IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-07-10

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dennis__suppose I have a users settings storen in the annotations for the principal.   I have a custom traverser that will return the right settings object based on self.request.principal.01:21
dennis__however this settings object needs to be locatable, for everything else to work01:21
dennis__so, i have to use removeSecurityProxy on the "virtual" folder which travers to this object, and locate( settingsObj, folderObj, u'' )01:22
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dennis__what if I would like an /admin folder, which also has a uri such as  /admin/userX/settings, which I also want to return this settings object from the principals annotations01:22
dennis__it would then be locatable in 2 ways01:22
dennis__which makes me wonder if I am on the right track01:23
ignasdennis__: hmm, why do you want them on principal? if you have userX01:24
ignasmaybe you could make an adapter that adapts your principal to your User object01:25
ignasand then just access the settings on the user01:25
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ignasand store them on a user01:25
X-screamdennis__: i solved yesterday's problem :)01:25
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dennis__i have an adapter that returns a settings object, which is the active context of the let's say edit_settings.html view01:25
dennis__but this object needs to be locatable01:26
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dennis__X-scream good :) what was it ?01:26
ignasyou are doing something "interesting"01:26
dennis__ignas do you mean storing users as seperate objects in some user folder ?01:27
ignassorry i am not sure what you are trying to do anymore01:27
dennis__your calendar example :)01:27
X-screamdidn't set the "value_type" schema field parameter in a List I had in the recipe schema01:28
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dennis__except, my calendar (for the given user) does not come from locatable place such as /allcalendars/userX/calendar, but is stored in the annotations of a principal01:28
ignasso you have persistent principals?01:28
ignasnot sure i have seen it done that way01:29
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dennis__actually IInternalPrincipal01:29
dennis__but I figure I am doing something "interesting" so I am looking for a kick in a better direction :)01:29
ignasthey are not persistent01:29
ignashow can you store anything in their annotations?01:30
dennis__but the principal annotations are01:30
dennis__maybe a better way to ask would be, can I have the same object be at   /uri/a/b/myObject  AND at /uri/b/c/myObject01:30
dennis__and if so, what is the __parent__ of myObject01:31
ignasyes and no01:31
ignasthere are 2 parts in the mechanism01:31
ignasone is - what is traversal01:31
ignasso you can traverse to the same object in as many ways as you want01:31
ignasanother one is absolute_url generation01:32
ignasmost of the time you get 1 url per object01:32
ignasunless you do something "interesting"01:32
ignaslike mark object on traversal01:32
ignasso it would know which url to use01:32
ignasor something like that01:32
dennis__it's like I would like to set location information for the current request only, not persistently01:33
ignaswhy would you want to do that?01:33
dennis__(just so it renders the rest of my page and creates valid urls relative to where I am)01:33
ignasso you want different urls for different ways of traversing to the object01:33
dennis__well, put another way, if my settings object is stored in the principal annotations, it is not directly locatable01:34
dennis__i would like every user to have a  /mysettings   url01:34
dennis__and the admin  /allsettings/user1/    /user2, etc01:34
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ignasyou don't need to fake __parents__ for that01:34
ignasyou just set up a custom absolute_url adapter01:34
ignasthat returns /mysettings if request.principal is the same as the principal you are traversing for01:35
ignasor returns the proper url, in the other case01:35
ignasthe downside is that /allsettings/admin/ would work, but when you would click on it, all the links inside would point to /mysettings01:36
dennis__it wouldn't need a __parent__ in that case ?   (since its in annotations, not in a real folder anywhere)01:36
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ignasyou can write your own absolute_url adapter, so it can return "BWAHAHAHA where is your url now?"01:36
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dennis__hehe :)01:36
ignasbut still01:36
ignasi'd do a mysettings view01:37
ignasthat redirects you01:37
ignasto the /allsettings/user1 url01:37
dennis__or something like a location proxy, the proxy exists in different places at different url's, but references the same object inside01:38
dennis__i was so excited about having nice url's where /mysettings gives something completely user specific, without having long /allusers/userX/ things01:39
ignasin my world - REST is better than same url having different meanings01:39
ignasbut YMMV01:40
dennis__REST ?01:40
ignasthe idea that URLs uniquely identify objects, and all the related blabbering about standards01:41
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dennis__ignas thank you for your thoughts :)  i need to think this a bit more through01:45
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* huajie looks all these people at europython ;) 12:19
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ignasanyone who has worked on zope http publisher code?12:28
* ignas might have found a bug, but is not sure whether it is in Zope or in WSGIUtils12:29
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andrew_mis that a known problem that zope 3.2.1 does not work with python 2.4.4 (but 2.4.2)? somethings to do with cgi / readline...14:39
norroandrew_m error in
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norroandrew_m here is a link, that might solve your problem:
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norroare there any experiences to run a zope3 instance on a 233 MHz machine?14:58
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andrew_mnorro: thanks.. i will roll back to python 2.4.2 for now15:19
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edgordoni am really confused. I have an object that subclasses folder.Folder, and when I try to add objects to it, I get an error that __setitem__ takes 2 arguments and 3 were given. i have tried adding a __setitem__ function to my class, but it isn't even being called. Any ideas what is causing this?17:45
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dennis__what is the best practice way to keep track of the equivalent of foreign keys? ie lets say I have a folder full of bars (contact info), and every user has a list of their favourite bars, which are just persistent lists with the bars (from the bars folder) in it, this works great to spot the favourite bars of a user, but does not tell me wich user is currently linking a certain bar, nor prevents stale references, do I need to add a list of referencing20:29
dennis__users to every bar, or somehow use the catalog for this?20:29
dennis__why do I always have these kinds of questions :)20:29
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nerdalertdennis__: one way to do that is with catalogs20:44
nerdalertdennis__: and you can index/unindex your different objects as they're added/deleted20:45
nerdalertdennis__: although in the most basic sense, what you're asking for seems to be a unique ID utility20:47
nerdalertdennis__: you can simply drop one in through the ZMI and register it.  now any objects you add will have a unique ID that you can use like a foreign key in a DB20:48
dennis__reading through zc.relationship now .. yes i have an intid utility, but i would have to store references to each other on both objects, and would like to avoid that20:49
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dennis__or catalog them somehow, i'll keep playing :)20:54
nerdalertcool =)20:54
nerdalertI haven't used zc.relationship yet.  I'll have to play around with that sometime20:54
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edgordoncan a field constraint ever take more than one argument, or have any kind of awareness of the Interface it is being called within?21:55
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nerdalertedgordon: think you're looking for invariants22:03
edgordon /me is googling invariants22:04
nerdalertthink it's in zope.interface but I'm double checking for you22:04
nerdalertyeah, take a look at the README.txt in zope.interface22:05
nerdalertthere's a section on invariants22:05
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edgordonyep. thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for22:06
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nerdalertcool =)22:06
nerdalertyou can also make forms check invariants.  check out the README in zope.formlib22:07
nerdalertI don't think invariants get checked automatically like field constraints22:08
edgordonyeah, maybe it isn't what i want22:08
nerdalertbut you should be able to find functions to make it easy to enforce them22:08
edgordoncause i want to use it to determine if it can be contained in the parent object22:09
edgordontrying to make the objects that can be added to a folder user-configurable22:09
nerdalerthmm.  if you want container constraints, look in
nerdalertcontainer constraints will allow you to enforce that a container only contains certain types of objects22:10
nerdalertif your constraints aren't based on type though, you should look at the invariants some more22:11
nerdalertand if your constraint can't be expressed as a pre/post condition, there's always good ol' fashioned exception mechanisms22:13
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