IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-10-30

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ccombhi,  what or where is schemaless? I want to try z3c.formdemo but the buildout -N ends with an import error on schemaless.00:11
lisppaste6ccomb pasted "schemaless import error" at
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baijumsrichter, Congrats for completing the egg releases !09:11
baijumTheuni, srichter: what's next step now for 3.4 tar ball release ?09:12
philiKONbaijum: update the externals on Zope3/branches/3.4 and run the tests, i suppose09:31
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baijumphiliKON: ah. ok, may be we will be required a bug day09:33
philiKONi have no idea. depends on whether we have many open bugs for 3.409:33
baijumphiliKON: It look's like we still have some critical bugs marked:
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baijumsorry, I have to go now.09:35
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* baijum is back10:09
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spythonthere are .. II/OO/OI/IO-BTrees but what is the "IF" in IFSet/IFTreeSet/IFBTree?12:08
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philiKONinteger -> float12:08
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timteyou emacs gurus, is there some way to get classes and methods linkable so I can click or press M-whatever to get to the definition of the class/method?12:27
timteif there is I'll switch to emacs  :)12:28
baijumtimte, you can use Bicycle Repair Man ( ) with emacs12:30
* baijum is not a guru ;)12:30
philiKONtimte: or you can use CTAGS12:35
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timteok, I will google on those12:38
mgedminctags rule12:39
mgedminI don't know about M-whatever, but M-, jumps to a tag, iirc12:40
mgedminor is that M-.?12:40
* mgedmin uses vim12:40
timtedo you use ctags with vim?12:41
* philiKON hasn't gotten ctags to work with emacs yet :/12:41
philiKONthen again, i haven't tried hard12:41
* baijum sometime use Bicycle Repair Man in Emacs12:43
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baijumphiliKON: I updated my local copy of 3.4 branch with svn:externals based on All tests are passing. but there are some warnings in packages which are not yet officially released. Can I commit it now ?12:45
philiKONsigh, yeah, projekt01's and srichter's refactoring made some 3.4.x eggs dependent on 3.5.x eggs12:46
philiKONbaijum: i think you can commit12:46
philiKONthen we can sort out the problem12:46
baijumphiliKON, ok12:47
malthecan you make a browser:page view that has both a class and a template that's specified in zcml?12:48
maltheI find that the template is ignored12:48
philiKONsure you can12:48
malthecool, how?12:48
philiKONum... just do it?!?12:48
philiKONlook at my book, for example12:48
maltheintrospecting my class there's no template attribute, nor 'index'12:48
philiKONor pretty much any other example out there12:49
philiKON<browser:page class="..." template="..." ... />12:49
philiKONin five, the template isn't called 'index' i think12:49
maltheright exactly, but the template doesn't make it to the class12:49
maltheI'm experimenting with calling the view "view"12:49
maltheI wonder if that could have implications12:49
philiKONwhen you look up the view, do you actually get an instance of the class you registered12:50
malthe<Products.Five.metaclass.PortalView object at 0x6c468d0>12:50
maltheso it is a metaclass around my class12:51
philiKONdon't be confused by the different dotted name12:51
philiKONall that five does it create a subclass of your original class12:51
philiKONs/five/the browser:page zcml handler/12:51
philiKONthis class creation stuff happen sto be in a Products.Five.metaclass module12:52
nouriLook at __dict__ and you'll see if there's a template or not.12:53
malthethere isn't12:53
nouriAnd how it's called.12:53
instantfoohey, how's 3.4 going?12:54
philiKONwho needs 3.4 when you got eggs?12:54
malthephiliKON: hmm never mind; it does seem to work now ––– I don't what happened.12:56
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malthethanks anyway12:57
nourimalthe: It's in __class__.__dict__, then, or in your __class__.__bases__[something].__dict__12:57
maltheI must've had a competing directive somewhere without the template definition12:59
instantfoomeh, I should really wipe my old 3.3.1 tarball install and run eggs12:59
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mgedminphiliKON: talk to ignas when he appears on irc, he managet to get both emacs-style ctags and vim-style ctags work in emacs13:13
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mgedminapparently vim-style ctags are much faster, because the tags file is sorted so you can do binary searches in it13:13
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malthephiliKON: for the record –– calling a view "view" will cause problems when Plone needs to find the default view of an object.13:31
