IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-01-02

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baijumJ1m, ayt ?13:45
J1myup, just for a minute13:45
baijummy employer is changed, so should I send a new contributor agreement ?13:45
J1mYes, please13:46
baijumthanks, will do it.13:46
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agroszerhi there, anybody here?16:03
agroszerhave a question about the collector16:03
ignasagroszer: if you would just write the question, chances are someone would answer it sooner or later ...16:06
agroszerhow can I assign a collector issue to myself? followup works, but there I cannot change the status16:07
ignasagroszer: hmm, i am not sure everyone has the permission to do that ...16:08
d2magroszer: i cab assign it to you if you can't yourself16:08
agroszerd2m: just thought that you were the right person :-)16:08
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agroszer699, 700, 701 please, I have the userid "adamg" over there16:09
d2magroszer: i make you a supporter, then feel free to grab the issues you need16:10
agroszereven better, thank you16:10
d2magroszer: done, appended your name to the end of the supporter list16:12
agroszerd2m: thanks, I can see the new controls16:13
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timteCan I specify the value of a variable in a doctest?17:07
projekt01timte, yes17:08
timtein the output part?17:08
projekt01def placefulSetUp(test):17:09
projekt01    site = setup.placefulSetUp(site=True)17:09
projekt01    test.globs['rootFolder'] = site17:09
projekt01timte, does this work for you?17:10
timteI don't that's what I mean17:10
projekt01What do you like to do?17:11
timte>>> print http(r""" some xml-rpc stuff""") <xml><methodResponse> $value </methodResponse></xml>17:11
timteI'd like doctest to accept $value17:11
projekt01Use ... if $value is undefinable.17:12
projekt01tree dots are a replacement for unknown values17:12
timtebut the variable "value" exists, can the doctest somehow replace value with the real value in the output and test on that?17:12
projekt01why replace if it exists? Do you like to write something like a test template?17:13
timtenot sure what a test template is17:14
projekt01It seems that you try to replace a existing value with a variable which you can replace later in a test. right?17:15
projekt01why do you like to replace the existing value with $value17:15
timtebecause I know the test is correct then, but I guess ... would work fine too17:16
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edgordonis there any problems w/ subclassing interfaces? I am having trouble producing an add form for an interface where I defined an interface (ILocation) and then subclassed it (IWesternLocation), in order to add and rename a few fields.17:30
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agroszerhi, projekt0117:34
timteedgordon: do you only get the fields from the subinterface?17:34
ignastimte: maybe you want to do it the old style way, >>> http(""" lalal """) == """<xml> %s </hml>""" % value17:34
projekt01agroszer, hi17:35
timteignas: good idea17:35
edgordontimte: no, i just don't get the add form at all. the edit form works fine. But if i change the schema in the browser:addform directive to the original Interface (ILocation) it shows up fine.17:35
agroszerprojekt01: are you still in the wfmc business?17:35
edgordoni get a 404 error when using the subclass though17:36
timteedgordon: do you use formlib?17:36
projekt01no, I didn't work with wfmc since the sprint17:36
edgordontimte: no17:37
timteok, I only know formlib17:37
agroszerprojekt01: there are some issues in the collector about that which I'll fix, but never mind then17:38
projekt01agroszer, did you think about wfmc definition versions already?17:39
agroszerproject01: at the moment the realization of workflow modification is postponed17:40
agroszersome more urgent stuff came up :-)17:41
projekt01ok, I see17:41
agroszere.g. scheduling during the workflow is maybe more important17:41
projekt01Ah, that whould be cool17:42
agroszerby the way17:42
agroszerwhat about moving z3.ecm to z3c.something?17:42
projekt01agroszer, do you mean, sending emails after two days nobody processes a step?17:43
projekt01agroszer, ecm is not ready, except somebody worked on it after my latest checkins.17:43
agroszerprojekt01: yep, we have phases for the realization, but something like this is definately in17:44
agroszerI worked on it, we are using it17:44
projekt01agroszer, but I agree to have a own wfmc implementation in z3c17:45
agroszerbut have no write access to ... I don't remember the svn site17:45
projekt01agroszer, feel free to put it on z3c if you like17:45
agroszerit's a bit messy :-) but I think it will qualify for a sandbox subfolder17:46
agroszerBTW, any sprints coming up in Europe?17:47
projekt01agroszer, can you use branch instead sandbox?17:47
projekt01agroszer, I think we can organize one around eastern17:47
agroszer:-) or in Budapest?17:48
projekt01our customer is every month asking if we can organize a sprint and he can sponsor something ;-)17:48
projekt01Yeah, why not in budapest.17:48
agroszerhas to be discussed17:49
projekt01perhaps we can organize one in switzerland and one in budapest17:49
projekt01ok, let me know if you like to do something17:49
agroszerhave to ask my boss17:49
agroszerand Stephan about the costs17:49
agroszerok, back to ecm, do you mean copy z3.ecm to z3c.ecm/trunk (and change the namespace)17:50
agroszerand upload my changes to a branch of z3c.ecm<17:50
agroszer< = ?17:51
projekt01Yeah, of corse if you like to do that, that whould be great17:51
projekt01agroszer, you can call it z3c.wfmc17:52
agroszeras I read, nuxeo turned to j2ee...? z3c is on the other side alive17:52
agroszerok, I'll figure out how to move it in a sane manner17:54
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febbhey  jodok.   how are you?21:43
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jodokhi febb, i'm fine :) how are you?21:43
jodokfebb: we met in copenhagen, right?21:43
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febbFine thanks jodok.  yes its me Felipe, we were both on the Zope3 course in CPH.21:44
jodokfebb: how's it going with z3? making progress?21:45
febbjodok: yea, we are migrating all our apps into Zope3, we are doing progress.  we need to test things very deeply tough. since all are 24x7 apps with no down time available.21:46
febbwe are even adding banking transactions now, security is even more critical now.21:46
jodokfebb: great to hear :)21:46
febbjodok, what about your plans w/ Z3 ?21:47
jodokfebb: working fine. we running now some pretty big sites on zope3. last week our video-portal cluster had to serve 60 megabit per second of traffic :)21:48
jodokjodok: our team is still growing and learning...21:48
jodokbut it's a lot of fun21:48
febbwoow., thats neat.  what kind of app is that ?21:48
jodokthat's one application:
jodoklocal newspaper21:49
febbI'll check it on later today.    Let me ask,  are you offering  (lovely) what we call here "contract development" in Zope3 ?21:50
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jodokfebb: yes, of course :) that's how we earn money.21:51
jodokfebb: our team is now almost 100% on zope321:51
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febbhey philiKON !21:54
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edgordonis there a quick way to view the registered views on an object? I am having trouble w/ some zcml registrations, but I am only getting 404 errors, and nothing interesting in the even log.22:02
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philiKON_edgordon: apidoc22:10
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timteI do this in the test setup, getGlobalSiteManager().registerUtility(IntIds(), IIntIds), but in the doctest the IIntIds utility can't be found anyways. Anyone have an idea?23:04
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timteI forgot to specify setUp23:19
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