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cr3when I call queryMultiAdapter, I get the exception: default __new__ takes no parameters04:25
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d2mi have got 3 invitations left to -- anyone interested ?08:25
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timteis there any script that tells me if there's (any where) a reference to a browser view?09:59
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timteIs there any editor/IDE that if I click on context/@@someview in a template bring me to its implementation?10:03
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d2mtimte: with debug mode on there is the 'Interface' tab in ZMI, select it, select the link to the interface of the object, the registered views are listed and linked10:11
d2mtimte: the tab is called  'Introspector' now10:14
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timted2m: thanks11:57
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xbeanxIs there any documentation out there about doing substring searches in a zope catalog?15:30
xbeanxI have searching working in my app, but a search for 'document' won't find objects with 'documentation' in the text..15:30
dennis_xbeanx you could search for document*15:30
dennis_that works with the standard zope catalog15:30
xbeanxahh, okay15:31
dennis_and you might want to apply stemming, for an integrated example look at z3c.catalog15:31
xbeanxgood, thanks dennis_15:31
dennis_note that the wildcard only works for the end of the term, not the beginning15:31
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CrippsFXsrichter: I've gotten z3c.pdftemplate up and running, complete with metadirectives ... I am unsure as to how I would go about getting the rml2pdf to actually create a pdf file now ... I have an rml2pdf directive defining a view, but it seems to only return a regular xml (rml) document ... so I know I'm missing something, I just can't figure out what it is right now ...17:51
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srichterCrippsFX: there is a directive specifically for pdftemplate18:01
srichterthe directive is documented in here:18:02
srichterPlenty examples are here:18:02
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CrippsFXsrichter: yes, I've been reading that, and I've used <browser:rml2pdf .../> the way I've seen it documented, but it seems to not be yielding a pdf for me.18:04
CrippsFXsrichter: all I get using browser:rml2pdf ..." /> is a regular browser view of the template ... same as if I'd used <browser:page ... />18:06
CrippsFXit renders the tal statements, but the browser interprets the plain rml as xml.18:06
dennis_Cripps it would be really cool if you would write up your experiences as a small howto, i will need PDF output soon :)18:07
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CrippsFXsrichter: yeah. if you want, I can pastebin *most* of my code to show you what I have ... maybe you can catch the error that I'm not seeing.18:09
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CrippsFXdennis_: I will be writing some documentation on it, as for whether or not I'm allowed to release that documentation to the world, that's up to my workplace.18:10
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srichterCrippsFX: this directive is in use in many places, so I am positive it works; also, can you see the samples?18:11
srichterlike: http://localhost:8080/ex01.pdf18:11
norroHi list. I added a PAu via the ZMI, then added a group folder and a prinicpal folder. The next intuitive step would be to associate principals and groups, but I can't find where to do that. Isn't that the next thing to do?18:12
norro(PAU = Pluggable Authentication Utility)18:13
srichterwell, first you have to create groups18:13
CrippsFXsrichter: I haven't tried to view the examples, but I'll take a look, which will require some screwing around ;)18:13
norroi did. and i already created principals18:13
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afd_CrippsFX: I have a working example for z3c.rml, but it's more complex (I made a wrapper over it to abstract some stuff)18:16
afd_CrippsFX: give me an email and I'll send you the code18:16
srichterCrippsFX: well, try the examples, since they will show you whether things are working or not18:16
srichterCrippsFX: I do assume you are using this from Zope 3, right?18:17
CrippsFXsrichter: k. if I continue to have troubles I'll ping you on here again ;)18:17
CrippsFXsrichter: yes, I am using zope 318:17
srichterafd_: what did you need abstracted? it might be good to add to the package18:17
CrippsFXsrichter: actually ... the samples should just load OOTB if z3c.pdftemplate is installed correctly, right?18:19
dennis_my schema defines a field as a Set of Choices, it lets my attribute be a python sets.Set(), but is there some persistent equivalent or container which can be used ?18:21
