IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2008-02-14

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jodokJ1m: i remember you having a python script to replay logfiles - do you know by chance if it is somewhere in svn?00:46
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fcorreahello there. Does anyone ever experienced problems with five:includeOverrides? I am trying to override the calendar view and instead of just overriding, it is raising a conflict05:17
fcorreacalendar view is an ordinary z3 view05:18
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malthejukart: projekt01 mentioned that you probably knew a workaround for a bug observed on Mac OS with z3c.extfile; --- after about 30-35%, large downloads stall.11:39
jukartmalthe: not that we know about11:40
jukartthe only limit we have is our flsh upload which is limited to 100MB11:40
malthejukart: is there a tool that will reveal where the zope thread is stuck at?11:42
afd__malthe: I've had some (similar) problems with slow uploads of big files - uploads that would take more then 30 minutes (the upload would never complete, with no traceback in zope, the link would just drop, even if it was through a simulated throttled link on localhost)11:45
afd__malthe: yesterday I was looking at deadlockdebugger, I think it would be trivial to port it to zope311:45
malthethis file is only about 1 mb though11:45
maltheafd__: excellent11:46
maltheshould we give it a go?11:46
afd__it was on my todo list for the next couple of days11:46
afd__but at this point I have more urgent stuff to do11:46
projekt01jukart, did not dobee had such a problem on his mac during z3c.extfile development? Or was that just a high memory load issue?11:47
afd__malthe: ok, I'll set asside the other issues and we can work on it11:47
afd__if you'd like11:47
jukartprojekt01: not that I know about, can't ask him right now, he is back tomorrow11:48
projekt01jukart, no problem11:48
malthejukart: thanks11:49
maltheafd__: cool11:49
maltheseems the dumper code needs an update11:50
maltheafd__: I'll set up a package and a view11:50
afd__that was my idea too11:51
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maltheafd__: committed12:00
malthethere's nothing ;-)12:00
afd__should we buildout now or later?12:01
afd__also, unfortunately I don't have commiter rights12:02
maltheI just hook it up to an existing zope 3 project I have12:04
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maltheafd__: I'll have a prototype up soon12:19
maltheif the same technique works or semi-works.12:20
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maltheafd__: It's on the cheeseshop --- z3c.deadlockdebugger 0.1.12:29
maltheseems to work12:29
afd__cool, I'll take a look12:29
malthedoesn't seem to be protected by permissions though, although I require zope.ManageApplication.12:29
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maltheafd__: the Zope 2 product would make sure that even though all threads were occupied, the dump_threads call would go through; to do this in Zope 3 would mean to go into the wsgi package and patch something. Probably not something we want to do.13:35
maltheperhaps people that need to always be able to dump threads should just increase the number of threads13:35
afd__but then how do you reserve a thread just for this task?13:36
afd__it would be possible to do that, I think13:36
afd__messing with the treaddispatcher, I think13:36
malthealternatively another wsgi server could be brought up by the package13:38
maltheon some predefined (perhaps configurable) port13:38
afd__malthe: yesterday I found a sh script that would use the gdb to dump the same kind of stuff that deadlockdebugger outputs13:41
afd__but I couldn't get it to work13:41
malthejukart: for what it's worth, my process hangs in
malthethat's a threading.Event being asked to ``wait``.13:42
afd__malthe: maybe you can switch with ZServer and try again13:44
maltheafd__: right, you mean instead of twisted?13:45
maltheI should try that13:45
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maltheafd__: not sure how I would reconfigure that though13:46
afd__malthe: I think you need to change in runzope13:47
afd__instead of13:47
afd__from import main13:47
afd__you put13:47
afd__from import main13:47
afd__from import main13:48
malthesounds reasonable13:48
maltheI'll try it13:48
afd__#1 on that list13:48
afd__you could maybe create two versions and look at the difs13:48
maltheI'd like to see a buildout configuration that uses ZServer13:53
malthebut you're right; it's important to determine that it's the wsgi server that's causing problems13:53
afd__I think zserver is wsgi enabled too13:54
afd__malthe: I was thinking that maybe, to dedicate a thread to debugging, you only need to set two http servers in zope config13:55
afd__if the first server locks, you have the second server to look at the threads13:56
malthethat's it13:56
malthegood solution; it should be in the README13:56
jukartmalthe: we don't use twisted13:56
maltheyou ought to get commit-rights13:56
malthejukart: can you send me a buildout.cfg?13:56
maltheor hint at how to set up the application without twisted13:57
jukartmalthe: just put "server = zserver" in your app section13:58
jukartsorry "servers = zserver"13:58
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malthejukart: simple :-)14:00
jukartbatteries included :)14:00
malthecertainly has14:00
