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nouriWhat's the use case for providing an interface in zope.lifecycleevent.interfaces.Attributes?16:21
philiKONnouri: that's explained in my book16:23
philiKONit's basically to annotate ObjectModifiedEvent with information about *which* attributes changed in *which* schema16:23
nouriBut the object in the OME is supposed to provide that schema already, right?16:24
philiKONnot necessarily16:24
philiKONfor instance, when you want to notify that you changed dublinc ore data16:25
philiKONyou send an objectmodifiedevent about IZopeDubliNCore16:25
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philiKONthe object shoudl be adaptable to that schema16:25
philiKONwhich includes providing it itself16:25
nouriRight; I'm trying to use this for cataloging; for providing information about what changed.16:25
nouriphiliKON: We're having this discussion here with Martin.  Do you think that generally the assumption is that OME per transaction is fired.  First, I had the idea of having every Archetypes Field fire the OME if the field value has changed, so you'd have one OME per attribute.  Then, at the end of the request, I would fire another event that has an aggregated version of all these OMEs.16:27
nouriNow I'm tending to leave OME as it is; and fire ObjectAttributeChangedEvent which doesn't subclass from OME16:27
nouri(OME is being fired right now without information about what actually changed at the end of processing the form in AT)16:28
philiKONwhy can't you fire an OME after all the attributes have changed, then index everything at once?16:28
philiKONthat's how zope.formlib does it, for instance16:28
philiKONit changes a bunch of stuff, then sends the OME16:28
philiKON(unfortunately, i don't think it includes the information yet; grok.formlib and z3c.form do, though)16:28
nouriRight; that'd mean I'd change the protocl of set() in AT Fields to return something to indicate that the vlaue changed, right.16:29
philiKONwell, or introduce another method to leave the sematnics of set() as they are16:29
philiKONbut yeah, that's how formlib does it as well. applyChanges returns a structure with information which attributes in which schemas changed16:30
philiKONor at least it should ;)16:30
nouriTraditionally, reindexObject() is being called too often for AT.  It's probably just bad design, but I find the idea neat of doing the indexing with all information collected at the end of the request.  What do you think?16:31
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nouriWell, maybe that's not needed really.16:31
philiKONyou could do it at the end of the request. but i bet you could also consolidate a lot if you sent one OME with the right info16:33
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timteWhen I run "python" I must have the files that buildout.cfg extends available, otherwise I get IOError. Why is that?23:37
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