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ateoh211I'm trying to add some logging for a specific object, basically I want to write to the log every time a particular object class is accessed.  is there a built in event that can help?  I tried IObjectEvent, IBeforeTraverseEvent, and IEndRequestEvent but none seem to be right.13:28
ateoh211what I am trying to do is some logging POSTS for debugging purposes and thought it would be nice to handle it from outside of my class.13:29
afd_IBeforeTraverseEvent should be the one...13:30
ateoh211ok - so, re-check my code you say?  :-)13:31
afd_ateoh211: yes. This event happens when the object is published through the web, as far as I know (that is, when it is being traversed, even if it's not the "final destination"13:32
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malthetlotze: ayt?15:30
tlotzemalthe: yes15:30
maltheI suppose a natural first step would be supporting concatenation, using content-based digests as filenames.15:31
malthe(URLs, really).15:31
* tlotze tries to remember the context *g15:31
malthezc.resourcelibrary :-)15:32
malthethe bastard child of our time15:32
tlotzeSo you wanted to combine resources into one, CSS or JS or such. Yes, addressing them by digest sounds resonable.15:33
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malthetlotze: right15:33
tlotzeEverything else is probably just unnecessary management burden.15:33
malthealso: if 'A' is in bundle 1 and 2, then I'd like to split it out as a seperate resource group.15:34
malthesuch that there's no overlap between resource groups.15:34
tlotzewhat's a bundle, and what's a resource group?15:34
malthein zc.resourcelibrary you can define a 'group' of resources15:34
afd_malthe, tlotze: you're aware of a new package, written at the snow sprint, the z3c.resourcecollector?15:35
maltheafd_: yeah I've looked at it15:35
tlotzeafd_: I'm sadly aware of that, yes.15:35
malthei'm a bit underwhelmed15:35
afd_I'm not the author, but I know him15:35
afd_I can send him any feedback :)15:36
tlotzemalthe: nicely put :o)15:36
afd_what are the problems? I'm all for a better "resource collector", especially once you've seen how plone's resource registry works...15:38
tlotzeafd_: He might try to add a note about what the beast is supposed to do to begin with. Or anything in the way of documentation. But then, I'm not convinced that would make things much better on the whole. Sorry to be so harsh, but that's the way I feel about what I saw there.15:38
afd_should he bother or you'll release soon a better package?15:40
tlotzeIt would also help not to gratituously depend on a lot of packages in the setup method which are actually never used but pull most of Z3 behind them.15:40
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tlotzeI guess it's best to put the stuff in zc.resourcelibrary.15:40
afd_it was his first "independent" buildout project :)15:40
afd_the guy only works in z3 for a year... although he probably should have been better by now15:40
tlotzeTo be honest, I have the feeling that he hasn't at all understood what he's doing, but rather copied stuff from all over the place.15:40
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afd_ok, thanks15:42
maltheI think it would be a better effort to continue development on zc.resourcelibrary.15:42
maltheperhaps lending some of the ideas that were behind z3c.resourcecollector.15:42
tlotzemalthe: what was it specifically about the publisher that you had wanted my opinion on?15:42
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malthetlotze: I think the primary way to use the library should be as a content provider.15:43
maltheinstead of overriding the publisher15:44
malthebut this will only work for systems that use true two-phase rendering.15:44
tlotzeHm, in what way is this connected to collecting resources? It is a separate issue, isn't it?15:46
maltheit certainly is; I propose to deal with it afterwards15:46
malthei.e. collecting/concatenating resources is much more important15:47
tlotzeah, then I understand much better15:47
tlotzeI was distracted by the thought that the two should have to do with each other.15:47
maltheright sorry about that; i have a feber.15:47
malthewhich is it15:47
tlotzeUh, well, best wishes for getting well then.15:49
maltheyeah thanks15:49
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tlotzeBut in case something doesn't consistently use update/render, that head patching will have to be done I'm afraid. Do you intend to detect an update/render mechanism?15:50
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lucielejardHello philiKON, I am using the contentratings product and don't understand something: when you are in the template, there is no "onclick" on the star image. How come it posts the form when you click on a star image?17:47
