IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-01-12

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WebMavenSteveA: can I ask a bit about Launchpad's setup?03:23
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dobeesrichter: ayt?13:00
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srichterdobee: yeah13:05
dobeequestion about z3c.configurator13:06
dobeewe have a  problem there with the data armgument13:06
srichterwhat about it?13:06
dobeewhen 2 plugins share the same attribte names13:07
srichterright, then you have a problem13:07
dobeewe cannot distinct those attribtues in data13:07
dobeeso i want to change data to a dictionary of dictionaries13:07
srichteror implement a namespace13:07
srichterie: pluginName.attrName13:07
dobee{pluginname: {},}13:07
srichterI think that would be okay too13:08
srichteroh, hold on13:08
dobeeit breaks existing implementations13:08
dobeei am currently working on the configurator to allow to call specific named ones13:08
srichterthe main idea originally was that the data attribute is totally informal13:08
srichterand now we require the user/programmer to know the names of the plugins13:09
srichterwhich we didn't before13:09
srichterdobee: btw, I am surprised you use configurator over sampledata13:09
srichteranyways, I think I would be opkay13:10
dobeethis is the first step to a merge13:10
srichterdobee: but please create a branch/tag before starting, so we can change code later13:10
dobeeok, you mean i should create a branch for my changes?13:11
srichterI have noticed this week again, how simple the configurator is to use and to explain; I would hate to loose that simplicity13:11
srichterdobee: no, a brnach for the old code13:11
srichterso we can switch to that13:11
dobeethe data thing is the only incompatible change at all13:11
srichtermaybe a heads up to the zope3-users mailing lsit too13:11
dobeeok, i'll create a 1.0 branch for the old code, or is that number to hight13:12
srichterinterestingly enough, in the training example, I need to access one piece of data in two different plugins13:12
srichterthis is certainly a use case to consider13:12
srichterand I do not even care about the schemas13:12
srichterno, that number is ok13:13
dobeei think we should care about schemas, if we use the schema based configurator plugin13:13
srichtermaybe we should support both use cases13:13
srichterwhat about: if you have a schema plugin, you use your suggestion, but in general also allow a simple data dict13:14
dobeemaybe we should add a keyword argument ala 'namespaces'13:14
dobeein configure13:14
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dobeeso we are completly backward compatible13:14
srichterI think this is a good idea13:14
dobeeme too, ok i'll gonna implement this13:15
srichterI like the sound of being backward compatible :-)13:15
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srichtercool, have fun13:15
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ignassrichter: can one make a title attribute in a viewlet zcml declaration translatable? in schooltool the navigation menu is being set up through viewlets in zcml, and i don't really want to move all that into python code ...13:23
ignasi can translate the string for users, but it is not being picked up by i18n extraction factilities13:24
srichteryou need to move the code into Python or write your own special directive (not that bad)13:24
ignashmm, any examples of such a directive in Zope3 or some other open source code ?13:24
srichterin my projects I create the Python objects13:24
srichteroftentimes you want to do more with the menu item anyways13:25
ignashmm, kind of makes sense13:25
ignasjust thought that there might be some magical zcml attribute like in tal that makes attributes translatable13:25
srichterignas: simply extend the IViewlet directive by a title attribute that is a MessageId field, write a new handler that only calls the original one and register the directive13:26
srichterit's pretty easy13:26
srichterbut I think Python code is okay here13:26
srichterI usually stick everything into a file13:26
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ChrisWhi all, if the definitive place for Zope 3 downloads?13:28
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rockygood morning14:10
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ChrisWmornin ' rocky14:27
ChrisWyou might know:14:27
ChrisWhi all, if the definitive place for Zope 3 downloads?14:27
rockyi thought it was14:27
ChrisWjust wanted to check, I've been running off svn for years ;-)14:28
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mgedminphiliKON: love for your once again16:09
mgedminI did some more hacking: added the ability to find out the branch point (with svn log --stop-on-copy) so that I can merge the whole branch to trunk with " ALL branchname"16:10 where?16:10
mgedminplus I wrote for switching the working dir between branches without having to copy and paste the long svn+ssh://.../ prefixes16:11
philiKONmgedmin: nice16:11
