IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-12-27

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Bhaskartimte, hello08:24
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Bhaskarhedix, how is zope?08:53
hedixBhaskar, hy08:53
Bhaskarhedix, how can i learn zope08:54
hedixi'm new @ zope to, but first of all i think you should try links above08:55
Bhaskarhedix, have u done any work in zope08:55
hedixbtw zope book comes in handy too08:56
hedixBhaskar, nope08:56
hedixjust some experimenting08:56
Bhaskarhedix, ya how to start zope08:59
Bhaskarheldix,where r u from?09:03
hedixBhaskar, i'm from Lithuania09:04
Bhaskarheldix, u know schooltool09:05
hedixif your os is win then start zope as win servise09:05
hedixnope, never heard of schooltool09:06
Bhaskarheldix, r u student09:06
Bhaskarheldix, r u there?09:16
Bhaskartimte, do u know zope?09:42
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Bhaskardunny, hello09:49
Bhaskardunny, do u know zope?09:50
dunnyBhaskar: hi, yeah, some09:52
Bhaskardunny, guide me how to start09:52
dunnyfrom what I hear, starting with one of the books is a sane option09:53
Bhaskardunny,which book??09:53
Bhaskardunny, any book on pdf ?09:54
dunnythis book is pretty fresh09:54
BhaskarEDVINAS_, hello where r u from09:54
dunnywhich has an excerpt I think09:55
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Bhaskaredvinas, hello09:57
Bhaskardunny, r u student?09:58
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koboldBhaskar: hi!10:32
Bhaskardunny, what is actually zope?10:32
Bhaskarkobold, where r u from?10:33
Bhaskarkobold, do u know zope?10:33
koboldBhaskar: sorry, do I know you? I can't remember.10:33
Bhaskarheldix, share experience about zope10:33
Bhaskarkobold , u dont know about zope10:34
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Bhaskaryota, do u know zoe?10:58
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koboldcan somebody with enough privileges ban this troll from the channel?10:59
Bhaskardobee, hello11:01
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koboldis there a tutorial/documentation on how to configure a squid instance to cache static content in front of zope3?14:57
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projekt01Hi lamike__16:31
lamike__Hi projekt0116:31
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timteWhy does a factory need to implement getInterfaces()? Can't those interfaces be figured out anyway?18:06
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mgedminsuggestion: if I have a view class that adapts(IFoo, IBrowserRequest), and I register it with <browser:page interface="IBar">, make the zcml directive verify that IBar.isOrExtends(IFoo)20:02
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roymMy understanding is that running reindex on a catalog will do a recursive depth search. However, if the catalog is in a site's default folder, will this work (ie: will it rummage thru the actual contents of the site)?23:43
roymAre there any tutorials on using a Catalog via the ZMI? I have read the README.txt, but can't seem to figure out why the __name__ field is not getting indexed in my case.23:45

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