IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-12-21

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* junkafarian_ waves16:08
junkafarian_im getting some strange transaction behaviour16:09
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junkafarian_i have a persistent object which has a list attribute16:10
junkafarian_its essentially a stack which with values that get popped and appended16:11
junkafarian_however, it seems to repopulate itself when the application is restarted16:11
junkafarian_eg. doesnt successfully commit the transaction or somesuch16:12
junkafarian_i have tried wrapping it with .begin() and .commit()'s but still no luck16:13
junkafarian_anyone have any ideas?16:13
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mgedmin_junkafarian_: are you abusing persistence?16:19
mgedmin_is that list attribute a regular plain nonpersistent list?16:19
mgedmin_then you're responsible for telling the persitence framework about every change16:19
junkafarian_ah k16:20
mgedmin_it's easier to use a PersistentList instead.16:20
junkafarian_so i have to specify it as a PersistentList16:20
mgedmin_I once saw a page describing the rules of ZODB persistence16:20
mgedmin_I wish I'd bookmarked it16:20
junkafarian_even though its an attribute of a Persistent object?16:20
mgedmin_you can rebind attributes (x.attr = new value)16:20
mgedmin_you can't modify nonpersistent objects bound to attributes (x.attr.append(something))16:21
mgedmin_persistence catches the first one (with a __setattribute__ hook) but cannot catch the second one16:21
mgedmin_the idiomatic way is x.attr.append(something); x.attr = x.attr # ping persistence16:21
junkafarian_ah never knew that16:21
mgedmin_or you could do x._p_changed = True, but that smells hacky to me16:21
mgedmin_just avoid mutable nonpersitent objects in your content16:22
mgedmin_you'll save yourself trouble16:22
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junkafarian_is the x.attr = x.attr using a PersistentList?16:22
mgedmin_it's just a way to tell persistence that something changed about x16:23
junkafarian_PersistentList i can just do .append() .pop() etc16:23
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tarekping jodok17:47
jodokhi tarek17:48
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tarekI have worked on lovely17:48
tarekfor a problem that we have here:17:48
tarekthe realm is not always known by people and17:49
tarekif they don't have the right tool, it's hard to find17:49
tarekso i have made a small change that gets the realm out of the headers on the first authentication error17:50
tarekin other words, i removed the realm column from the small conf file17:50
tarekuser/pass, is looked for and differently, when the auth error pops17:51
tarekare you interested in such a feature in your package ?17:51
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jodoktarek: re18:10
jodoktarek: that's totally fine18:10
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ChrisWhey all, I'm using python 2.5 on windows, how do I get the latest and greatest zope.component, and zope.testing?18:53
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mgedminyou must like pain18:55
Theunidid you try mingw?18:55
Theunii compiled ZODB with mingw/cygwin successfully yesterday18:56
Theuniusing python 2.518:56
ChrisWI just want those three packages ;-)18:56
Theunii don't know your windows fu18:57
mgedmindownload them from pypi?18:57
Theunido you have a development environment?18:57
ChrisWand yes, the pain comment is fair, given that one of the things on my list isporting RestrictedPython to 2.518:57
mgedmineasy_install might actually work on windows18:57
Theuniit does18:57
mgedminwhere everyone has admin rights18:57
mgedmin(it doesn't work on linux out of the box)18:57
Theuniwe only have a python 2.4 binary egg for windows on the cheeseshop18:57
Theunimgedmin: i didn't try anything special18:57
mgedminzope.testing has no binary deps18:58
ChrisWoh well, guess I'll just make do with whatever comes with Zope 2.1018:58
mgedminzope.component and I don't know about18:58 has18:58
mgedminvmware + ubuntu?18:58
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* Theuni is breaking his fingers trying to parse rst20:36
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* Theuni leaves for holidays20:38
TheuniHappy holidays in advance!20:38
benjiThe same to you Theuni, enjoy yourself!20:40
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