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tjsanyone got any info on zopeproject and packaging it to deploy zeo + instance? also curious about how people manage a project with zopeproject env, and switch between branches rapidly02:00
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romanofskimoin :)09:40
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balor In what distribution of Zope would I find ZODB >3.8.0b1?  SVN?12:31
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spythonhi, any pointers on how to setup and make a z3 instance's lib/python/mypack play well with svn?12:38
spythonsomehow instance/lib/python/{trunk,branches,tags} doesn't feel good :)12:38
ccombbalor :  ->
balorccomb: much oblidged12:43
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dennis__how do you replace the "You are not authorized" page which you get if you do something for which you don't have permission, but are already signed in as a certain user and have disabled the re-ask for credentials if already-signed-in ?  (if similar to the NotFound, which Interface do I need to look for?)14:13
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philiKON_dennis__: Unauthorized14:20
philiKON_write an 'index.html' view for Unauthorized14:21
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dennis__thanks, will start grepping :)14:21
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dennis__philiKON_ works like a charm, though have to set self.context of the view to getSite() to be able to render the error message inside the usual site template (otherwise looks funky)14:35
pcardunehmm, i think I found a dependency bug between zope.securitypolicy and zope.i18nmessageid.  The latter should require zope.i18nmessageid>=3.4.314:38
philiKONah, wait, zope.securitypolicy14:41
philiKONi only fixed
philiKONmust've forgotten to fix zope.securitypolicy14:41
philiKONbtw, i think >=3.4.2 is correct14:41
pcardune(I just looked at the version I had on a working setup)14:41
philiKON3.4.2 is the one that gained the ZopeMessageFactory thing14:42
philiKONunnecessarily i might add14:42
pcardunewell, I'm glad that got resolved quickly :)14:42
pcarduneopen source strikes again!14:42
philiKONwell, you should still do a bugfix release for zope.securitypolicy :)14:42
philiKONi only did it for
pcarduneI don't think I have the required permissions making releases14:44
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philiKONpcardune: that's a cheap excuse :)15:04
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regebroHow does one in buildout best add a specific directory to the python-path?15:13
regebroOr alternatively, how does one check out a svn folder full of python libraries? :)15:13
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philiKONthere's an option15:19
philiKONlook at the buildout docs :)15:19
regebrophiliKON: I did, I couldn't find it... Too much docs, not enough pages. :)15:24
regebroI'll try again then.15:24
philiKONit's recipe specific15:24
philiKONi think15:24
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regebrophiliKON: Aha.15:29
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dennis__can I touch the request.locale at the beginning of the request or something similar in order to have all date operations inside that transaction done in a certain timezone ? currently all dates show up as GMT, but I don't want to go and add the timezone string to all places where dates are shown or parsed15:34
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philiKONdennis__: request.local represents the user's preferred locale setting15:37
philiKONit's determined using the IUserPreferredLanguage adapter15:37
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dennis__yeah, I am defaulting it to the local language already since it is a local site (actually using example from your book)15:38
dennis__but times show up in GMT15:38
dennis__(i know locale doesnt contain reliable timezone info)15:38
dennis__so i would like to default that too15:39
philiKONthen hardcode the setting to one locale15:39
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dennis__so if request.locale it set properly it should already work .. well then i have look for a different reason it doesn't :)15:40
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dennis__request.locale is correct, request.locale.dates.getFormatter is used to format context/zope:modified which is (2007-11-13 13:05:45.021056+00:00). The modification really took place at 14:05+01:00, and I would like to show the time on the page as 14:0515:47
