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LeoRochaelhi, which is the currently fastest way of getting a z3 sandbox?08:12
LeoRochaelI'm about to reopen
LeoRochaelbecause the change that fixed it doesn't cover the case where the collection was empty08:13
LeoRochaelit's still returning a list in this case even when the collection type is different08:13
LeoRochaelI need a quick sandbox to add my tests and fix to it, and submit the report08:13
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baijumIf you are not a "Contributor", you need to check out anonymously:08:18
baijum svn co svn:// Zope308:19
LeoRochaelbaijum: I am (though I don't follow it all that closely). But isn't there a buildout way now?08:19
baijumLeoRochael, yes just check the package you want to test then run bootstrap.py08:22
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baijumit will install all required packages for you08:22
LeoRochaelbaijum: cool, thanks!08:24
baijumLeoRochael, I would suggest to create $HOME/.buildout/default.cfg file08:24
baijumthen add:08:24
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baijumeggs-directory = /mbaiju/eggs08:24
baijumfind-links =
baijumreplace eggs-directory to where you wanto download eggs08:24
LeoRochaelbaijum: thanks!08:25
baijumnp08:25 doesn't have a, just a with a buildout.cfg08:30
LeoRochaelbaijum: any further tips in this case? :-)08:31
LeoRochaelbaijum: can I just get a from, say, zope.annotation and use it?08:32
baijumLeoRochael, yes08:32
LeoRochaelbaijum: should I check it into for completeness? :-)08:33
baijumLeoRochael, sure08:34
LeoRochaelError: Can't download 403 Forbidden08:41
LeoRochaelbaijum: how do I switch it to get that specific egg from svn?08:42
baijumLeoRochael, sorry, there are some permissions problem yet to be solved in download.zope.org08:44
baijumLeoRochael, I am not sure about how to build eggs from svn directly ...08:45
baijumTheuni, ayt ?08:46
baijumAnyone with direct access to here ?08:47
baijumLeoRochael, you will be required to wait for sometime ...08:48
LeoRochaelbaijum: I'm sure there must be a way of setting buildout to fetch all eggs as development (or at least the zope ones)08:49
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baijumLeoRochael, yes, please read about setuptools08:50
baijumLeoRochael, I think grok is doing something like that08:51
baijumsee this page:
baijum"Download URL:   svn:// "08:52
baijumI guess you will be required to add a setup.cfg file like this:
LeoRochaelbaijum: is already like that09:00
LeoRochaelbaijum: what I'm doing is checking out each "Forbidden" egg manually, bootstrapping it and trying to install it09:03
baijumLeoRochael, ah ok09:03
LeoRochaeleven if it fails, it'll have created an egg-link in it's eggs-develop directory09:04
LeoRochaelwhich I then copy over to
baijumI wonder should we upload 3.4.0a1-1 version09:04
LeoRochaeleggs-develop > develop-eggs09:04
baijum>>> from pkg_resources import parse_version09:05
baijum>>> parse_version('3.4.0a1') < parse_version('3.4.0a1-1')09:05
baijumhmm.. for some packges alpha releases are not made yet09:06
LeoRochaelok, my strategy is ttaking too long09:09
LeoRochaelgoing the old way09:09
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* baijum thinking about adding a simple tutorial here (same page) :
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ignasoxymorons += 112:31
* baijum reading 'dict oxymoron'12:33
baijumah. why ?12:34
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ignas"Simple Zope3 tutorial"12:38
baijumnot Zope3 tutorial, but Zope Component Architecture, is ZCA simple ? ;)12:40
ignasyes, is it ?12:41
baijumyes, IMHO :)12:42
ignaswell - i am using Zope3 for quite a while and still i have no idea about some ZCA parts12:42
ignaslike Persistent Component Registry12:42
ignasSite lookup, Local utility internals12:43
ignasmulti adapter lookups are not 100% clear to me, especially when you want to debug it12:43
baijumIf you are asking me these things, I also will be in trouble ;)12:44
ignasall the directlyProvide, implementsOnly, directlyProvidedBy seem a bit confusing sometimes12:44
ignasand all these are the Core not some fancy addons ...12:45
baijumso more detailed documentation, manual, tutorials, howtos, reference cards etc. are required for ZCA to become windely accepted12:46
ignasmore koolaid, yes! :)12:46
ignasthough - describing an immediately useful but simple subset of ZCA12:47
ignaswould be better than a reference card for everything12:47
baijumnow there are two Desktop projects using ZCA, see that page..that's good sign12:47
ignasrecipe cookbook for the funny cases12:47
ignasZCA patterns are not formalized enough, some things that can be done/have been done using it12:49
ignaslike - the viewlet pattern12:49
ignaspluggability for local utilities12:49
ignasusage of getUtilitiesFor to make an application easier to extend12:50
baijumignas, if you are familiar with these things, can you add it to a subpage of ZopeComponentArchitecture wiki page ?12:52
ignasi have done that, though i am better at writing code than writing about it :/12:53
baijumah. ok, I hope someone else will come up ...12:54
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* Theuni moans15:10
Theuniwe're running in heavy bad and nasty problems with the dependencies of the zope 3 eggs i built15:11
