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baijumis there any buildout recipe for building application completey from egg ?05:55
* baijum want to create a Zope 3 hello world app for demo using buildout and eggs (now all packages are eggified, including
* baijum thinking to create a buildout recipe for building application completey from egg (if not available)06:01
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baijumhi philiKON06:08
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chaoflow_baijum, philiKON!06:28
chaoflow_you are listed as mentors for the google summer of code06:28
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chaoflow_I want to apply as a student and proposed a project in the wiki
chaoflow_Do you have a moment to give me a short opinion on it? It's the LODB - ldap object database06:30
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baijumchaoflow_, hi06:32
chaoflow_hi baijum :)06:32
* baijum trying to access wiki page06:33
chaoflow_it seems overloaded these days06:33
philiKONchaoflow_: what's this "LODB" thing supposed to be?06:35
chaoflow_philiKON: did you read the wiki, or is it not available at the moment?06:36
philiKONdoesn't seem to be06:36
chaoflow_ldap uses objectClasses to describe the interfaces to its entries06:37
chaoflow_attributeTypes describe the attributes and object can have06:37
chaoflow_I want to map this to zope.schema fields and zope.interface interfaces06:37
philiKONi see it now06:37
philiKONi fail to see how this relates to the zope project06:38
philiKONsure, it uses zope software06:38
philiKONbut so do a lot of other people06:38
chaoflow_by that, a full copy of an ldap directory can be kept within zope and ldap as another request protocol can be implemented06:38
chaoflow_it would enable better integration of zope and ldap06:39
philiKONsounds like a neat idea06:39
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philiKONbut i don't think this is on the top todolist of any zope proejct right now06:40
chaoflow_k - pity06:40
chaoflow_you know of another project it might fit in?06:40
chaoflow_do you think its interesting for plone06:40
philiKONno idea06:42
philiKONyou should talk to them06:42
chaoflow_right - makes sense ;)06:43
srichterI think there is never much excitement about LDAP; people use it because they have to ;-)06:45
chaoflow_well, it could really, really easy06:46
chaoflow_... be ...06:46
chaoflow_you just declare an interface on a zope object and woosh it appears in ldap06:46
srichterchaoflow_: anywyas, I would not want to discourage you from doing what you want to do06:46
srichterafter all, SoC is about allowing some experimentation06:47
srichterthat should be: experimenting06:47
chaoflow_integration of DNS, mail, whatever with zope in the center06:47
philiKONexperimenting is one thing06:48
chaoflow_srichter: how is it working? I am applying and telling which organization I would like as mentoring organization?06:48
philiKONgetting money for that is another06:48
philiKONthe zope foundation's projects have a lot of goals06:48
philiKONand the project suggestions should circle around these goals06:48
chaoflow_then you guys would say yes or no and in case of yes, google would say yes or no?06:48
philiKONi think so06:49
srichterchaoflow_: right, but you think about it very academincally; think from the perspective of the user06:49
philiKONchaoflow_: the problem is that even though it's a neat idea, i don't think anybody really wants zope to be in the center of DNS, mail, etc.06:49
srichterchaoflow_: how often do I mess with an LDAP DB as a Zope developer; chances are, very rarely, so your target audience is very small06:49
philiKONchaoflow_: in fact, we as the zope community want to do less06:50
philiKONwe don't want to maintain our own servers, our own packaging, ...06:50
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philiKONthese are the things we'd like to see support in06:50
chaoflow_philiKON: sorry - lost you06:51
chaoflow_in what would you like to see support?06:52
philiKONgetting out of the server business06:52
philiKONfor example06:52
philiKONor getting out of the configuration business06:52
philiKONthere are already suggested projects that outline these things06:53
philiKONpcardune_away: btw, did you suggest that ajax project?06:54
pcardune_awayphiliKON: yes06:54
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philiKONpcardune: aha, it doesn't say you did06:54
chaoflow_you mean that zope itself wants to focus more on the "tuning" python and infrastructure for programming and that my idea is more in the direction of an application of zope and therefore not interesting for the zope foundation?06:54
