IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-11-29

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nouriCan an adapter factory raise an exception to indicate that it can't do the adaptation after all?01:53
nouriFrom what I see in the interfaces file, IComponentArchitecture.getAdapters doesn't seem to promise to return adapters in their order of specialization.  If it did, I could probably roll my own way of doing this.01:54
nouriHmm, maybe this is also an indication of bad design on my part; I'm still curious. :)01:58
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J1mnouri, an adapter factory can return None to indicate that there is no adapter.02:14
nouriJ1m: Ah, great.  And then it's the next one's turn?02:14
J1mgetAdapters only returns the most specific adapter for each name.02:15
J1mI blieve.02:16
J1mI believ.02:16
nouriRight, I've read that.  I'm wondering when my factory returns None, if then the next less specialized adapter will get its turn.02:16
J1mReturning None means there is no adapter.02:17
J1mIt effectively vetos the adaptation.02:17
TheSkrillHello all, I was wondering if its possible to register an event subscriber from the zmi?02:18
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TheSkrill... or is it only possible to to register a subscriber in ZCML?02:28
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mubixHow goes it?05:06
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mubixno live lurkers about?05:21
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mubixsup hexsprite05:37
hexspritemm just got home from a xmas party ;)05:38
mubixxmas party already?05:39
hexspriteyeah... why not ... who needs excuses anyways05:39
mubixjust figured you'd be still full from Thanksgiving05:40
hexspriteoh im in canada our thanksgiving is in october :)05:41
mubixso are you a Leafs fan or are you more westerly?05:44
hexspritewell im in toronto so naturally a leafs fan... though they stink... apparently they are one of the most profitable franchises somehow05:45
hexspritelosing seems to be very profitable05:45
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* baijum created an experimental PyGTK application which use ZCA to glue components with selectable data storage (ZODB & PySQLIte) :
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romanofskimoin :)09:35
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instantfoohmm, am I missing something obvious here.. isn't there a simple way to have your search result nicely sorted by e.g date?12:41
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philiKONinstantf1o: well, sort the results if you want to :)12:56
philiKONit's not going to be very fast if the result set is large, though12:56
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instantf1ophiliKON: yeah..13:00
instantf1ohaven't really looked too much what apply does, maybe i could roll my own so it also does a documents_to_values lookup on each of its result so I get a (intid, date) as result13:02
instantf1ovalue lookup should be cheaper than waking the object :)13:03
philiKONif you have a date index, yes13:04
philiKONin fact, the date index should keep things in a sorted way anyway13:04
philiKONsince it's a btree13:04
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instantf1oi thought such a common use case would have an already written solution, well well :)13:19
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timtewill that not include the attributes that IMyInterface inherits from another interface?14:08
timteclass IMyInterface(ISomeOtherInterface): pass14:09
timteit works when I allowed_interface=".interfaces.ISomeOtherInterface" but not with allowed_interface=".interfaces.IMyInterface"14:09
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mgedmintimte: this is strange14:47
mgedminwhat is "it" in the "it works" statement?14:47
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malthezope.thread.local vs. threading.local –– ?15:24
maltheif one is obsolete, why isn't it a module alias?15:24
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timtemgedmin: I get unauthorized when it "works"16:26
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timtemgedmin: when it not works of course16:28
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mgedmintimte: unauthorized != forbiddenattribute16:38
mgedminiow the security declaration works fine16:38
mgedminbut your user doesn't have access16:38
mgedmincheck for missing __parent__16:38
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timtemgedmin: but it works if I specify allowed_attributes="someattr" or allowed_interface=".interfaces.ISomeOtherInterface" and ISomeOtherInterface has a someattr method16:46
timtemgedmin: but no when I have allowed_interface=".interfaces.IMyInterface" where IMyInterface inherits ISomeOtherInterface16:47
timtethis is 3.2, perhaps it's fixed in 3.316:47
mgedminwhat directive is that?16:49
* mgedmin never used allowed_foo on pages, so /me never noticed16:50
mgedminyep, you're right16:50
mgedminit's a bug in the browser:page directive16:50
timtedid you try yourself?16:51
mgedminno, I just read the source code16:51
mgedminit's the same in zope 3.2 as on zope 3 trunk16:51
timtestrange noone noticed16:51
mgedmintimte: I suggest you file a bug on
mgedminwait, no16:52
mgedminit's not a bug16:52
mgedminit's just something very strange16:52
mgedminmy reading of the code was incorrect16:52
timteoh, damn  :)16:52
mgedminI assumed IInterface.__iter__ returns only direct names16:52
mgedminbut it also returns inherited ones16:52
mgedminaccording to the interface docstring, at least16:52
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mgedminor, if it is a bug, then it's in some other place16:53
timteI'll test interface.__iter__ in my code16:54
mgedminput a breakpoint in, where the browser:page directive is handler16:54
mgedmincheck required['yourattributename'] after it calls _handle_allowed_interfaces16:55
timteinterface.__iter__ was correct so I'll try this other suggestion16:57
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timtemgedmin: it was a bug in Five (which is fixed in later versions though)17:46
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timtemgedmin: thanks for the help though, forgot to say that  :)17:58
timtecan I get a list of older releases of infrae.subversion in cheeseshop?18:06
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nouritimte: Now you can18:11
timtenouri: how?18:13
timteonly dev releases  :/18:13
nouriThere's also SVN :)18:14
timtenouri: when buildout installs infrae.subversion it spits out lots of garbage, do you know if it's possible to get rid of that?18:15
nouriWhen it installs it?18:16
timteyeah, or downloads18:16
nouriDunno, it's probably just warnings.18:16
timtenouri: you use infrae.subversion I assume? don't you get that garbage?18:17
nouriAh, pylib is not setting the zip_safe flag18:17
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timtenouri: I saw your blog about infrae.subversion some time ago, you said infrae.subversion was great because changes in the checkout are lost18:20
timtenouri: the readme says the opposite,
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nouritimte: Because they are *not* lost, right?18:21
timtenouri: that's what the readme says18:21
nouritimte: Anything else is a typo18:21
timtenouri: oh, I should check your blog again18:21
timtenouri: I actually believed you  :)18:21
nouritimte: "infrae.subversion takes care not to wipe any changes that you might have done in the checkout."18:22
nouritimte: It doesn't take care of *wiping* your changes, right.18:23
timteI must have misread, grrr18:24
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nouritimte: Tarek actually had the idea of adding a flag for that.  Patches are welcome.18:27
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nathanydoes anyone know what egg the tools like i18nextract live in under the new-egg-world-order?20:33
nathanyi seem to recall seeing a w/the appropriate entry point defined @ one point, but where it lived escapes me now20:33
nathanyfound it:
* benji imagines nathany playing hide-and-seek with packages. ;)20:48
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whitanyone done any loading of components or directive by means other than zcml?23:10
* whit is looking for something to reuse23:11
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whitcould even be a system for choosing what zcml to load by some other config mechanism23:11
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timtewhit: you mean alternative ways to register stuff? like grok?23:15
whittimte: yeah23:16
whitI'm interested in say using entry points to expose possible registrations, then using a directive to load them (mediated perhaps by a config file)23:17
whittimte: mainly curious whether anyone has done something like this23:18
timteI don't know much about entry points23:18
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