IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-02-07

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philiKONafd_: there's KSS (
philiKONit's made for plone, but it works on zope 300:43
philiKONkss.core that is00:43
philiKONi've recently tried it00:43
philiKONnot that it's ready made for forms00:43
philiKONthough i plan some work in that direction00:43
MrTopf_me, too ;-)00:44
MrTopf_but not this century ;-)00:44
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WebMavenHi philiKON00:49
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WebMavenother than setting 'error' in the form view, is there a way to pass a message to the user based on the result of an action?00:51
WebMavenphiliKON: also, someone told me today that they got a message about your book being delayed a month.00:51
philiKONwho? where?00:51
WebMavenfrom Amazon.00:52
WebMavenI've asked for a copy, but haven't received it yet.00:53
philiKONamazon sucks so bad00:53
philiKONWebMaven: springer NYC is shipping the book in the u.s. since this week00:54
philiKONWebMaven: perhaps you want to cancel your preorder with amazon and get it from springer directly00:55
philiKONa local bookstore might also order it by ISBN00:55
WebMavennot *my* preorder...00:55
WebMavenBut, OK, I'll pass thta on.00:55
philiKONi should put that on the web page00:55
WebMavensomeone *else* told me *they* got a message from amzn00:55
benjias another datapoint, we ordered from Amazon and haven't recieved them yet either00:56
WebMavenbenji: but, did you get a message announcing a delay?00:57
benjidon't know (I wasn't the orderer)00:58
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WebMavenphiliKON: if I can get a copy of this rumored message, I'll send it to you.00:59
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WebMavenMeanwhile, does my form question make sense?00:59
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philiKONamazon annoys the heck out of me01:00
philiKONeverybody buys books thru amazon01:00
philiKONwhy can't they get their sh*t together01:00
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zezsorry, where can I find documentation about BTrees?01:04
philiKONin general, or the ones in the zodb?01:05
philiKONwhat do you want to know?01:05
zezI'm trying to read the zodb of an istance of zope01:06
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zezwhen I try to read the root of zodb I see:01:08
zez[('Application', <persistent broken OFS.Application.Application instance '\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x01'>), ('ZGlobals', <BTrees._OOBTree.OOBTree object at 0xb798fbb4>)]01:08
philiKONlooks like you want to put the zope's lib/python path on the PYTHONPATH01:08
ignaszez: it's not the BTree that is broken01:08
philiKONit can't seem to find the OFS.Application.Application class01:09
ignaszodb wants all the classes stored in the Data.fs in the pythonpath01:09
zezbut for the moment the interest is for ZGlobals01:10
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WebMavenphiliKON: dis my form question make sense?01:18
philiKONwell, i mean, you can always customize the template to death01:19
WebMavenAh, yes, I am aware.01:19
philiKONand within the interaction of the view class and the template, there are no limites to the kinds of messages you can pass01:19
philiKONbut the default templates i think support a 'status' property01:19
philiKONlook at IFormBaseCustomization01:19
WebMavenI meant, do autogenerated forms have any facility for displaying a 'message' other than an error?01:19
philiKONas said, i think there's status01:20
WebMavenststus, huh? OK. Thanks.01:20
WebMavensorry, network + mental lag here01:20
WebMavenphiliKON: thanks for the pointer!01:21
philiKONnp, hth01:21
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WebMavenphiliKON: ayt?02:54
philiKONonly for a short time02:54
philiKONgoig to bed soon02:54
WebMavenI got the info02:55
WebMaventhe 'message' was amzn changing the shipping date02:55
WebMavenfrom feb2 to april 902:55
WebMavenest. shipping date, I should say.02:56
WebMaventhat is all.02:56
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philiKON_WebMaven: ayt?13:09
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baijumHow to test whether a 'Manager' has permission to view 'jutst.html' here :
baijumsorry wrong channel13:54
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* baijum is doing Zope 2 now :)13:55
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ivanhi All!14:26
ivani don't know wether this is the right channel for debugging zope3 in wing ide14:27
naroivan: what's your problem ?14:31
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ivani've changed some mail already with Martijn Pieters about this problem, but it is still not workin14:38
ivani mean the system is doesn't stop at a breakpoint14:39
ivanknow i try to follow the zope manual debugging externally launched  code14:40
ivancopied and .wingdebugpw files to site-pacakges14:41
ivanthe debugger seems to run, when i start my instance, because i don't receive any exception14:41
ivanbut what to do to stop at breakpoint14:41
naroit worked for me at the first try14:42
ivansounds good :-)14:42
ivanhope you can help me14:43
ivanwhat should i check?14:43
narodebugger server is not started automatically even it is set in z3wingdbg settings, but all other features are working14:43
narofisrt of all, I'm not using .wingdebugpw14:43
naroI'm using it on localhost only and without passwords14:44
ivando i have to use z3wingdbg package also14:45
ivanwingdbstub isn't enough?14:45
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naroI'v downloaded full package and installed to lib/python14:46
narothere is a lot of files and configuration in z3wingdbg package. Why do you want to use one file only ?14:47
ivani have z3wingdb pacakge14:51
ivaninstalled in site-pacakges14:51
ivanon this link, when i try to start debugger it says Another debugger is already active. Wing currently only supports one active debugger per process.14:52
ivani assume this is the wingdbstub, isn't it?14:52
naroI don't know what is it, sorry.  wait, I'l start it up14:53
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naroivan: did you checked  ?14:59
ivanyes, what values do you need?15:00
naroU had to change wing home only. Other values are default15:01
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ivanthis is wing home: c:\Program Files\Wing IDE 2.115:02
ivanit is correct15:02
ivanwing is installed in this folder15:03
ivanor what does it mean?15:03
naroivan: Another debugger is already active probably means, there is another process on  port 5008015:03
naroyes, it is ok. I have /usr/local/lib/wingide2.115:03
ivani think this is wingdbstub.py15:03
naroI'v never touched this file15:04
ivanbecause i have imported this file in one of my sources15:04
ivanok, i will delete15:04
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ivannow i could start the debugger15:11
ivan2007-02-07T14:07:04 INFO root -- z3wingdbg.http:localhost:50080 Server started.15:11
ivan        Hostname: localhost15:11
ivan        Port: 5008015:11
ivanconnected to IDE15:12
ivanhere i have the breakpoint15:13
ivanthank you15:13
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WebMavenphiliKON_: here18:51
philiKON_WebMaven: can you get your friend to forward me that email he got from amazon?18:52
WebMavenapparently the email didn't contain the info, and the message on is gone once viewed.18:55
WebMavenI forwarded the email he sent me which contains a copy of the current order status.18:55
WebMavenwhich has the estimated shipping date of april 918:56
philiKON_yeah, that would be great18:57
philiKON_springer is quite surprised by that18:57
philiKON_so they'd like to see what that email looks like18:57
philiKON_apparently something got seriously fubared, also with other book titles18:57
philiKON_i sent an email to my springer contact last night, she's now on it18:58
philiKON_thx, got it18:59
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WebMavenphiliKON_: just realize that this is not a copy of an amazon email...19:04
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philiKON_no, it's not19:04
philiKON_but as he says, the actual info was in his amazon customer area, wasn't it?19:05
WebMavenyes, exactly.19:05
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WebMavenI suppose Springer could make their own order to see the same thing.19:06
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hazmatphiliKON_, is it better to just order from springer online us?19:13
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philiKON_hazmat: exactly19:14
philiKON_amazon is being a bitch19:14
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