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tavhmz, anyone know where i can find a zodb egg?03:44
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CSWookieHey, if I have a tal path: context/Age/hours, where Age is a callable that takes no arguments and returns dictionary that has the key 'hours' in it, should that work?06:05
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romanofskimoin moin09:36
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baijumphiliKON, toggle the execution of ZCML actions to false ?14:35
baijumhow to toggle ?14:36
* baijum realise that testing the loading of is not in zope.configuration14:36
baijumis not good14:37
philiKONxmlconfig.file('file.zcml', some.package, execute=False)14:37
philiKONparses the zcml but doesn't execute it14:37
philiKONit's just an idea14:37
baijumok, I will try14:37
* baijum revert the other test14:37
baijumxmlconfig.include only parse and not executing14:41
baijumthat test only takes avaerage 0.8 seconds14:42
baijumanyway, I will revert it14:43
baijumbecause it's not required there atleast14:43
baijumphiliKON, thanks !14:43
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CSWookieHey, if I have a tal path: context/Age/hours, where Age is a callable that takes no arguments and returns dictionary that has the key 'hours' in it, should that work?15:58
CSWookieOr do I need to wrap the dict in something first?15:58
CSWookieI was trying to avoid that.15:59
philiKONtal:define="age context/Age; hours age/hours"15:59
CSWookieHmm.  I think I tried that and got nothing.  I'll try it again.16:00
mgedminI thought python: expressions were frowned upon16:02
mgedminthe tal:define one should work16:02
mgedminor you can make context.Age a property16:02
mgedminor you can define properties in the view16:02
philiKONwell, if pathe xpressions weren't so fubared, python: would havev to be used a lot less often16:06
faassenI start frowning less and less on python: expressions. :)16:06
philiKONhey faassen16:06
faassenI mean, path expressions are sort of our own mini language that's not gaining us much.16:06
faassenif we could leave off writing 'python:' python expressions would look almost as clean.16:06
philiKONyup. i've been pondering about making python: the default in a ZPT variant16:07
faassenanyway, Genshi/Kid code can be fairly clean.16:07
faassenI'd just pick Genshi, I mean, if you make it the default your templates would break anyway, so you'd need to rewrite them. it's only a minor step further to convert them to Genshi, though of course we'd need to support THAT then.16:07
philiKONheh, true16:07
philiKONyou seem to be talking a lot about genshi lately16:07
philiKONi should give that a try16:07
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mgedminI should give Genshi a look16:12
faassenit's just something that's easy to learn if you know page templates, with some interesting concepts.16:13
faassenand being picked up by the TurboGears crowd among others of course.16:13
faassenbut it seems quite well architected.16:13
faassenthat's why I mention it. :)16:13
faassenit's an external templating engine that seems spiritually similar to ZPT, but it's more modern.16:14
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mgedminKid had a reputation for being very slow16:31
mgedminhow does Genshi fare in that regard?16:31
faassenit is a bit faster, but still not very fast.16:36
faassenI have no idea how it fares compared to ZPT.16:36
faassenZPT isn't the fastest, no idea how it compares to Genshi or Kid.16:36
niemeyerfaassen: It's faster16:39
niemeyermgedmin: Genshi is slightly faster, but not too much16:39
mgedminwhat is faster, and faster than what?16:39
niemeyermgedmin: ZPT is faster16:39
faassenZPT is faster than Genshi which is slightly faster than Kid?16:40
niemeyerfaassen: Precisely. Sorry for not being clear16:40
faassenniemeyer: well, thanks for the information. :)16:40
faassenniemeyer: what kind of benchmarking?16:40
niemeyerfaassen: I've done some benchmarking on my own, using a page with basic structures.16:41
niemeyerfaassen: The Genshi page has benchmarks as well, IIRC, which confirm what I've seen.16:41
faassenit's just hard to say what the real world impact is.16:42
niemeyerfaassen: Right..16:42
faassenI mean, what if you use a lot of macros in ZPT or the xpath replace story in Genshi.16:42
faassenbut it's interesting data nonetheless, thanks. :)16:42
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softdevrhi, I'm trying to register a subscriber in ZCML.  The example I have from S.Richter's book only specifies for and factory attributes but that won't compile.  It complains that a provided interface must be specified.  Has this changed since the book was published?18:39
philiKONyes, a lot18:40
softdevris there anywhere that documents to changes?18:49
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philiKONsoftdevr: my book :)18:50
philiKONseriously, stephan's book is great, but it *is* outdated18:51
philiKONi recently published an updated version of mine18:51
softdevrI've ordered the second edition, I hope that's not just been updated18:51
philiKONthe second edition is the most recent one18:52
softdevrok, well do you know of any documentation for the new subscriber ZCML, I don't want to have to wait until the book arrives if possible18:53
philiKONdo you know apidoc?18:53
philiKON(works when developer-mode is enabled in zope.conf)18:54
softdevrYeah, the book section in there covering events covers python18:54
philiKONthere's a ZCML section18:54
philiKONexplaining each ZCML directive18:54
softdevrI can see the ZCML spec for subscriber, but from what I've read the subscriber adapts to the 'None' interface.  I'm not sure how I can specify that in the provides attribute, or is this one of the things that has now changed?18:55
philiKONsubscribers are typically functions18:56
philiKONdef foo(event):18:56
philiKON    ... do something here18:56
philiKONyou register them using <subscriber handler="" />18:56
philiKONin the future, you can just go to apidoc and look at the explanations for the directive18:56
philiKONe.g. the subscriber directive18:56
softdevrIts not clear to me which of the attributes for the subscriber directive I have to specify and which I dont from looking at apidoc18:58
philiKONwell, it's the 'handler' attribute18:59
softdevrYeah, but its difficult to figure that out from apidoc independently18:59
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philiKONok, i can see that19:00
philiKONyet another argument to get my book ;)19:00
softdevrWell yeah, I gave in and bought it in the end :)19:00
softdevrZope3 is difficult to pick up without something like that19:01
philiKONi would say a lot of large frameworks are19:01
philiKONi sure wouldn't try to learn J2EE w/o a book19:02
philiKONor .NET19:02
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softdevrYeah fair point19:03
algathere are always online guides19:03
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softdevralga: do you usually google questions or could you point out a few that are good up-to-date references19:04
algaeh... in case of Zope 3 I usually read the source19:05
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algaI think srichter's book is sufficient to get the grasp of concepts, and then you should be able to make your way around the source19:07
algaAlthough I have the impressions philiKON's book is better written19:07
timtea cookbook would be nice19:07
philiKONtarek started one19:08
timte1000 "how do I solve this" recipes19:08
philiKONit used to be at zope-cookbook.org19:08
philiKONsome people are also taking things from the zope3-users list and putting them in a FAQ19:09
timte is no more it seems, atleast it's down19:09
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