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philiKONlucielejard: well, i'm not the author of contentratings17:59
philiKONbut i speculate that the image is the submit button of a form17:59
philiKONyou can do that with images17:59
jbonillaDoes Zope provide a way to lookup all <browser:page> directives defined in your zcml?17:59
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faassenjbonilla: you should investigate the APIs in zope.component.interfaces. It won't look up the ZCML bits, but it'll look up the registrations. Of coures really getting all the pages for a particular object taking skins into account and so on is bit of an exercise.18:01
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lucielejardphiliKON: thanks, you are right, seems like the image is the submit button (even if it is not explicitly written)18:01
jbonillafaassen: great, thanks.18:02
faassenjbonilla: the APIs are probably a bit more low-level than you'd like, so it'll take some digging.18:02
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srichterjbonilla: apidoc is your friend; not only does it provide a UI, but also has some nice API for getting to this sort of information18:06
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jbonillasrichter: yes, I use apidoc.  I'm trying to build a simple page that list the page directives we have defined for our app.  I'll checkout the apidoc API.  thanks.18:09
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srichterjbonilla: I think the apidoc API is the right thing for you18:11
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rafenhello people19:50
rafenI am having some problems using overrides19:50
rafenafd_: thanks19:52
mgedminoverrides are tricky in that way19:52
mgedminI think it's best to avoid them19:52
afd_that's true, but they're not tricky. the trick is to use "includeOverrides" instead of "include"19:52
mgedminand also where you can and where you can't use it19:53
rafenwell my problem is strange, I have a getpaid package where I redefine an adapter but even after placing the overrides.zcml file in the package i can't manage to make zope use it :(19:55
mgedmindo you get a configuration conflict error?19:56
rafenonly when I try to include it with includeOverrides in the configure file (else it is absolutely ignored)19:57
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mgedminthat's expected behavour20:00
mgedminit works exactly as designed: i.e. cryptically20:00
* mgedmin tones down the ranting and takes a deep breath20:01
mgedminthe way zcml overrides work is this:20:01
mgedminyou have an include tree of files that include other files20:01
* rafen listens like student to sensei20:01
mgedmindirectives in X.zcml can only be overriden in a file that's on the path from X.zcml up to the root20:01
mgedminwith one exception20:01
mgedminif one of the branches on the way to the root includeOverrides Y.zcml, then directives in Y.zcml can override directives in X.zcml20:01
mgedmin(and this works transitively: Y.zcml can also includeOverrides Z.zcml)20:02
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mgedminin effect includeOverrides somefile acts exactly the same as if you took and pasted all the directives from somefile into the place where you used includeOverrides20:02
* mgedmin pauses to consider20:03
mgedminactually, this makes sense20:03
mgedminit is Not Nice for libraries to override stuff defined in other libraries20:03
mgedminotoh if you're the top-level app, you're the boss and you can override anything you want20:03
rafenNo, really unpolite actually :D20:04
rafenmgedmin: thank you very much for the patience and the explanation20:04
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faassenbut I agree with mgedmin that other mechanisms to do overrides are often preferrable.20:06
faasseni.e. custom utilities plugged in20:06
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faassencustom skins20:06
faassencustom adapters for particular objects.20:06
* mgedmin nods20:06
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rafenfaassen: this is a way of solving something until getpaid product becames more pluggable (which is being done afaik)20:08
faassenrafen: understood. :)20:09
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mgedminhm, would anyone mind if I changed zope.schema.Field's __repr__ to show the *name* of the field?21:13
mgedminerrors like ComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._bootstrapfields.Field object at 0x8890fcc>, <zc.resourcelibrary.publication.Request instance URL=http://localhost:7080/persons/manager/@@edit.html>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')21:13
mgedminare hard to debug without that21:13
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mgedminotoh I might get lynched by people who expect the old __repr__ in doctests21:14
