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baijumThis import fails for me : python2.4 -s
baijumcan any one try this in trunk ?12:56
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baijumIn, If I put 'from zope.annotation.interfaces import IAnnotations' below 'IBroken' definition, it works12:58
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baijummay be a two way import ?12:58
baijumI think putting interface definition and implementation in same file is not good (src/zope/app/broken/
* baijum wonder how to refactor
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baijummay be like this ?
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ignasbaijum: why not just add ?13:19
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baijumignas, I was also thinking about that, will do it.13:28's just a marker interface only and no other interfaces specific to that package...13:28
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baijumhmm... create ?13:30
* baijum is uncertain13:30
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ignashmm, what are the benefits of IContextSourceBinder vs VocabularyFactory ?14:07
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baijumIn trunk check out, I was running : python2.4 utilities/ -m zope.rdb -p14:52
baijum(to find dependencies of zope.rdb)14:53
baijumI get an error like this:
baijumThis is the code:14:54
baijumpycommentre = r"(#.*)"14:54
baijumpywhiteoutre = r"([ \t\r\014]|[\]\n)*%s?" % pycommentre14:54
baijumpywhiteout = re.compile(pywhiteoutre)14:54
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baijumWhy this error ? sre_constants.error: unexpected end of regular expression14:55
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baijumI got help from #python, [\] is the problem? pywhiteoutre = r"([ \t\r\014]|[\\]\n)*%s?" % pycommentre15:07
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mgedminI have a page template16:25
mgedminit's full of <metal:block define-macro="foo">...</metal:block> elements that are all siblings of each other16:25
mgedminI have alternative widget_row macros16:26
mgedminI want to define slots with the same name in two unrelated macros16:26
mgedminit would appear that I cannot: METALError: duplicate fill-slot name: u'after_input', at line 73, column 7"16:26
philiKONi thought you define-slot?16:26
philiKONhere it complains about fill-slot16:26
mgedminah, thanks16:27
mgedminI closed my <div> with another <div>16:27
mgedmininstead of </div>16:27
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baijumphiliKON, I send a reply to your mail, I wonder should we use zope.deferredimport.defineFrom('zope.annotation.factory', 'factory') in zope/annotation/ ?16:29
baijumwe discussed a simliar thing few days back regarding explicit import of module, remember ?16:31
philiKONno, i don't remember16:32
philiKONwhat you're suggesting above would shadow the zope.annotation.factory module, i think16:32
philiKONi also fail to see the benefit of this change...16:32
philiKONwhy should we do this?16:32
baijumwhy factory method is required there, just a convenience ?16:33
* baijum is not talking about failure16:34
philiKONi realize that16:34
philiKONhmm, i see, there's already factory16:35
philiKONi wonder why that needs to change at all16:35
philiKONis it because of the dependency?16:35
baijummy question is "why factory method is there for free", why the module user cann't import it explicitly16:37
baijumif this is required16:37
philiKONwell, i guess it's for convenience16:37
baijumwe should do like16:37
philiKONhere's a tip for the future16:38
philiKONwhen you suggest modifications, mention the reasons16:38
baijumok, will do16:38
baijumphiliKON, thanks !16:38
philiKONi understand now (well, I had to *guess*, you still haven't confirmed) that you want to do this because of the dependency16:39
philiKONthis is what you have to mention first16:39
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baijumyes, dependency16:39
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philiKONso, next time give people some background16:40
philiKONboth in emails and in checkin messages16:41
baijumok, thanks16:42
* baijum still poor in communication :(16:42
philiKONthat's ok, that's why i'm giving you these tips16:43
philiKONyour patches are excellent16:43
philiKONbut it's hard for us to understand what you're trying to do sometimes16:43
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dobeephiliKON: hi, do you know where the "Skin Names" vocabulary is implemented/registered?17:50
philiKONin probably17:51
philiKONisn't it called Browser Skins?17:51
philiKONor something like that?17:51
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dobeeok, thx i'll have a look17:52
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dobeephiliKON: you are right it's called "Browser Skins", i just googled for it and found old documentation where the name is another, thx17:54
* baijum see zope,plone,schooltool etc. are added to
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* baijum trying to add Zope 3 there:
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TheuniJ1m: ping18:24
TheuniI'm about to leave the office for a train ride. I can't find the foundation documents which are relevant to me online. I'd appreciate it if you could send them to me so I can review them tonight.18:31
Theuni(I just noticed that google found but that directory itself is not accessible18:32
TheuniI got some version of the bylaws though.18:32
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