mgedminthis is where a distributed version control system would be useful: I could expose my branch and let you pull the changes if you like them16:12
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philiKON_mgedmin: i still haven't looked at your mods :(16:14
philiKON_i like some, i don't like others16:14
mgedminI'll put my svn online so you can pick and choose16:15
mgedminfirst I need to extract it out of my home directory svn repo16:16
mgedminsvndumpfilter, here I come16:16
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ignasis there a way to disable a view through zcml overrides ?16:37
ChrisWah, the old disabling-stuff-through zcml conundrum16:38
ChrisWI wonder if the answer is still "no" :-S16:38
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mgedminignas: you could write a view class that raises NotFoundError in its __call__ and register it as an override16:39
ignasmgedmin: hmm, and what about a a menu item added by <page directive?16:39
mgedminoverride it too, with <browser:menuItem ... condition="nothing" />16:40
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ChrisWwhat about removing a permission?16:40
ignasremoving a permission ?16:41
ChrisWas in undoing the action of a grant16:41
ignaswon't do, we're using a custom security policy16:41
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ChrisWI want one of them :-)16:55
ignasone of what ? policies ? :)16:56
ChrisWcustom policies16:56
ignasit's open source, you can have it :D16:56
ChrisWI'll come pick your brain when I get to writing it16:56
ChrisWyeah, but yours will be wrong, of course, as it Zope 3's default, that's why I want my custom one :-)16:56
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ChrisWanyway, how's Vilnius? :-)16:56
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ignasVilnius is getting colder again, had it quite warm last days16:57
ChrisWcool :-)16:58
ChrisWwell, cold weather wise, cool code wise :-)16:58
ChrisWhave you guys, or anyone else, made progress on the zope3-without-zodb?16:59
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ignasChrisW: haven't needed that yet17:00
ChrisWI want it :-)17:00
faassenwith a rdb backend?17:00
ChrisWthat's one project17:01
faassenwhat's the other project?17:01
ChrisWbut I'm also interested in just publishing an object from a class, without having to have a zodb, rdb, or anything else17:01
ChrisWthere are many projects ;-)17:01
faassenwell, you can hook it off traversal machinery, I think.17:02
ChrisWyeah, but I want no zodb to even be opened17:02
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ChrisWJ1m pointed me in the right direction, just need to find some time and have a dig :-)17:02
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mgedminoh, he left already17:22
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faassenmaybe everybody is checking out grokproject? :)17:46
faassenthat is, typing 'grokproject foo' and causing a zope 3 checkout to happen.17:46
faassenfanciful hope. :)17:46
ChrisWI should really give grok a spin17:47
faasseneasy_install grokproject17:48
faassenthen 'grokproject myproject' :)17:48
faassenlet us know if that doesn't work.17:48
ChrisWit won't right now17:48
ChrisWI don't have easy_install ;-)17:48
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ChrisWwhat do I need to do that on Windows?17:49
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faassenChrisW: okay, I don't know. :)17:50
faassenChrisW: the buildout will likely fail on windows right now.17:51
faassenChrisW: buildout can be made to work on windows but this needs more of a story.17:51
ChrisW(I'm a windows cave man, remember ;-) )17:52
ChrisWand cavemen, sadly, aren't brave or clever enough to put Ubuntu on their laptops :-S17:53
* ignas SMASH windows laptop!17:53
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ChrisWleave my windows alone, they keep the draught out18:01
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mgedminonly when they're closed :)18:07
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WebMavenI need some adapter help.19:17
WebMavenOk, I am making an app with ZAlchemy, so I am working on a dublin core adapter.19:17
WebMavenI have a RelationalDC class that stores title, description, and the two dates19:18
WebMavenNo, I'm unsure how to adapt my content class to it19:19
WebMavenSorrw, meant *now* I am unsure.19:19
ChrisWyou can't be wanting to adapt to it19:19
ChrisWit sounds like you want to adapt and instance of it and your content object to give your something that implements the dublin core interface19:20
WebMavenMmm. Probabaly.19:21
*** b_52Free has joined #zope3-dev19:21
WebMavenI actually have to instantiate it once during the content class creation to get a unique id.19:22
WebMavenbut they get instantiated on the fly from the DB.19:22
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WebMavenSo, what do I need to do?19:23
ChrisWno idea I'm afraid19:23
WebMavenif you're getting hung up on the rdb stuff, just ignore it. Assume you have an alternate DC class you need to use.19:24