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amaronif i have forbidden attribute, how to find what setting to change in zcml in order to have that attribute enabled14:07
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amaronie. i have container and contained, i've set zcml to allow IReadContainer and IWriteContainer14:08
amaronbut i still have forbbidden attribute 'add' for that container14:08
baijumTheuni, ping ?14:16
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mgedminamaron: 'add' is not a method defined in IWriteContainer15:11
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amaronmgedmin: my 'add' happens when i want to add contained object to container15:16
amaroni dont call it15:17
mgedminI think you may be confused by adding views15:17
amaronit happens in formview15:17
mgedminIAdding has an add() method15:17
mgedminwhich is supposed to add the object to the container15:17
mgedminbut the only API containers give you for adding objects is container[name] = object15:17
mgedmini.e. __setitem__15:18
amaroni see15:18
amaronlet me try15:18
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amaronmgedmin: that passes, now i need add function in container15:21
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amaronmgedmin: it works... i added... something :)15:29
amaronto many interfaces, i dont know which permission and attribute is for which one15:30
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ignassrichter: is it just me or you silently finished up packaging of all the zope3.4 eggs?16:40
ignassrichter: and what else has to be done to get a Zope3.4 release out of the door?16:41
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philiKONignas: fix bugs and deprecation warnings?16:51
ignasphiliKON: hmm, like the ones related to 18n message ids?16:51
philiKONthat was a pretty stupid change, imho16:52
ignasyes, let's be political correct ;)16:52
projekt01philiKON, this change was the needed for a separation of zope and zope.app16:56
ignasprojekt01: it was backwards incompatible, and it could have been done in a better way16:56
ignasthat would do both - separate zope from AND keep it backwards compatible16:56
projekt01incompatible, why?16:57
philiKONprojekt01: the zope i18n message id factory doesn't have to imported16:58
philiKONyou can create it with one line16:58
philiKON_ = MessageFactory('zope')16:58
philiKONso no need to move things around16:58
ignasbecause zope.i18nmessageid package had no MessageFactory('Zope') in 3.4.116:58
ignasso expecting it to be there in 3.4.2 is breaking backwards compatibility16:59
philiKONand it doesn't need to16:59
philiKONalso, i think the 'zope' domain must die16:59
ignasyes, that's just one more reason16:59
ccombspeaking of i18n/l10n, before the 3.4 release I would like to make a full review of the french translation, what is the recommended way to do this?  Should I search for every po file around and submit them to someone or what?17:00
philiKONccomb: launchpad17:00
ccombit's automatically taken into account?17:01
philiKONi have n o idea what you mean by 'automatically'17:01
ccombI don't know how work all the machinery from launchpad to eggs17:02
philiKONyou don't17:02
philiKONcurrently translations aren't egg-centric yet17:03
philiKONthey're still monolithic17:03
philiKON(hence the one and only 'zope' domain)17:03
philiKONfor the 3.5 / 3.6 line we should start splitting up translations17:03
ccombah ok17:03
projekt01I think global variables shoul be defined once e.g. MessageFactory('zope')17:03
projekt01philiKON, is the buildout zip issue fixed for windows?17:05
philiKONit's a setuptools bug17:06
philiKONand yes, it was fixed17:06
philiKONbut i'm not sure if it's released yet17:06
philiKONprojekt01: this global variable is completely meaningless. the instance itself isn't important.17:06
philiKONand in this particular case, it caused a lot of confusion17:07
philiKONprojekt01: also, i outlined the MessageFactory thing quite a while ago in already, and the consensus was to recreate it in each package since it's a meaningless one-liner17:09
philiKONyou couldn't have known, though17:10
philiKONso i forgive you :)17:10
philiKONi just think we should clean up this mess17:10
philiKONunfortunately, now it's really messed up17:10
philiKONbecause all of a sudden, we have a zope.i18nmessageid that has a ZopeMessageFactoyr17:10
philiKONso we can never take that back17:10
philiKONi just wished you would've written proposals17:10
philiKONyou wrote the "Free Views" proposal, changed your mind based on feedback, and then never chnaged it17:11
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projekt01philiKON, should I join the next sprint and help cleanup?17:15
philiKONsure, why not!17:16
projekt01Ok, will take a look if I can make it17:16
rlowhen and where is this sprint?17:22
philiKON9-11 november17:24
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* rlo is in San Fransisco then...17:45
