IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-02-17

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jelknersrichter: hi stephan, u here?02:02
srichterjelkner: yeah02:02
srichterjelkner: I think Iw ill make it to th eNH sprint02:03
srichterI had to check the dates first02:03
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d2mi wonder how i could disable certain access protocols for an object, a container and its objects, a site or the whole instance -- use case is e.g. you want to exclude certain folders/objects from being accessed by xmlrpc or allow xmlrpc access only and disable browser access11:36
d2mi looked at the publisher directive but found no way to disable it11:38
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d2m has 'old' eggs that shadow the pypi distribution :( zope.testing is one of them14:02
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d2mif i use the --upgrade flag things work as expected14:37
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d2mdo you know of docs on the installation of zope components (eggs) on windows?15:25
d2mi've tied to install zope.component using easy_install, but it breaks on installing parts that contain extension modules15:26
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nederhoedI could use some help as a zope3 user, there no one on the zope3-users channel though.18:05
nederhoedanyone cares to join me there? :)18:05
mgedminthere's a #zope3-users?18:09
mgedminthat's because you just created it by joining :)18:10
mgedminpeople usually ask questions here18:10
nederhoedahum, guess you're right!18:11
nederhoedwell, I'll just do that then18:12
nederhoedI have 2 content objects: Camper and CamperFolder18:13
nederhoedwith my own skin18:13
nederhoedI want these objects to exist in a new website18:14
nederhoedwith 1 folder only visible to a manager, to add and edit Camper instances18:15
nederhoedand 1 want a view on this folder18:15
nederhoedfor visitors18:15
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nederhoedI have already done this, more or less, but now my website and Camper + Folder code is 1 product18:16
nederhoedI also want the CamperFolder to be searchable18:18
nederhoedsomehow I don't know where to start18:18
nederhoed(I also want a print view on a Camper, and a reaction/mail form in each default view)18:19
nederhoedany suggestions?18:19
mgedminit seems that you're doing fine so far18:21
nederhoedit is working, much like the messageboard tutorial in Stephan's book18:22
nederhoedbut my website skin is now more or less in the Camper product18:23
nederhoedDo I need to make a "website product" with only a skin?18:24
mgedminneed? no.  can? yes.  is it worth it? depends18:24
nederhoedI tried to make a print preview, but I can't seem to override my sitewide settings18:26
nederhoedI have set a default skin in overrides.zcml18:27
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nederhoedI also added some html via ZMI, is it possible for me not to use ZMI, except for the website user to add Camper objects?18:28
nederhoedto have those HTML (contact page, reaction form) in my website product?18:28
mgedminyour views are not forced to use the skin macros18:30
mgedminit certainly is possible (and desired) to not use ZMI18:30
nederhoedI indeed prefer not to18:32
nederhoedif I add ++skin++Rotterdam, I often get an error18:32
nederhoedpossibly because my data.fs and code was originally developed in X318:33
nederhoedcan you point me to a case where an existing product is incorporated in a site?18:33
nederhoedall tutorials seem to add skins to the product they're creating18:34
nederhoedI'm more looking for: a website use case, tying several Z3 product together18:34
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