ccombHi,  is there a way to discover what happens during an instance startup?15:50
ccombit takes a minute to start15:50
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ccombthe zodb takes 800MB, with a BTree filled with 500k tuples15:52
ccombnot a minute, it takes 3 minutes, exactly15:53
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benjiccomb: three minutes exactly, every time?16:03
ccombbenji yes16:03
benjithats suspicious16:04
ccomb81 secs this time16:04
benjium, that's not three minutes, exactly16:04
ccombfirst time it was 175secs, then 81 now16:05
benjino idea, then16:05
ccombmy app is probably suspicious, but I would like to know what happen16:05
ccombbut I need a hint on how to do16:06
benjiI'd start by profiling the start up; there's no textbook approach to that though, you'll have to hack some16:06
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mgedminccomb: usually what happens is the ZODB reads the whole Data.fs and builds an index16:54
ccombmgedmin the index is rebuilt at each start?16:55
mgedminI have the suspicion that if you stop the server with Ctrl-C, ZODB doesn't mark the index file as up-to-date or something like that16:55
mgedminI might be horribly wrong16:55
* ccomb is just going to try that16:56
J1mmgedmin, you are mostly write.  It is more complicated than that.  On a clean shutdown, the index is written.  I believe that ZEO servers don't do the clean shutdown dance correctly.16:57
J1mAlso, the index is written after some number of changes.16:57
J1mUnfortunately, the number of changes rerquired to trigger an index save increases with the size of the database.16:58
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J1mFor very large databases, like ours, the index is rarely written.16:58
ccombyou mean "fortunately" :) ?16:58
J1mNo, I mean unfortunately.16:59
J1mwe want indexes to be written much more frequently.16:59
J1mFortunmately, indexes are written after packing.17:00
J1mand I think thet are also written on staup with no index.17:00
ccombI've just checked that my instance still takes 81s to start, and the index has not changed at all17:01
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ccombit looks like it reads the whole btree while starting17:01
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J1mI doubt your DB is big enough for this to matter.17:02
ccombit's 800MB17:02
J1mI assume your long start up time is due to processing lots of ZCML.17:02
* J1m gets back to work.17:02
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* junkafarian waves19:14
junkafarianis it possible for me to reference the parent object within the __init__ function of a persistent object class?19:16
philiKONnope, usually not19:16
junkafarianany way around it?19:17
philiKONobjects only have parents after they've been added to a container19:17
junkafariani want child object to inherit some of the parent attributes19:17
philiKONso you should write an IObjectAddedEvent subscriber19:17
junkafariana bit strange that i cant write it in the business logic :(19:18
philiKONthis *is* business logic19:18
philiKONalso, how would an object know its parent before it's even added to a container19:18
junkafariansorry, wrong terminology19:18
philiKONin fact, this is beautiful separation of the stupid data model and business logic that's grouped around it19:19
junkafarianalso true19:20
junkafariani can see how it would lead to a better structure19:20
philiKONthough i admit, it's an indirection19:21
philiKONbut one that's rather fundamental19:21
philiKON(guessing one's parent during object creation is a bit hard)19:21
* junkafarian agrees19:22
philiKONthe only way to solve this properly is to make __init__ take the (future) parent as an argument19:22
junkafarianwas just about to say that might be a nice alternative19:22
junkafarianbut that would probably require a major refactor of the architecture19:23
* junkafarian guesses 19:23
* elro wanders how to write a FileDownloadWidget19:24
* ccomb wonders how to write a FileUploadWidget with a progress bar19:27
elroccomb: flash / java is necessary for that I think19:28
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gstratton_I have seen a FileUpload widget with progress bar entirely in ajax19:29
gstratton_I'm not sure whether it could be wired into Zope, though19:30
gstratton_it might require some WSGI middleware to intercept the uploads19:30
junkafariani am using
junkafariandefinitely not a widget though19:31
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xenruHi, all19:33
