IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2008-01-08

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mcdonci know this is digging back in the years for many, but between whatever zope3 shipped with zope2.8 and whatever zope3 shipped with 2.10, the subscriber directive was changed in a backwards incompatible way... essentially fixing it requires that you use a '' instead of a '' in zcml.00:27
mcdoncis there a well-known way to make code polyglotic between the two regimes?00:28
mcdoncit looks like they are mutually exclusive and i will need to write my own wrapper00:28
mcdoncs/code polyglotic/zcml polyglotic/ above00:28
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J1mmcdonc, you might have to write your own zcml directive.00:57
mcdoncJ1m: thanks, thats what i figured.00:57
J1mYou could probably just copy the new one and use it with a different name.00:57
mcdonci'll probably just register it via code (tres suggested it to me, duh)01:00
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Theunibenji: you're watching us! :)18:03
Theunigotta run, though18:04
benjiTheuni: I am. :)18:05
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pyqwerCan someone explain me how roles are assigned to principals?18:30
mgedminvia IPrincipalRoleMapping adapters?18:32
pyqwerHmmm, I don't understand the basic concept: I have principals (=users) in a principalfolder and defined roles in ZCML.18:33
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pyqwerAnd after authenticating, the principal has probably to be outfitted with a role, right?18:33
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pyqwerMoreover, I somehow need to store a role onto a principal beforehand.18:34
brandon_rhodesI'm running a doctest with a typical bin/test recipe, and need to see what my ORM is doing, and tried turning on Python's "logger" module, and can't get anything to print on the stdout.18:35
brandon_rhodesDoes zc.recipe.testrunner turn of all logging during tests or something?18:35
mgedminbrandon_rhodes: IIRC zope.testing turns off all logging on startup18:36
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mgedminzope.testing.testrunner, I mean18:36
brandon_rhodesmgedmin: I've moved my turn-logging-back-on statements to the top of the particular docstring, and it still won't turn on :-)18:37
mgedminpyqwer: there are things called "grants"18:37
brandon_rhodesBut, this is my first time using the "logging" module, so I could be doing it wrong18:37
mgedminyou can, e.g., grant principal X role Y in folder Z and all its subfolders18:37
mgedminalso I think one of the Principal classes has a 'roles' attribute18:38
mgedminso you can grant some roles to a principal always18:38
pyqwermgedmin: Ok, and how can I grant a principal a role? By setting the 'roles' attribute on the Principal?18:40
mgedminI don't remember18:41
pyqwermgedmin: Ok, thanks for help, I'll have a look at the Principal source code...18:42
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mgedminwhat's your exact use case?18:42
mgedminare you writing generic Zope 3 code?18:42
mgedminif so, don't depend on the implementation details of a particular principal18:42
mgedminbetter use the IPrincipalRoleMaps adapter18:42
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mgedminIPrincipalRoleManager, I mean18:43
mgedmincheck out zope/securitypolicy/zopepolicy.txt18:43
pyqwerI'm building a kind of document management system, where people create documents/edit/etc. Therefore I need some authentication, user management, sign up and such stuff.18:44
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brandon_rhodesDrat, drat, drat.  After more than an hour I still don't have logging turned on. :-/19:12
* brandon_rhodes damns zope.testing19:13
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faassenis something up with
faasseni keep getting authorization failed when I try to check in.19:14
faassenhm, wait, my mistake.19:16
brandon_rhodesWrong password? :-)19:18
benjiI guess a read-only checkout.19:20
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faassenbenji: yup, that one. :)19:22
brandon_rhodesDo we have a guess as to when the new web site will go live?  What does it still lack?19:26
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faassenbrandon_rhodes: the Grok website?19:29
brandon_rhodesWell, drat, this is the zope3-dev channel. :-)19:29
brandon_rhodesYes, I meant the Grok web site.19:29
faassenbrandon_rhodes: it lacks filled in pages for learn, develop and participate. :)19:29
* brandon_rhodes concludes that he joins too many channels at once...19:29
faassenbrandon_rhodes: feel free to contribute. :)19:29
brandon_rhodesOkay, I'll see if I can do anything this evening.  But I'll note that the current site doesn't have those pages either, so we've violated our idea of going live once we had everything the old site had :-)19:30
faassenbrandon_rhodes: well, we just need to put in a little bit of text. :)19:34
faassenbrandon_rhodes: pointing people to the right places. but yeah, we slightly violated that. we also had this design done ages ago. :)19:34
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