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nourimgedmin: Hey, I saw that you were the last one to touch the MultiCheckboxWidget in
mgedmincould be17:47
nourimgedmin: Does this mean it actually works for you?17:47
mgedminI think so, yes17:47
mgedminI don't remember where I used it17:47
nouriBecause I have this issue,
* mgedmin never used :list suffixes in his life17:48
mgedminno, I think I never used MultiCheckBoxWidget17:50
mgedminI fixed the missing <label> issue in some other widget (radio buttons?) and noticed in passing that MultiCheckBoxWidget also had no proper labels17:50
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nourimgedmin: I see.  Thanks for looking at it.17:51
mgedminnouri: could you clarify why the lack of the :list suffix makes the widget useless?17:51
nourimgedmin: Guess I should add this to the bugreport.  When you get the value from request.form, it's a single item, not a list.17:51
nouriMultiCheckboxWidget suggests that the value should be a list ;)17:52
mgedminyou shouldn't use values directly from request.form if you use widgets17:52
mgedminrequest.form is an internal implementation detail, don't touch it17:52
mgedminif you use a widget, use the widget to get the value17:52
mgedminzope.formlib is generally nicer17:52
nouriInteresting, I'll look at that.17:52
nouriI'm using formlib.17:53
mgedminalso, there's z3c.form which is newer and supposedly better (for some people) than zope.formlib, but I just can't handle five-way adapters17:53
mgedminI see 'adapts(IFoo, IBar, None, None, None)' and my head explodes17:53
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* jinty has had some good experiences with z3c.form so far17:59
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srichtermgedmin: I have to build more high-level APIs for this, so you can say:18:07
srichteradapts(context=IFoo, field=IBar)18:08
* mgedmin likes that18:08
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srichterit knows the order and assigns None to the other values automatically18:08
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projekt01philiKON, I have no idea how I can test this?18:16
philiKONwrite tests that do imports?18:17
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philiKONbut really, we should revert the split up for the 3.4.x line18:17
J1mnouri, extjs has made my life soooo much better. :)18:17
mgedminwhat's extjs?18:19
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mgedminoh, *another* new javascript framework18:19
mgedminand just after I learned jquery :(18:19
nouriJ1m: Hmm, are you suggesting I should use extjs instead of... formlib?18:19
J1mIt lets you right applications in much the way you'd write for a *real* GUI framework.18:20
J1mThat distinguishes it from many other JS libraries.18:20
projekt01J1m, if you like extjs, google for z3ext18:20
J1mnouri, I do. :)18:20
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projekt01J1m, but note, extjs is not obtrusive18:21
J1mPls remind me what that means?18:21
projekt01it doesn't fall back to a UI if no javascript is active, and doesnt support readers for blind people18:22
J1mphiliKON, cool, although doesn't work for me.18:22
J1mprojekt01, for lots of apps, I don't care.18:22
philiKONJ1m: i think that was projekt01 who suggested that :)18:22
J1mI'd rather create separate apps.18:22
projekt01Yes at all, extjs is a great framework18:23
J1mA sucky one (read traditional web app) for people who need it and a working one. :)18:23
J1mprojekt01, thanks for that link. :)18:23
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J1mnouri, I could see use for a little automation to support forms, but ext doesn't need it nearly as much as traditional web UIs do.18:24
J1mprojekt01, I;kk check out z3ext.18:25
nouriSounds good, I'll check it out when I'm done with this formlib form ;)18:25
projekt01J1m, can you give Nikolay Kim the developer of z3ext commit rights?18:25
J1mbtw, extjs does allow some reasonable degredation.18:25
srichterJ1m: Nikolay is sleeping right now; I get to him when he gets up to fix the site18:25
J1mprojekt01, sure, if you vouch for him and if ge sends me a contributor agreement.18:26
J1mAnd if he gets his site back up so I can check it out. ;)18:26
projekt01srichter, can you tell Nikolay to send a agreement to J1m18:27
srichterprojekt01: yep, I'll try to get a hold of him later18:27
J1mYou can create a content page and have ext build on the origibal content.18:27
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projekt01J1m, (degradation) you can allways implement the extjs JS write generation part as HTML in templates.18:29
J1mRight, I think that's what I just said. :)18:30
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djk001Can formlib handle nested objects?  i.e., if a student object contained an address object (and specfied this in the schema), can formlib handle this, or do I have to make a special widget for the address object?21:18
benjidjk001: I've seen compound forms like that created with formlib, but I don't know the details; I wouldn't be suprised if the README.txt includes information on doing that21:18