faassenmgedmin: I think it's worth the try, depending on how many doctests there are.21:32
faassenmgedmin: those doctests would be easy enough to fix and if it significantly helps debugging..21:32
faassenmgedmin: just mark it clearly in the CHANGES.txt of the affected package. :)21:32
srichtermgedmin: I think this is such a positive change that I am willing to change my apps21:33
mgedminI'll try to see how many tests break on the monolithic z3 tree21:33
mgedminis there a way to get all the develop eggs from the kgs installed into one location with a bin/test able to run all of their tests?21:34
srichtermgedmin: yep21:34
srichterget zope.release (the 3.4 branch)21:34
srichtercreate a buildout21:35
srichterit installs a script called "generate-buildout"21:35
srichterthis script will create a new "test" directory with a buildout21:35
srichterin test:21:35
srichterpy24 ../bootstrap.py21:35
faassensrichter: what's the reason for the two stage approach?21:36
srichter(some tests naturally fail due to running them all at once 12 errors, 4 failures)21:36
srichterfaassen: I need to create the "generate-buildout" script first21:36
mgedminI assume it downloads the up-to-date list of the KGS packages during the generation, right?21:37
srichtermgedmin: the branch has the latest one21:37
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srichterzope.release is the package with which I manage the KSD21:37
faassensrichter: what information is the script using that isn't available to a recipe in the first buildout?21:37
srichterzope.release is the package with which I manage the KGS21:37
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srichterfaassen: probably none21:38
faassensrichter: just trying to understand the reasons for the two stages.21:38
srichterI just have not thought hard about it21:38
faassenokay, well, it's good that it's there. :)21:38
faassenyou mention naturally failing tests.21:38
faassenyou mean these tests are expected to fail?21:39
faassenI mean, the word 'naturally' got me confused.21:39
srichteryes, they are expected to fail, when you run all the tests together21:39
srichterwhen running them separately, they pass21:39
faassenbut are they supposed to fail?21:39
mgedminI'd call that a bug in the tests21:39
srichteryes, test bugs :-)21:39
faassenthat's what I'm trying to figure out.21:39
faassenah, okay, test bugs.21:39
faassenI mean, my questions are not a criticism.21:40
faassenI'm glad you did this work.21:40
srichterI know21:40
faassenanyway, now mgedmin knows some ways it could be improved in. ;)21:40
srichterI would *love*to figure out why they fail, but I did not have time yet21:40
faassenat some point we'll turn over Grok to depend on the list you're maintaining21:40
mgedminsounds like a fun excercise21:40
faassenas it's much better than our own list (though we do need windows binary packages so we need to bug the appropriate Jims :)21:40
srichterit is probably a lengthy process, because you cannot easily run a subset and reproduce them21:40
faassenanyway, once we use that infrastructure perhaps I can get some people to help out with this, we'll see. :)21:41
srichteryay, I think the community will be better using one list21:41
srichtermakes it much easier to communicate and debug together21:41
faassenyeah, we know your list is better. I still don't like the idea of a list, but I don't have anything better and *no* list at all is a complete drama. :)21:42
faassenyes, it's good that this list is a community project.21:42
srichterfaassen: I wrote quiet a few tools that should make it easy to extend the Zoep 3.4 KGS by the Grok packages21:42
faassenanyway, we want to move to your list for Grok 1.0.21:42
srichtercool :-)21:42
faassen(which should be the next major release)21:42
faassensrichter: okay, well, once we start dipping into the KGS pool we'll probably have questions and comments.21:43
srichtersure, I would love other people contribute21:43
srichterthis way I do not have to watch the mailing lists and PyPI so closely for new updates (though I have a script for that already)21:44
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mgedminhm, I see 12 failures on pristine zope 3 trunk checkout21:58
mgedminmost from zope.exceptions21:58
mgedminone from
mgedminone from zope.securitypolicy21:58
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lisppaste6javier pasted "AttributeErrot Surrogate" at
javimansillaI'm having an AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Surrogate' that I don't know hot to attack. Does anyone understand that and can help me a little?22:15
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mweichertjoin #postgres22:31
mweichertoops, sorry guys22:31
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