philiKONpcardune: also, i'm curious what you think "ajax versions" of widgets are and why you think all widgets should have such versinos06:55
philiKONpcardune: all in all, a little more motivational text (not too long, one paragraph) would be nice...06:55
philiKONright now it's just a lineup of buzzwords06:55
philiKONchaoflow_: right06:55
pcardunephiliKON: that is a very good point06:55
pcarduneI have a tendency to think people know what I'm thinking ;)06:56
chaoflow_philiKON: I understand06:56
srichterbtw, with the existing widget framework it will be very difficult to do AJAX stuff06:57
srichterpcardune: Roger and I are working on replacements to allow for easy AJAX, so I can help there; I even have some preliminary desiugn notes06:58
philiKONso perhaps it'd be interesting to explore a different widget system even06:58
philiKONthere's also the tosca widget system, for example06:58
philiKONwe could build on existing stuff06:58
philiKONno point in re-implementing every widget yet again06:58
pcarduneright, i heard about that project but haven't had a change to look into it yet06:59
philiKONthe proposal could allude to all these things06:59
baijumphiliKON, for the project idea "Run Zope 3 using Python 2.5", I don't have enough expertise to mentor alone. So I can only co-mentor that project.07:17
* philiKON goes to bed07:18
pcardunesrichter: I just updated my proposal on the zope3 wiki07:27
pcardunesrichter: I'm very interested in your preliminary design notes and also the replacement widgets you are working on07:27
srichtershoot me an E-mail so I can send you some stuff07:28
pcardunesrichter: sent07:32
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* baijum managed to run a Zope 3 app soley from eggs:
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timteIs there a method for removing an interface? The opposite of alsoProvides?12:01
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timteMaybe we could add one?12:06
d2mtimte: look at zope.interface.adapter.txt, search for 'unregister'12:10
timted2m: but I'm not using the registry directly12:12
jhauserif IUCSubSite in providedBy(self.context):12:24
jhauser            directlyProvides(self.context, directlyProvidedBy(self.context)-IUCSubSite)12:24
jhauser            self.context.isSubSite = None12:24
jhauser        else:12:24
jhauser            directlyProvides(self.context, directlyProvidedBy(self.context), IUCSubSite)12:24
jhauser            self.context.isSubSite = True12:24
jhauserThat's not a method, but an example way to remove an interface12:24
timteyeah, a cumbersome one if you compare to removeProvides(self.context, IUCSubsite)  :)12:32
timtewell, not _that_ cumbersome12:34
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dataflakeanyone available for a formlib/widgets-related question? :)13:01
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rockyhm, if i have a formlib form that is submitted to that is missing a "foobar" query arg and the formlib formlibs schema stuff has a foobar field that is not required, why does it blow up with FormError: ('No input', 'foobar')  ?17:44
mgedminnewer zope has that fixed17:47
rockyi'm on zope 2.9/3.217:47
mgedmin3.2 trunk has the fix backported17:48
mgedminlatest 3.2 point release probably doesn't17:48
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tlotzeI'm currently playing around with zope.pagetemplate and zope.exceptions in an otherwise Zope-unrelated context. When looking at the traceback info and supplement stuff, I get the impression, though, that it isn't that widely used throughout Zope 3. Is that about right?23:18
tlotzeSo what's the status and destiny of those mechanisms?23:18
tlotzeAlso, the PageTemplateTracebackSupplement stores the template in a manageable_object attribute that is used absolutely nowhere else... makes me wonder about the state of things, too.23:19
jkakarI'm using the latest trunk with a custom importer.  In trying to run tests my importer (which in the case of any imports outside my own code delegates directly to the builtin __import__) is blowing up trying to import, which doesn't exist.23:19
jkakarI notice that is add "" to the name being imported.23:20
jkakarIs it an error that LayerField.fromUnicode() isn't catching ImportError here?  Any tips on where to look to understand why "" is being prepended to the import name?  ie: Is Zope (supposed to be) futzing with sys.modules to make that a valid import?23:21
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philiKONtlotze: i think the idea was/is to print useful information in a traceback formatter23:37
tlotzeI just wonder whether this got stuck at some point.23:39
tlotzeLooks a bit like it to me...23:39
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