IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2007-02-25

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nederhoedgood night00:50
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tlotzeHm... I wonder what's the point of the zope.testing.doctestunit module. It imports some stuff from doctest and defines a pprint function. It was last changed in 2004.15:15
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philiKONtlotze: BBB15:36
tlotzeThere's no BBB comment in it, though. So is it actually deprecated?15:39
philiKONi don't think it's deprecated15:43
philiKONi tihnk early on, doctest wasn't unittest-aware15:44
philiKONso, doctestunit provided wrappers15:44
philiKONnow doctest integrates as a unittest testsuite15:44
philiKONi've seen a lot of code importing stuff from doctestunit still, not sure if it's worth changing all that15:44
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nederhoedLink to Fishbowl process is incorrect on:19:05
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CSWookieWhen writing an adapter directive in zcml, how does one spell that it is multiadapter?19:31
philiKON<adapter for="iface1 iface2 iface3" ... />19:35
philiKONbut i nowadays prefer (and recommend) such declarations in the python code19:35
philiKONclass MyMultiAdapter(object):19:35
philiKON    adapts(iface1, iface2, iface3)19:35
philiKONthen the adapter directive is just <adapter factory="..." />19:35
philiKONperhaps a name19:35
philiKONbut that's it19:35
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CSWookiephiliKON: Yeah, I know that's the way the wind is blowing.19:40
CSWookieI'm not sure I buy it, but convention trumps my preference in this case.19:41
philiKONwell, you should do what you're comfortable with19:41
philiKONi think the adapts() line in the code makes much more sense19:41
philiKONit's not just a configuration detail19:41
CSWookiephiliKON: If I were programming jjust my own project I would, but the folks that pay me agree with you :-)19:42
philiKONyour code is exactly tailored to those interfaces19:42
CSWookieI would be in favor of doing it in python if zcml cond be completely eliminated.19:42
philiKONanyway, the information which interfaces an adapter adapts is intrinsic to the impleemntation19:42
philiKONit's not a configuration detail19:42
CSWookieI just want all my wiring of stuff together o be in one place.19:43
philiKONCSWookie: you should take a look at grok :)19:43
CSWookieHmm.  They use grok as a noun.  And that makes Thog angry.19:43
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ccombhi, is there a way to have the catalog return "foobar" when my query is "ooba" ?20:31
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ccombthe only way I see with the stock catalog is to let the method getSearchableText return every substring20:53
philiKONyou just need a decent index20:54
ccombfor example I want all fields that contain "o", so that "foobar" is returned20:56
ccombI must index the following generated text ? : "f o o b a r fo oo ob ba ar foo oob oba bar foob ooba obar fooba oobar"20:56
philiKONyou need a decent index that you can query accordingly20:56
ccombHow can I create that index?20:57
philiKONdunno, perhaps textindexng3 can do this20:58
ccombok I will look at textindexng and maybe zc.catalog20:59
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