xenruphiliKON: r u here?19:33
ccombelro gstratton_  junkafarian : there is some very interesting things here :
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* junkafarian nods19:37
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rockya bit off-topic i know, but has anyone here ever used easy_install to install an egg from an svn url where the svn repo is preotected by apache basic auth? standard doesn't work20:31
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J1moh lord20:50
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* benji thinks J1m was just attacked by a troup of ninjas.20:52
* philiKON thought J1m ran out of cheese20:53
* J1m was reacting to rocky's question.20:54
rockyi got it working in fact -- the problem was i was using a password bash-unfriendly chars ;)20:55
mgedminyou could *probably* svn checkout and pass the pathname to easy_install20:55
* mgedmin too late20:55
philiKONwhat mgedmin says works, btw20:55
* benji wonders how philiKON knows about the error message on our printer.20:56
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srichterrocky: lovely has developed some recipe or so to use http auth20:59
srichterbut I think it is buildout-specific20:59
* srichter needs to figure this out soon too21:00
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mcdoncsrichter, J1m: a policy/intent question... is it a desire that people be able to install zope.* distributions from the cheeseshop selectively using easy_install?21:44
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srichtermcdonc: for packages that do not have many dependencies, such as zope.interface, zope.event, zoep.component, etc. yes21:47
mcdoncsrichter: so the dependency info in distributions that are not meant to be installed this way isnt being maintained, then?21:48
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mcdonc(e.g. the zope.pagetemplate distro, each* distro)21:49
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philiKONmcdonc: sure is22:00
philiKONi'm not sure i totally agree with srichter's statement22:00
philiKONi think if people want to install zope3 apps using easy_install, it should be possible22:01
philiKONand all the dependencies should be installed propery22:01
philiKONproperly even22:01
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mcdoncphiliKON: ok... fwiw, i wrote a bot that checks out the trunk of each top-level module in and runs " install" in the checkout, and there are more things that can't be installed than can be currently (mostly due to a single dependency bug i think...).. these aren't just "unmaintained" things.. for instance, very few of the checkouts can be installed... i'm writing up a message to zope-dev about it22:03
philiKONok, thanks22:03
philiKONi'm surprised they don't work22:03
philiKONbuildout should be equivalent here in terms of dependencies22:03
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mcdoncphiliKON: i was just trying to figure out if this is a bug or a feature ;-)22:06
philiKONi consider this a bug22:06
mcdoncwhew ;-)22:06
ccombsorry for disturbing, but I have a big memory problem: an OOBtree in the ZODB, which contains 500k tuples.  By just calculating the size or returning the keys, the memory usage raises a lot and never gets released.  Just like the whole btree remains in memory for ever.22:09
ccomband the machine happily swaps until death22:10
*** regebro is now known as regebro|potateoc22:10
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ccombis there something I'm missing about btrees or zodb ?22:12
hazmatccomb, btree's don't keep length very efficiently afaicr, you should use a separate persistent object to trac that22:13
philiKONyup. there's a Length object, iirc22:14
ccombit's not just with the length, I'm in debugzope and  doing  list(btree.keys)  does the same22:14
philiKONof course it does22:14
philiKONyou're waking up 500k tuples into memory22:14
philiKON*all at once*22:14
J1mmcdonc, I agree with philiKON I want people to install Zope 3 packages using easy install.22:15
ccombSo how should I ask them to go to bed again ?22:15
J1mOf course, I want lots of things. :)22:15
philiKONccomb: don't wake them up in the first place22:15
philiKONi doubt you need all 500k of them at once22:15
ccombunfortunately I do22:16
philiKONwhat for?22:16
ccombhow can I compute the length?22:16
ccombit's the same if I loop to get every item separately22:17
philiKONno it's not22:17
hazmatyou should track the length as you modify22:18
