
rockyJ1m: are there any existing events defined someplace in zope3 to represent a move/rename ?23:47
J1mright, with renaming you have the same object but different location.23:47
J1mI assumed that that was what you were refering to.23:48
rockyso where are they? :)23:48
rockythey're not in
J1mno, because they're about containment (sort of)23:49
J1mI expected them to be in zope.location.interfaces.23:49
J1mBut they're not. :)23:49
rockyIObjectMovedEvent looks perfect23:49
J1mThanks. :)23:50
rockyJ1m: you wouldn't happen to know if the zope container events that got added with zope2.9 if they included this moved event would you?23:51
* rocky digs23:51
J1mdo, I would have no idea.23:52
rockyit must be nice not having to use zope2 anymore ;)23:52
J1mI've spent a lot of time in zope 2 the last year or so, but with 2.7. :)23:52
rockyyeah, zope2.9's CopySupport.manage_pasteObjects fires ObjectWillBeMovedEvent's and ObjectMovedEvent's23:53

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