IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-06-18

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lisppaste6tjs pasted "problem with directive utility wrapper" at
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tjsI've been trying to get a test working for a custom directive (relevant parts in above paste)05:09
tjsthat is simply designed to wrap the <utility> directive and take a new attribute 'url' that the handler sticks onto the utility05:09
tjsthe directive handler is called happily and runs without error05:10
tjsbut in tests, when I try to get the utility with the interface its not there05:11
tjsis anyone able to take a quick look at the paste?05:11
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benjitjs: my first guess would be that your calls to XMLConfig aren't doing what you think they're doing (just a guess)05:13
benjisee zope/app/security/tests/ for a way to do that that I know works05:13
benji(specifically the "zcml" function)05:13
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tjsbenji: that worked07:33
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romanofskimoin :)11:28
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Crippsmoin. ;)15:04
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Crippsromanofski: 'nmorgen ... wie geht's ?15:26
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romanofskiCripps: danke - sehr gut.. und dir?15:28
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Crippsromanofski: auch sehr gut ... aber, es ist zu früh ;)15:31
Crippsich bin müde :/15:32
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Crippsooh, und mein eltern sind weiterhin in Deutschland! Auf samstag, sie hat geflügen nach Canada!15:35
romanofskicool... wo bist du jetzt Cripps?15:35
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Crippsich bin in Newfoundland, Kanada.15:37
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romanofskicool... war im Mai in Kanada (Montreal und bin bis Waterloo/Kitchener gekommen)15:37
Crippsach so ... Ich mögen zu Universite von Waterloo gehen, aber es ist zu teuer :(15:38
romanofskiuh oh - ja ne bekannte arbeitet fuer RIM15:39
romanofskidie sind dort ja gleich auf dem campus15:39
Crippsja ... wenn ich kann für RIM arbeiten in meiner erste jahre am Waterloo, iche werden da studieren ... aber ich denke arbeiten kommen bevor nicht zweier jahre.15:40
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Cripps... oder zweiter semester ...15:41
romanofski"im zweiten semester" (zeitpunkt) oder "zwei semester" (zeitdauer)15:42
Crippsach so. Danke :)15:42
Cripps(für das: im zweiten semester ...)15:43
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Crippsmorning Paul15:45
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Crippsahhhh. Ich müsst jetzt gehen zu mehr Doctests geschrieben. Tschö !15:47
pcardunehi Cripps15:49
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ccombGuten tag,  heute müssen wir Deutsch sprechen ? :)16:02
Crippsccomb: haha. Nein, wir müssen nicht, aber, es ist spass zu Deutsce sprechen ;)16:05
Crippsund, wenn wir Deutsche sprechen, xbeanx kann nicht wir verstehen :P16:05
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Crippsack. My grammar sucks.16:16
Cripps"kann nicht uns verstehen" ... I think.16:16
ccombIch weiss nicht, ich bin sehr sehr schlecht in deutsch :)16:17
* baijum cann't even guess the language..anyway a wide guess: German ?16:17
Crippsbaijum: ja ;)16:18
Crippsccomb: meiner deutsche ist auch nicht so güt ... aber, ich mag zu probieren ;)(16:18
Crippser ... ;)16:18
Crippses ist besser Deutsche sprechen dann Deutsche abtippen, aber, hier wir kann nicht untereinander sprechen, nür abtippen :/16:20
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Crippsmorning J1m. How's the wife and kids?16:24
J1mThey're fine. Why do you ask?16:24
CrippsJ1m: just a formality. You know ... small talk, idle chatter.16:25
* benji suspects Cripps is going to blackmail J1m to get his upper-case user name on
J1mWe generally try to limit that sort of thing on this channel.  We prefer a high signal/noise ratio. :)16:25
Crippsbenji: no one's supposed to know about that!16:25
CrippsJ1m: will keep in mind ... and keep my mouth shut a little more :)16:26
Crippsspeaking of which ... is there any form of test site up and running with which I could test the resourceViewlet directive? I haven't actually done any work on that for a few weeks.16:27
* J1m often thinks people should be like Mr. Ed.16:27
CrippsMr. Ed?16:27
J1mThe talking horse.16:27
Crippsah. *runs to google*16:28
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dobeeJ1m: hi, have you seen my responses (mail)?16:41
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Crippsis zope3 moving away from zpkg, and  towards using python eggs, or is that just schooltool specific?17:00
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Theunithat's zope 3 as well :)17:06
Crippsawesome. I take it that python eggs just took over the job that zpkg was intended for ... and we wanted to move more towards 'being a part of python' ?17:11
Theunieggs + buildout, yes17:12
Theuniwe're not quite finished though17:12
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Crippssorta figured ... there's always more work to be done. as we can see from the zcfg stuff that's left over in packages here and there ;)17:14
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J1mTheuni, are you done with your zodb branches?18:36
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TheuniWant me to remove them?18:38
J1mI'm cleaning up branches, so I will.18:39
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* mgedmin is trying to automate the creation and configuration of a pluggable auth utility in python code19:38
* mgedmin hates local sites19:40
mgedminwaah, there are two IPluggableAuthentication interfaces19:42
mgedminseemingly completely unrelated19:42
mgedminwhich one do I want? or
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mgedminokay, the pluggableauth one has deprecation warnings in it19:43
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mgedminthat redirect to "`pas` code"19:44
mgedminwhich doesn't apparently exist19:44
* mgedmin figures something out19:50
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dennis_with whose permissions are object events called? i am trying to use IContainerItemRenamer in a content modified callback in order to store it under a new key (if the name changed), but it wants zope.ManageContent (or such) permissions21:24
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