philiKONif you loop over the btree (for x in btree), it'll discard objects later22:18
ccombI already do that22:18
hazmattypically a separate container class to encapsulate the data structure and api22:18
mcdoncJ1m: roger...22:18
ccombfor i in btree.keys:  a=btree[i]22:18
philiKONfirst of all, keys() is a method22:18
benjiccomb: you can keep the length seperately, no need to calculate it afresh every time22:18
hazmatafaicr, you need python 2.5 to release memory back to the os22:18
philiKONno, i think py2.5 just does it more efficiently...22:19
hazmat"""- Patch #1123430: Python's small-object allocator now returns an arena to22:20
hazmat  the system ``free()`` when all memory within an arena becomes unused22:20
hazmat  again.  Prior to Python 2.5, arenas (256KB chunks of memory) were never22:20
hazmat  freed.  Some applications will see a drop in virtual memory size now,22:20
hazmat  especially long-running applications that, from time to time, temporarily22:20
hazmat  use a large number of small objects.  Note that when Python returns an22:20
hazmat  arena to the platform C's ``free()``, there's no guarantee that the22:20
philiKONccomb: look at how 3.5.x does bookeping with the length22:20
hazmat  platform C library will in turn return that memory to the operating system.22:20
hazmat  The effect of the patch is to stop making that impossible, and in tests it22:20
hazmat  appears to be effective at least on Microsoft C and gcc-based systems."""22:20
philiKONhazmat: dude...22:20
hazmatyeah.. yeah.. minor flood..22:20
hazmatcouldn't link to it effectively22:20
philiKONanyway, no need to iterate over btree.keys(), you can iterate over mappings directly22:21
philiKONfor key in btree22:21
ccombphiliKON ok I think it's the second time I get into this problem of many small objects22:21
philiKONnow, if you're doing   x = btree[key] in the loop, it's much more efficient to use items(), i believe22:21
philiKONfor key, x in btree.items()22:22
ccombeven if I read every single item of the btree?22:22
philiKONfor key in btree:   will basically traverse the btree structure22:23
philiKONwhen you're doing  btree[key] inside the loop then, it'll have to traverse it *again*22:23
*** redir has joined #zope3-dev22:23
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ccombok thanks a lot, I'll try and improve my loops22:24
*** zagy has joined #zope3-dev22:26
*** xenru has joined #zope3-dev22:30
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*** spython has joined #zope3-dev22:36
*** junkafarian has joined #zope3-dev22:39
spythonhi, i checked out a zope package from svn. Is there easy way to know make egg of this? Not a binary egg, but one which has src/ and EGG-INFO/ in it22:40
ccombspython have you read all the PEAK docs?22:42
spythonhmm, not all. but from where i look it says how to make a binary egg ( bdist_egg)22:43
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philiKONspython: python bdist_egg23:18
philiKONRTFM setuptools :)23:18
*** RaFromBRC|lunch is now known as RaFromBRC23:27
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mcdoncsrichter, J1m, philiKON: see "egg bot install results" message on zope-dev re: easy_install vs. zope eggs23:41
*** nathany has joined #zope3-dev23:41
spythonphiliKON: hehe, I will!23:43
srichtermcdonc: do you want answers here?23:43
*** TresEquis has joined #zope3-dev23:43
mcdoncsrichter: whatever works for ya...23:43
srichtermcdonc: the reason it works for buildout is (a) that some buildout.cfg files specify versions, such as zope.traversing=3.4.023:44
philiKONno they don't23:44
srichter(b) they use the KGS23:44
philiKONah, buildout.fg23:44
srichterphiliKON: some packages do23:44
philiKONthe conflict mcdonc is seeing is the result of some premature release hiatus23:44
srichterI just stated the reason why it works in buildout23:45
philiKONhaving spoken to the person who was responsible, we all agree that those releases should never have been made23:45
philiKONit *is* however terribly hard to resolve conflicts with setuptools23:45
philiKONbecause it has no conflict resolution whatsoever23:45
philiKONthe setup is always this:23:45
xenruphiliKON: hi23:46
philiKONA requires B which requires any version of C23:46
philiKONso some version of C gets installed23:46
philiKONA also requires D which requires C >= x.y23:46
philiKONand the >= x.y qualifier may be in conflict with that any version of C that was installed earlier on23:46
philiKONbasically, setuptools installs blindly, and doesn't resolve first23:47
philiKONthat said, it's what we have to work with23:48
philiKONand we *should*23:48