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maltheafd__: seems like a good solution14:07
malthealthough z3c.deadlockdebugger is somewhat easier to use14:08
malthe(if it's able to get a thread)14:08
afd__provided that the second http server idea works...14:08
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__mac__identify asdf14:42
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harobedccomb: you are here ?16:59
ccombharobed yes17:00
afd_the main thing is that the filename is fixed to find the proper request object17:07
maltheafd_: let me merge this in17:09
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maltheafd_: committed; but why did it work before actually?17:24
afd_that fix only retrieves the proper request object, to show the urls for the threads and their query strings17:24
harobedccomb: can you go to #zope3-fr ?17:25
afd_the code digs into the frames and when it matches a frame whose filename starts matches the publisher, it looks for a request object17:25
afd_delete "starts" from my previous sentence :)17:26
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mgedminaw, projekt01 left already18:25
mgedminsrichter: we've been looking at z3c.breadcrumbs lately18:25
mgedminit's perfectly suitable for something CMS-like, but our app has some weird requirements18:25
mgedminwe'd like some of our objects to have no breadcrumbs, and some to have more than one entry in the breadcrumb list18:26
mgedmin(we've many views on the same object that we'd like to organise into a logical hierarchy)18:26
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mgedminI'm wondering whether to invent my own bicycle, or to look at extending z3c.breadcrumbs to support these kinds of use cases18:27
* Theuni hands a bikeshed to mgedmin and two kinds of color18:29
mgedminooh, shiny18:30
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srichtermgedmin: please feel free to add new features to the breadcrumb implementation18:32
srichtermgedmin: I welcome such feature improvements :-)18:33
mgedminsure, but I'd like to discuss the design with other people who use z3c.breadcrumb18:33
srichterI think as long as we make a final release of the old version and start a new major version, it will be fine18:34
srichterI will look out for a discussion18:34
srichterbut I am very busy these days18:34
agroszerhey Stephan18:34
srichterwhat's up?18:34
mgedminsrichter: what's the appropriate place for discussion?  zope-dev@?18:42
mgedminI assume IRC isn't the right channel to talk to people who are very busy18:42
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mgedminfaasen's not here either...18:48
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srichtermgedmin: I think zope-dev ML is best18:55
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tarekHi J1m. I have a question about zc.recipe.testrunner. Is it possible, for eggs added in the recipe, to make sure that these eggs installs their console scripts into the bin. folder together woth the test script ?19:29
tarekmy use case for instance, is to be able to add the "Paste" eggs in my test environment, and have the "paste" command in my bin folder19:30
tareks/"paste" command/"paster" command19:32
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hazmatsrichter, ping?19:49
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srichterhazmat: pong19:49
hazmatsrichter, i've been looking at z3c.traversers.stackinfo i was curious if absolute_url adapters would work with stack consumption since their following parent pointers19:50
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J1mtarek, This is something the test setup code should do.20:04
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jodokphiliKON: ping23:17
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philiKONjodok: pong23:24
jodokphiliKON: do you have pypi permissions for zc.testbrowser?23:25
jodokbenji: do you have permissions for it?23:26
benjiI do.23:27
jodokbenji: do you mind bumping the version to 1.0a223:27
jodokdobee made some minor changes and we would appreciate if there is an egg of it23:27
benjiyep, I plan on reviewing those changes and making a release, it will probably be in the next 36 hours23:28
jodokbenji: great.23:29
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mgedminsometimes by clicking on a link and pressing the back button I end up with a timeout23:41
mgedminfirefox waits, zope is silent23:41
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mgedminsound familiar?23:41
mgedminwell, this is an ancient zope 3.223:41
mgedminwhen I say "timeout" I mean firefox keeps spinning its spinner and not showing anything23:45
mgedminnetstat shows no tcp connections whatsoever23:45
mgedminhm, could be a bug in firefox or one of its connections23:45
Theunimgedmin: you call that ancient? i just touched a zope 2.5.1 an hour ago *g23:46
mgedminzope 2.x is not ancient, it's fossilized :)23:46
mgedminhey, that firefox tab is completely nonresponsive -- I can't stop it, I can't load a different url...23:47
mgedmindefinitely a firefox bug23:47
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ignasmgedmin: wget on the url23:54
ignasback button23:54
Theunimgedmin: i can definitely be happy that instance didn't crumble when I touched it ...23:55
mgedminthe one I touched did crumble :)23:56
mgedminokay, midnight23:58
mgedminwhere can one get lunch at midnight in vilnius?23:58
philiKONdöner kebab?23:59

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