IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-01-27

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WebMavenIf I want to display information from contained subobjects, sub-subobjects, and so on for a container, is the right way to do this to add a method to a view class that digs into items() repeatedly?22:13
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WebMavenThat approach works (so far) but it seemed a bit crude. Any suggestions for alternatives?22:25
WebMavenAnother question: I have a class that implements IContainer, and subclasses (indirectly) Container, but I don't want it to provide the @@container.html view. What do I do?22:31
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J1mYou can register an adapter factory that returns None.22:44
J1mViews are just adapters.22:44
WebMavenAh, and that will override the view... Cool.22:44
J1mIf an adapter factory returns None, the CA behaves as if the factory wasn't found in the first place.22:44
WebMavenso, lets see. the factory needs to adapt my *specific* Interface, and provide... Hmm.22:47
WebMaventrolling through the source, I don't see where the content.html view is hooked in.22:48
WebMavenI see find and commontasks22:48
WebMavenshould I just assume it is named 'contents.html'?22:48
WebMavenor is it the name of the class ('Contents')?22:53
WebMavenniether seesm right.22:53
J1mit's name matches the url22:53
J1mso if the url is @@container.html, then the view name is container.html.22:54
J1mYou said container above.22:54
WebMavenSorry, mistyped.22:55
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WebMavenit is @@contents.html22:55
WebMavenSo, create a Browser view, and then use zcml to register it for contents.html22:56
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WebMavenIt's not working.23:28
WebMavenI suspect I am not providing the correct Interface.23:29
WebMavenThis is the ZCML I am using to declare the adapter:23:29
WebMaven  <adapter23:29
WebMaven    factory=".course.contentsViewFactory"23:29
WebMaven    for=""23:29
WebMaven    provides=""23:29
WebMaven    name="contents.html"23:29
WebMaven    permission="zope.View" />23:29
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WebMavenIt *looks* right...23:33
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WebMavenI tried this one too, still no go:23:43
WebMaven  <adapter23:44
WebMaven    factory=".course.contentsViewFactory"23:44
WebMaven    for=""23:44
WebMaven    provides=""23:44
WebMaven    name="contents.html"23:44
WebMaven    permission="zope.View" />23:44
WebMavenActually, I think I have now tried every reasonable guess I could, IItemContainer, IReadContainer, etc.23:49
WebMavenNone of them seems to have any effect.23:49
WebMavensomehow, the 'contents.html' view is always adapted.23:50
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