srichterCrippsFX: yes18:22
srichterdennis_: yes, the BTrees package has sets, but with a different API18:23
srichterdennis_: are setsSet() mutable? if not, you can just use them in the ZODB18:24
CrippsFXsrichter: interesting, because my zope instance isn't finding localhost:8080/ex01.pdf ... it's acting like the page doesn't exist.18:24
afd_srichter: I think the stuff that you put in z3c.pdftemplate, I'm not using it18:26
afd_I think I wasn't aware of it at the moment at the moment I wrote my package18:27
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afd_CrippsFX: I think you should also look at z3c.pdftemplate. maybe that's what you're missing18:28
CrippsFXafd_: I have it.18:28
srichterCrippsFX: is z3c.pdftemplate-sample-configure.zcml is your package includes?18:29
srichterCrippsFX: Are you viewing this stuff from one of the default skins?18:30
srichterlike rotterdam?>18:30
CrippsFXsrichter: ahhh ... -sample-configure ... no ... I'll get on that ... and yes, I'm using rotterdam18:31
CrippsFXdamnit ... I put z3c.pdftemplate-sample-configure.zcml into my zopeinstance/etc/package-includes/ and still no dice :/18:35
CrippsFXsame thing as before I put it there.18:35
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X-screamI'm about to dive into the world of Zope3, got a question..18:41
srichterCrippsFX: ok, make sure the samples are really loaded18:41
srichterCrippsFX: then make sure you have the layer you need18:41
X-screammy webhoster has apache and an old version of python. Will i be able to run Zope3 by installing it (and an optimal python version) locally in my homedir and run it successfully via apache? I don't have root access..18:42
CrippsFXsrichter: and which layer is that?18:43
dennis_X-scream yes if Apache will be configured properly to do the proxying to your local zope18:44
dennis_(and your homedir has enough space! :)18:44
srichterthe DefaultBrowserLayer18:44
X-screamheh :)18:44
CrippsFXsrichter: ah.18:44
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benjiX-scream: and your web host will let you have long-running processes (daemons)18:46
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dennis_ah yes that helps too18:46
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CrippsFXnow I'm going to sound like a tool for asking this ... but how *exactly* do I check to see if the samples are really loaded?18:49
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srichterCrippsFX: oh, come on! Just write some garbage into the sample.zcml file18:50
srichterwhen it breaks you know it gets loaded18:50
CrippsFXsrichter: ahh˙ right. "debug statements. I'm sorry ... my brain's not working correctly right now ;)18:51
X-screamgood to see som action going on in here :)18:52
CrippsFXsrichter: excellent ... it's not getting loaded. Now I know where to start looking.18:52
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CrippsFXso, if z3c.rml is only installable via eggs, and z3c.pdftemplate can only be installed in a zope instance, and z3c.rml's egg has a z3c directory that houses the rml directory, and I need to put pdftemplate into a z3c directory to get it to play nicely with configuration, how do I get both z3c.rml and z3c.pdftemplate to play nicely together?20:33
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CrippsFXwhen I have zopeinstance/lib/python/z3c/pdftemplate then bin/runzope complains about: /opt/python/lib/site-packages/z3c.rml-version-egg/z3c/rml/configure.zcml: no such file or directory20:34
timteCrippsFX: packages are found if they are in PYTHONPATH20:34
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timteCrippsFX: doesn't the file exist?20:36
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CrippsFXtimte: yes. z3c.rml-version-egg/ is in the python path ... the problem is, I need to have pdftemplate housed in a z3c directory (registered under zope) ... but the problem is that there are 2 z3c directories in my PYTHONPATH ... the one located in z3c.rml-version-egg/ and the one in zopeinstance/lib/python20:36
CrippsFXtimte: no, it doesn't since z3c.rml is supposed to be "pure python," and not depend on zope.20:36
CrippsFX.... but z3c.pdftemplate has, as one of its dependencies, z3c.rml20:37
timteCrippsFX: there can be any number of z3c directories20:37
CrippsFXI am aware ... but it's weird how zope is looking for a configure.zcml for a "non-zope" package ...20:38
CrippsFXhmm ... hold on ...20:39
timtezope is looking in PYTHONPATH, obviously it finds z3c.rml in /opt/python/lib/site-packages20:39
timtewhat is weird about that?20:39
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srichterCrippsFX: Install everything without eggs, if you have a Zope 3 instance20:40
timteit's fine to mix as well20:41
CrippsFXsrichter: yeah, I've just moved z3c/rml from  z3c.rml-version-egg/z3c/rml to /opt/python/lib/site-packages/z3c.rml20:42
timtebut workingenv/buildout would be better than putting packages in system python path20:42