philiKONso we should find a way around that23:48
mcdoncwould it be heresy to suggest that whatever base package we're getting that requires zope.traversing say "zope.traversing >= 3.4.0, <= 3.4.99"23:48
mcdoncin install_requires23:48
srichtermcdonc: specifying versions in has a lot of problems; see recent discussions23:49
philiKONspecifying '==' in creates problems23:50
srichterphiliKON: even if the release of zope.traversing 3.5.0dev was not a mistake, we woul dhave this problem23:50
philiKONsrichter: yup, but we could be more careful23:50
philiKONwe still need the >= qualifiers in setup.py23:50
mcdoncsrichter: i understand the desire to not put version #'s in reuirements given the KGS stuff, but how's it any worse than specifying them in buildout.cfg?23:50
srichterI totally disagree23:50
philiKONi suppose the <= qualifiers are necessary sometimes too23:50
srichterversions should not be in buildout.cfg either23:51
philiKONsrichter: the bug we had with (and zope.securitypolicy btw) demonstrated this nicely23:51
philiKONbut we already had this discussion23:51
philiKONIMO, needs to contain all intrinsic dependency information23:51
srichterthe problem is that as soon as we are maintaining versions in the packages, we are in the business of releasing23:51
philiKONand if dependency X is needed in at least version x.y, then it should say X >=x.y23:51
srichterand we simply do not have the manpower to constantly release packages23:51
philiKONi don't understand how we would do more releases than we do now23:52
srichterwhat if someone backports a fix, and now x-1.z is working as well?23:52
srichterhe has to go through all packages that list X as a requirement and add that statement23:52
J1mmcdonc, version requirements for library packages should be as loose as possible, so we really want to avoid setting them there.23:53
J1mmcdonc, setting upper limits is especially problematic.23:53
srichterthe nicest part about the KGS is that releasing a new working configuration is a matter of uploading one file23:53
philiKONJ1m: but what about the lower limit in case of a new feature?23:53
mcdoncJ1m: yup... agreed.  But maybe these things shouldn't get uploaded to cheeseshop and should just be part of a kgs then...23:53
J1mwell, that is necessary and shouldn't cause a problem.23:54
philiKONJ1m: thanks, just wanted to know23:54
J1mIt's the upper limit that is problematic.23:54
philiKONright, i agree23:54
J1mwhich is why we really need to avoid backward incompat.23:54
srichterJ1m: have you read Roger's argument? I think he makes a great case on why even a lower limit is a problem for us23:54
gstratton_srichter: Hi, what about people using zope packages outside of zope. Surely they need version requirements?23:55
J1msrichter, lower limits are often unavoidable.23:55
*** dunny has quit IRC23:55
J1mgstratton_, if there is a true requirement, then sure.23:55
srichterJ1m: but that removes a subset of working combinations23:55
philiKONmissing lower limits can actually cause bugs, like the one we had with it was accepting any version of zope.i18nmessageid while it clearly needed at least 3.4.223:56
srichterof course you could claim that the benefits outweigh the downsides23:56
J1mso I guess that some package set an upper limit on zope.traversing.23:56
J1mI wonder why.23:56
J1msrichter, that's unavoidable.  Using a KGS removes a subset of working combinations too.23:56
philiKONsrichter: but simply won't work with zope.i18nmessageid <3.4.2. hence we need to make sure that it can't be installed that way23:57
srichterJ1m: yep, I agree, but you then have the freedom to create your own KGS23:57
srichterJ1m: by limiting the set in you globally remove the posibilities23:57
J1mDid someone make a backward incompatible change to zope.traversing?23:57
srichter(mmh, or could we teach buildout to ignore version specificatins)23:58
J1msrichter, you really have no choice, sometimes, you just know that certain versions don't work,.23:58
srichterJ1m: I totally understand your argument23:58
mcdoncsrichter: if you do that, please dont upload the resulting eggs to the cheese shop23:58
J1mDid someone make a backward incompatible change to zope.traversing? :)23:58
srichterJ1m: but the problem comes into play if a lower is made to work later23:58
*** dunny has joined #zope3-dev23:58
srichterJ1m: zope.traversing; no23:59
J1mthen why did someone set an upper bound on it?23:59
srichterJ1m: see philiKON's explanation above23:59
srichterI don't think anyone did23:59

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