WebMavenDoes that help?19:26
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WebMavenChrisW: hello?19:29
ChrisWyou're assuming I have time to sit and read this channel ;-)19:33
WebMaven:-) well, you did offer to help19:33
ChrisWno, I commented on your question...19:33
ChrisWthat's not a promise to stay here and hand hold you until your problems is solved ;)19:33
WebMavenWell, no, I suppose not.19:34
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WebMavenAdaptation is giving me a headache. This should be simple.21:59
ccombI also have a headache, but because of vocabularies and sources22:01
mgedminI once learned a way of using vocabularies that works, and just keep using it22:01
mgedminI'm a bit afraid to learn sources ;)22:01
ccombthat's exactly what I'm trying to do22:02
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WebMavenSo, I'm trying to adapt an RDB-persistent class to provide another class with Dublin Core.22:05
WebMavenAs far as I can tell, only the actual adaptation isn't working, and I'm too tired to see why.22:06
WebMavenSo, any assistance would be appreciated.22:06
WebMavenccomb have you seen csvvocabularies ?22:07
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ccombok I've read the readme, thanks.22:14
ccombbut I'm generating dynamic vocabularies22:14
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ccombI'm currently learning zope3 by playing with zblog, and I'm implementing category management for the blog entries.22:17
ccombbut anyone knows if category management already exists somewhere ? I guess yes ?22:17
*** HakTom has joined #zope3-dev22:19
ccomb(because I'm trying to make it completely independant from zblog and it could be used for any object.)22:21
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WebMavenCan someone tell me what this means:22:55
WebMavenForbiddenAttribute: ('c', <rogue.za_example_4.message.HelloWorldMessage object at 0xb64cf28c>)22:55
*** zagy_ has joined #zope3-dev22:55
WebMavenwhen it comes from within an adapter22:55
timteis HelloWorldMessage an adapter?22:56
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WebMaventhe HelloWorldMessage is the adpated object.22:56
ccombmaybe add   self.__parent__=context  ?22:56
WebMavento the adapter?22:57
ccombI've solved a similar thing like that22:57
timtedoes HelloWorldMessage have any security declarations?22:57
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timtelike <class class="...HelloWorldMessage"><require permission=".." ...> </class>22:58
WebMavenccomb: that didn't do anything.22:59
WebMaventimte: yes22:59
WebMaven    <require23:00
WebMaven      permission="zope.View"23:00
WebMaven      interface=".interfaces.IHelloWorldMessage"23:00
WebMaven      />23:00
WebMaven    <require23:00
WebMaven        permission="zope.ManageContent"23:00
WebMaven        set_schema=".interfaces.IHelloWorldMessage"23:00
WebMaven        />23:00
WebMavenWhat do you suggest?23:01
ccombthis is the declaration on the adapter HelloWorldMessage class ?23:02
WebMavenHelloWorldMessage is not an adapter23:02
timteDoes the interface include c?23:02
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WebMaventimte: no, c is a generated attribute23:03
ccombWhen an attribute does not exist,  you generally get ForbiddenAttribute before  being warned that the attribute does not exist23:03
WebMaven(represents the db columns)23:03
ccombso this is a method ?23:04
WebMavenbut it exists.23:04
ccombis it also declared in the interface ?23:04
WebMavenHelloWorldMessage is a class that is mapped by SQLAlchemy to a table.23:04
WebMavenno, it is not declared.23:05
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ccombThe security declaration tells set_schema=".interfaces.IHelloWorldMessage"23:05
ccombyou have either to add c into the schema23:06
ccombor add a security declaration for c23:06
WebMavenI see.23:06
timteone could perhaps add a getColumn(col) method to the interface and then call that with c?23:07
timteif an object uses attributes on itself, does it check for security declerations then as well?23:07
WebMavenWell, actually the code is calling context.c.id23:08
WebMavenso I really just need access to id23:08
WebMavenI will explore thr SQLAlchemy API and find the most appropriate way to get that id and add a security declaration.23:08
timteWebMaven: or use grok which doesn't use these nasty security declarations  ;)23:11
WebMavenOK, is there an opposite in schema definitions to required?23:25
WebMavencan I make a field forbidden?23:26
ccomb ¿ what for ?23:26
ccombto display it, but not modify it ?23:27
WebMavenensure it is never edited or passed as a parameter.23:27
WebMavenWell, no.23:27
WebMavenI don't even want to display it.23:27
WebMavenit's an internal value.23:27
ccombso it is an attribute, not a schema field23:27
WebMavenUh, yes.23:28
WebMavendoes that mean I can say id=0 in the interface?23:29
WebMavenin IHelloWorldMessage ?23:29
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