IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-10-05

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* baijum someone deleted front page of Zope 3 wiki:
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baijumphiliKON, what's your opinion about using buildout instead of directly using for managing eggs (The releasing-software.txt still follows second approach) ?12:16
philiKONbaijum: when buildout setup actually becomes documented, i'll be happy to consider it12:16
philiKONbut currently it's not only undocumented, it also breaks with a weird error message when you use it wrong12:16
philiKONerror messages must be better12:16
baijumphiliKON: ah. ok12:17
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* baijum reported "buildout setup" command issues here: &
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ignassrichter: are you there?18:08
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srichterignas: yeah18:10
ignassrichter: i seem to be having some problems with introspector module18:11
ignasit expects modules to be unpacked (directories)18:12
ignasand as someone made zope.filerepresentation18:12
ignasa zip safe egg18:12
ignaszope apidoc is failing to list it's contents18:12
ignasmaybe you have any ideas how that could be fixed?18:13
J1minstall the egg unzipped18:13
ignasJ1m: how do i make buildout to unzip the egg?18:13
J1mboth easy_install and buildout give you a way to do that.18:13
J1myou can't after the fact.18:14
J1mBut the egg recipe lets you use unzip=true.18:14
ignasi know, but i want to make future installations proof to this bug18:14
ignasso i should just set all zope eggs to be unzipped18:14
ignasok, thanks18:14
J1mwell, if you are using buildout, then put that in the buildout.cfg.18:14
J1mthat would be nice for now.18:15
ignasyeah, that will work18:15
J1mThere really ought to be a utility to do that after the fact.18:15
J1mand to rezip them.18:15
J1moh well18:15
ignasjust thought that it might be good to fix it in apidoc18:15
J1mand of course, one of these days, we should update our tools to use pkg_resources18:15
J1mso much to do ...18:16
* J1m wonders how much of a performance hit we're taking by using unzipped eggs....18:16
faassenthe benefit of using unzipped eggs is important though.18:18
faassenit's hackish but I see people view their source, grep them, and put pdb into them all the time. including myself.18:19
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ignasfaassen: i'd assume that you'd put unzip = true in your development sandbox, but have eggs packed when deploying18:21
faassenignas: okay, then that should be the default. :)18:21
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srichterignas: APIDOC is so not eggs-ready :-)18:32
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srichterignas: it needs to be carefully reviewed to deal with eggs-based isntallations18:32
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ignasso much to do, so little time18:33
ignassrichter: is zope3.4 tarball going to be packed?18:33
srichterignas: I think so18:34
srichterwe simply have not created final versions of all packages yet18:34
ignasi was just a little bit worried that this egg thing might take away too much attention from the tarball release18:35
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srichterignas: it does ;-)18:50
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