philiKONdjk001: yes, it's possible21:20
djk001I checked the forms.txt and didn't see anything there21:20
djk001how do you do it?  I keep getting "A system error has occurred"21:20
philiKONyou basically use the zope.schema.Object() field21:20
philiKON"A system error has occurred" is not the error msg you want to be bothering us with :)21:21
philiKONlook at the console21:21
philiKONthat's where the actual traceback is21:21
philiKONanyway, as i was sayinig:21:21
philiKONyou basically use the zope.schema.Object() field21:21
djk001yeah.  that was pretty messy.21:21
philiKONand then21:21
philiKONyou use the ObjectWidget21:21
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philiKONbut you need to tell the ObjectWidget which kind of class to use to create one of thos eobjects21:21
djk001OK.  I had the address = Object(schema=IAddress) line, but I need to do something more?21:22
philiKONi just said that21:22
djk001sorry, didn't know if the Object () call would setup for ObjectWidget for me or not.  I'm just getting started with formlib21:23
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philiKONwell, it would help if you looked at the traceback21:23
djk001k.  1 sec21:24
djk001Traceback (most recent call last):21:25
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/publisher/", line 133, in publish21:25
djk001result = publication.callObject(request, obj)21:25
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/app/publication/", line 161, in callObject21:25
djk001return mapply(ob, request.getPositionalArguments(), request)21:25
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/publisher/", line 108, in mapply21:25
djk001return debug_call(obj, args)21:25
djk001- traceback_info: <security proxied instance at 0x996432c>21:25
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/publisher/", line 114, in debug_call21:25
djk001return obj(*args)21:25
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/formlib/", line 769, in call21:25
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/formlib/", line 732, in update21:26
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/formlib/", line 802, in setUpWidgets21:26
djk001adapters=self.adapters, ignore_request=ignore_request21:26
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/formlib/", line 393, in setUpEditWidgets21:26
djk001widget = _createWidget(form_field, field, request, iface)21:26
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/formlib/", line 323, in _createWidget21:26
djk001return component.getMultiAdapter((field, request), iface)21:26
djk001File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/component/", line 103, in getMultiAdapter21:26
philiKONno no no no21:26
djk001raise ComponentLookupError(objects, interface, name)21:26
djk001ComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._field.Object object at 0x996eccc>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:8080/c2/edit.html>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')21:26
benjidjk001: please, please see the topic; no pasting21:26
philiKONdon't do this here21:26
djk001127.0.0.1 - - [30/Oct/2007:15:22:54 -0400] "GET /c2/edit.html HTTP/1.1" 500 84 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061228 Firefox/ pango-text"21:26
djk001url: lisppaste621:26
djk001oops.  how do you use that?21:26
philiKONdjk001: just go to the paste site, paste in your stuff, and give us the url21:28
philiKONto look at it21:28
philiKONjust don't flood us here with crap21:28
* bigkevmcd belatedly hands round the life-jackets21:28
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* benji practices his backstroke.21:32
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hazmatdjk001, you need to setup a CustomWidgetFactory and ObjectWidget21:33
hazmatwidget = CustomWidgetFactory( ObjectWidget, YourClass) and then in your formlib form.. pass in a custom_widget with that widget21:34
hazmatbe aware that the machinery creates and replaces subobjects on a value change, it doesn't modify in place21:35
djk001ok.  I'll try that.  thx.21:36
philiKONthe ObjectWidget that is21:36
philiKONit's not really particular to the whole machinery21:36
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hazmatwell the formlib machinery expects a value back from the form, and then calls field.set.. so its a bit more than just the widget21:36
hazmater a value back from the widget21:36
philiKONdang, you're right21:37
hazmati had to do some hacks on that when working with mapped sqlalchemy objects.. not pretty.. i've been meaning to try out z3c.form and see if things get nicer.. but its a bit of turnoff to manage all the stuff there to make a form21:37
hazmatare there any examples of doing cookie auth with z3?21:38
philiKONhazmat: my book :)21:39
hazmator a cookie credential extractor plugin in svn?21:39
hazmataha!, i left it at home..21:39
hazmatphiliKON, thanks21:39
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