philiKON_such as?15:11 imports threadedasync which does not have its own egg but belongs to zodb, which is not a dependency of
Theunilots of smaller things that i'm fighting on a pretty stupid low level15:11
Theunialso the fact that zc's download server is totally stupid makes everything so annoying15:12
philiKON_but sounds fixable15:12
philiKON_how is it stupid?15:12
Theuniit sets the files as non-world-readable15:12
Theunibecause that's how they get created on my machine and i can't change the permissions afterwards anymore15:12
Theuniso i couldn't access the eggs at all15:12
Theunibut they get listed in the index15:12
Theuniso i had to re-create all the 90 eggs15:13
Theunito have them available on a local index15:13
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* Theuni shoots himself15:16
Theunimorning benji15:16
benjimorning, gun-shot Theuni15:17
TheuniI'm having bad pain with the 3.4.0a1 eggs :(15:17
benjiI hear that the first batch of eggs is the most painful15:17
Theuniwe need to solve the problem with the download-server15:18
benjiJim has sudo, I can get him to fix it when he gets in (in about an hour)15:18
philiKON_i suppose that's just a umask problem?15:18
Theunii don't know15:18
Theunibut we need to get out of the situation that we have to wait for one of you guys in the us15:19
Theunibenji: I thought you have those rights as well?15:19
benjiunfortunately not15:20
Theunihmm. i remember you changing rights for me at pycon?15:20
benjinope, at pycon I investigated the problem, Jim had to fix it15:23
* Theuni finally switches his umask15:24
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baijumTheuni, won't be part of Zope 3.4, is it ?15:37
Theunii have no idea15:37
Theunii need the egg15:37
baijumah. ok15:38
Theuniis it part of the release?15:38
Theunithen i have no idea15:38
Theuniyou mean i should give it a different version number?15:38
baijumTheuni, no need15:38
Theuniso it's not part of the zope 3.4 release15:38
Theunibut it can be available as an egg15:38
Theuniand some people here used it an we're switchign to eggs and so ... i need an egg :)15:39
baijumTheuni, ok, I have also created eggs for packages which never released with Zope 3 earlier ... I thought it will useful for clean up of Zope 3 trunk15:41
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baijumTheuni, I am going to simply upload all eggs in namespace to PyPi (3.4.0a1 or 3.4.0a1-1), is it ok ? I will add J1m and ctheune with 'Owner' role15:55
baijumthis will be usefull atleast as a backup server15:55
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* baijum can see how annoying is 'setup.cfg' when making point releases ...16:06
philiKON_Theuni: when you have to redo some eggs and tag them, don't forget the external16:06
philiKON_baijum: there's a switch to to ignore the "dev" part16:06
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TheuniphiliKON_: jup. my release script doesn't handle this automatically yet.16:22
Theunii have to merge the fix-script (python) with the release-script (sh)16:22
philiKON_shouldn't be too hard... svn propset svn:externals "..." svn+ssh://....16:22
philiKON_(IOW, you should be able to do it w/o a checkout)16:22
Theuniright however, doing the computation how the paths look like in a shell script is rather ugly16:24
Theuniit's simple in a python script16:24
Theunii guess i'll do some `sed`ing later16:24
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* baijum uploaded all tagged (3.4.0a1) eggs to PyPI16:40
philiKON_zope inferno on the cheeseshop :)16:48
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baijumTheuni, now I found how you missed some packges to upload, those missed were 0.1dev version ...17:08
baijumhmm.. we should update it to 3.4dev ...17:09
Theunithat might be17:10
Theunii only took those that were published as 3.4dev17:10
benjiTheuni: after receiving a little clear thinking from Jim, can't you just re-upload those eggs with the right permission?17:13
baijumbenji, same version cannot be updated17:14
baijumit will raise some permission denied message17:15
benjiJim has now fixed the permissions17:17
baijumbenji, so no need to upload again ?17:17
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* baijum leaving17:41
baijumgood night all :)17:41
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benjihow about Tuesday of next week?18:22
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benjishould I make it wednesday instead?18:29
benjior should I just talk to myself?18:29
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faassenbenji: you're ..18:38
faassenbenji: yeah.. doing that again.18:38
faassenbenji: talking to yourself :)18:38
* benji expects the men in white coats to come knocking soon18:39
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faassenbenji: these men in white coats are a bit odd, wearing white coats and all.18:40
faassenbenji: what kind of irc client are you using anyway?18:41
benjiirssi; configured in the most optimally confusing way possible; I'm starting to second-guess that part18:41
CSWookieIs that legitemate syntax?18:41
faassenah, terminal based. that explain it.18:42
faassencomes with Perl scripting! :)18:42
benjithe only thing I don't like about it is lack of spell check18:43
CSWookieThey have plugins for that.18:43
benjiyeah, my lazy plugin overrides that though18:44
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