IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-04-25

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softdevrhi, I forms within one view using the form prefix - does that mean two sets of form_fields and so making a new FormBase?00:25
softdevrI mean "hi, I want to make forms..."00:26
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benjisoftdevr: I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but I suspect formlib can do it ;)00:36
softdevrbenji: I want two forms, each for different context objects, on a page00:37
benjiI /think/ "SubPageForm" will let you do that.00:38
softdevrforms.txt mentions using the form prefix00:38
softdevroh, I'll have a look00:38
srichtergoplus: J1m:00:41
srichterfrom zc.catalog import index00:42
srichterclass InterfacesIndex(index.SetIndex, contained.Contained):00:42
srichter    def index_doc(self, docid, object):00:42
srichter        if not IContained.providedBy(object):00:42
srichter            return00:42
srichter        interfaces = tuple(zope.interface.providedBy(object).flattened())00:42
srichter        return super(InterfacesIndex, self).index_doc(docid, interfaces)00:42
goplussrichter: thanx a lot :-) is zc.catalog part of the zope3 core?00:44
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srichtergoplus: no, but easy to install00:45
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dunnysrichter: how can I have a look at
srichterdunny: aehm, check out :-)00:57
srichterit's in svn.zope.org00:57
srichterbut I do not know the state of it at this point00:57
dunnyI don't see it in
srichterdunny: oops, I guess it's not there00:58
srichterit must be on the lovely server00:58
dunnyis there a anonymous view for that?00:58
srichterlet me privately send you a URL to try00:59
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romanofskimoin :)09:43
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goplusGoog morning everyone!12:09
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ignassomeone forgot to check for mean document length in zope.index12:22
ignasbeing 012:22
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ignasand my functional tests are "testing" that usecase12:23
ignasnew ubuntu breaking pytz is not helping me too12:23
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ignashow do you run tests of an egg?12:29
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ignasi have my eggs in eggs/ directory and Zope3 testrunner is giving me ImportError: No module named eggs.zope.index-3.4.0a1-py2.4.egg.zope.index.topic.tests.test_topicindex12:30
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ignasor something similar for every single module12:30
ignashmm, passing --test-path to the egg being tested kind of works12:32
ignasbut must test every egg separately12:32
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baijumignas, download zope.testbrowser, zope.formlib or any other projects and how testing is working12:45
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baijumignas, may be I can help you now for developing eggs12:46
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ignasseems to be more of an integration issue in my case12:53
ignasi am trying to fix the bug in zope.index12:53
ignasso i wanted to run zope.index tests12:53
ignasand i only have an egg of zope.index in my schooltool checkout12:54
ignasso it was more like - how do i run tests for some zope egg using zope3 testrunner12:54
ignasat least - what is the standard way?12:54
baijumare using buildout ?12:55
baijumare you12:55
baijumwell all those eggs are created to build and test using buildout12:55
baijumstill you can test those eggs after adding (available in Zope 3 trunk) to top directory of those packages provides you have dependencies in PYTHONPATH12:57
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baijumI think it is better to use buildout ...12:57
ignasin my case - pythonpaths are being set up properly, as in - you can find the egg in pythonpath in test environment12:58
ignaswhat seems not to work is --source-path parameter for ./ , hmm, maybe "." is not a sane default12:59
baijumif you starting to use eggs, what prevents to use buildout ?13:00
ignashmm, we would need to set up our repository to work in a way that is suitable for buildout13:01
ignasmoving to buildout would take time (main reason)13:01
ignasand - not sure what benefits would we get13:01
ignascompared to out "svn up; make run" setup13:01
baijumah. well, then how you are planning to use other eggs?13:04
ignasnot planning13:08
ignasusing13:08 that sets up a fake egg to pull all the dependencies13:09
ignas./ and ./ do the add site part to make eggs work13:09
baijumbtw, did you created zope.wfmc egg ?13:10
ignasonly for myself, as i don't really know what to put into author, description, long_description, classifiers, author_email parts13:12
ignas2 eggs13:12
ignaszope.wfmc and
ignasoh and zope.optionstorage one13:12
ignasbut all of them to make schooltool work (we have a secret stash of eggs for that)13:13
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baijumyou can use author, description etc. same as that of other packages, say, zope.interface13:16
ignasyou mean having description13:17
ignasThe Security framework provides a generic mechanism to implement security policies on Python objects.13:18
baijumsorry :) author can be same : 'Zope Corporation and Contributors'13:19
ignassomeone should fix the description ;)13:20
baijumcopy & paste :)13:21
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ignasa reproducible testcase13:41
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ignasor is it reproductable13:42
ignasOkapiIndex has a bug in it's indexing code13:45
ignaswhen it tries to reindex the doc13:45
ignasinstead of substracting the old weight, and adding the new weight13:46
ignasit substracts the new weight and adds the new weight ...13:46
ignasbaijum: hmm, you are the owner of zope.index egg, yes?13:54
ignaswanna patch it? (got a test case and a code fix)13:54
baijumignas, may be I created zope.index egg, can you add this issue to bug tracker now, I will follow up later13:56
* baijum is bit busy now13:56
ignassorry for disturbing13:57
baijumhey, no problem...13:57
baijumignas, In fact I am not the maintainer of that package, I only created that egg ... I hope someone else will look into that issue ..14:10
ignaswell - i can apply the patch to the source code myself14:11
ignasi only need someone to package it14:11
baijumignas, sure I can do it, please let me know when you are done14:12
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ignasbaijum: fix commited to trunk14:34
baijumignas, I will make a 3.4.0a1-1 release, is it ok ?14:41
ignasyes, good for me14:42
baijumignas, I have uploaded zope.index egg to
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ignasthanks, the new egg works fine15:28
baijumwelcome :)15:43
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* baijum got many replies for his last blog entry: , Now there are 10 projects listed here : !!15:46
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baijumI am not getting any checkins mail, any problem with mail server ?16:27
baijumhmm... it stopped archiving also :
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TheuniJ1m: ping19:15
Theunicould it be that the mailing lists are stuck?19:15
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J1mTheuni, I don't know.20:05
J1mI'll ask Dave to kick mailman.20:05
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goplusAll my content objects (IMyContentType) provide an attribute 'published'. They shouldn't be published, if this attribute hasn't the correct value (e.g. datetime object). I have been checking this in my views and via a traverser plugin so far. Any suggestions for a better place to check this?22:27
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