CrippsFXmaybe I should totally remove z3c.rml and z3c.pdftemplate and try again from scratch.20:42
timteput them in your zope instance instead of /opt/python/lib/site-packages20:44
CrippsFXtimte: z3c.rml is not a zope package (per se) ... it's a third party python package20:45
timteCrippsFX: isn't it in
srichtertimte: yes it is on svn.zope.org20:46
CrippsFXtimte: it is. There is no zcml configuration for it though. The README states that it is merely a python free implementation of rml20:46
timteCrippsFX: you can still put it in your zope instance lib/python20:47
CrippsFXwon't that break configuration options?20:47
timtewhat configuration options?20:48
CrippsFXsorry, not options, just configuration in general20:48
timteuhm, no, why?20:48
CrippsFXor would it be zopeinstance/lib/python/z3c.rml alongside zopeinstance/lib/python/z3c/pdftemplate ?20:48
CrippsFXtimte: because I tried something similar and still had trouble with it.20:49
timteboth rml and pdftemplate inside lib/python/z3c20:49
CrippsFXtimte: yes, that's what I tried ... and it caused problems. ... although, that still had the z3c.rml egg in site-packages ....20:50
CrippsFXtimte: I'll give it another go and see if it works.20:50
timteCrippsFX: remove that egg20:51
CrippsFXtimte: simple as deleting it from site-packages ?20:51
CrippsFXwill do then.20:51
*** natea_ has quit IRC20:51
timteand maybe remove it from some easyinstall.pth or what it's called20:51
timtegrep -r in site-packages20:51
*** norro_ has joined #zope3-dev21:14
*** oferw has quit IRC21:14
*** edgordon has quit IRC21:15
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CrippsFXhm ... the configure.zcml in zopeinstance/lib/python/z3c/ isn't being run, even though my zopeinstance/etc/package-includes/z3c-configure.zcml has: <include package="z3c" /> ... what could I possibly be missing?21:24
* CrippsFX is so frustrated at his setup right now.21:25
timteCrippsFX: you include "z3c.pdftemplate" and "z3c.rml", not "z3c"21:29
timteone for each package21:29
CrippsFXtimte: yeah, having a configure.zcml in z3c that includes the others does much the same thing ...21:30
CrippsFXtimte: but I think I discovered the actual source of my headaches.21:30
CrippsFXtimte: my pythonpath has /home/acripps/Zope/lib/python  ... which is all fine and good ... except that it should be /home/acripps/zope/lib/python21:31
CrippsFXit figures that it's always the small things ...21:31
*** ignas has quit IRC21:35
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CrippsFXnevermind ... that wasn't it ...21:37
*** witsch has joined #zope3-dev21:49
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mrevoirjoelburton: I've been trying to contact you about paying for the upcoming bootcamps at UNC. Can you check your e-mail and see if you received an e-mail from me earlier today?21:59
*** stub has quit IRC22:00
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*** dunny has joined #zope3-dev22:08
timteCrippsFX: still having problems?22:09
*** harobed_ has quit IRC22:13
*** jinty has joined #zope3-dev22:21
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lisppaste6X-scream pasted "make error" at
X-screamhey guys, any ideas? trying to compile on Mac OSX 10.4.1022:40
*** kevin has joined #zope3-dev22:42
*** bigkev has quit IRC22:42
*** edgordon has joined #zope3-dev22:48
X-screamhow "risky" is it not running an optimal python version? ie, a higher version of course22:52
*** ksmith99 has joined #zope3-dev22:52
benjiX-scream: 2.5 will not work; I believe 2.4.4 is fully tested on the trunk, so I'm not sure what version you're referring to22:55
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev22:55
X-screambenji: i configured it to use 2.4.4, and the optimal version for Zope-3.3.1 is 2.4.322:56
benjiif the tests pass you should be fine22:56
*** alecm has quit IRC22:56
X-screamwell, make fails :/22:56
*** schwendinger has quit IRC22:57
benjiI'd use 2.4.3 then.22:57
*** alecm has joined #zope3-dev22:57
*** jsadjohnson has quit IRC22:58
X-screamyeah, gonna give it a try22:58
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev22:59
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*** twcook has joined #zope3-dev23:05
X-screamah crap. Same error23:10
*** jodok has joined #zope3-dev23:13
*** jinty has joined #zope3-dev23:13
X-screamWOW, talk about an obscur error23:18
X-screamthe make error arised when i compiled zope sources unpacked using "The Unarchiver". But when I used the command line tar, make works fine23:20
*** MrTopf has joined #zope3-dev23:21
benjithere's a fix for that; remove "The Unarchiver" from your system <wink>23:27
X-screamseems like the unarchiver does some tampering with long file names23:29
* X-scream makes a mental note about never using unarchiver for source tarballs23:30
*** twcook has left #zope3-dev23:31
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