IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-02-20

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suptonWhat would cause inability for alsoProvides() to set __provides__ on an object?  --> AttributeError00:14
lisppaste6supton pasted "alsoProvides() fails on some objects" at
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timtesupton: to me (but I'm no super guru) it looks like the conn object has some weird behaviour, an object should be able to get new attributes00:18
suptonseems like an inability to set arbitrary attributes on some objects (where class is implemented in C)...00:19
timtesupton: try to do conn.__something__ = 200:19
suptonthat fails, as does = 100:19
suptonsetting any attributes on this fails.00:19
suptonobviously a python/C/pysqlite idiosyncracy I don't understand00:19
timteperhaps conn overrides __setattr__ or something00:20
suptonyeah, the C code has some get/set stuff that seems tedious for me to figure out.00:23
suptonI'm guessing I should just abandon trying to mark these objects...00:23
suptonmaybe use some kind of proxy, but that seems like a PITA.00:24
suptonmy current work (utilities to generate SQL schema from schema fields on interfaces) doesn't strictly require that I mark the connections, I just thought this was odd00:25
timteit is  :)00:26
suptonThe only other place I've seen zope.interface not work well is Django models, where the metaclass removes/overwrites __provides__ attribute when you save (<rant>and any other __whatever__ attributes -- not exactly playing nice with others</rant>)...00:27
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suptonthat one is Django's fault: too much magic00:27
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timtesupton: are you using zope.schema in django?00:35
suptontimte: yeah, but having to use proxies for content objects that use django models as persistence backends00:36
suptonand a custom descriptor called ProxyFieldProperty that sets/gets on the underlying Django model object from the plain-python, schema-driven content objects00:37
suptonthis is an experiment a colleage and I are working on00:37
timteok, cool00:37
suptonWe do some Django development, but we are writing components for use in a broader context using a minimal zope CA: zope.component, zope.schema, zope.event, transaction, and a few other things00:38
suptonbut we want to use those components in Django apps too00:39
* supton greatly prefers working with zope to Django, but finds merit with both00:39
timtemakes sense, you should do some ranting on the django mailing list that the models are evil00:39
suptonprobably will00:40
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suptonI'm more likely to write a patch, though... not sure how persuasive I can be there00:41
timteit's great that zope.(interface,schema,event,component) are usable in pylons, django etc00:41
suptonwell, if zope.interface is usable in Django, then the other stuff can be.  But obviously, there needs to be the ability to use implements() and alsoProvides() without problems or severe workarounds00:42
timtesupton: do you have to initialize registries (like the adapter registries) or can you just use adapters right away in e.g. django without any setup?00:42
suptonwell, adapters without registry work just fine:  MyAdaptedThing(context=MyThingDjangoModel()) works00:43
suptonbut yeah, if you can't declare that a model class implements an interface, adaptation becomes less natural00:44
suptonyou cannot use queryAdapter()00:44
suptonwell, I suppose you could register the adapter even if implements() isn't declared on the class having instances adapted00:44
suptonbut still00:44
suptonutilties should work in Django just fine, though; no need to deal with models, generally00:45
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jayarajy no activity here????09:37
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__mac__no, everyone sleeping ;)09:48
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jayarajthen wake them up....09:54
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jayarajhush the last one also slept ....zzzzzzz09:59
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__mac__what's the problem with this, sleeping is healthy ...10:12
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jayarajmake sure they are not dead....10:18
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__mac__so you require a heartbeat of everyone here?11:11
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__mac__if you have a zope-question, ask it and see how people get awake11:12
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malthehow would I implement an object publisher that did not look for a view named "index" but instead look up some other name (kept with the object itself, for instance)?11:59
maltheor if it's not the publisher that does this, then what is it?11:59
__mac__maybe you are looking for the default view?12:01
maltheI want to override it, you might say.12:04
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maltheit's a dynamic view implementation that I'm looking for, i.e. I would adapt the context to IDynamicView and get the view name.12:05
__mac__there is a zcml directive to set the default view12:05
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malthe__mac__: what interface does it provide ultimately?12:10
__mac__'t know12:10
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malthek i'll search for it12:11
jayaraji would like to know is there any way in zope3 to implement client side logics....12:12
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jayarajlike we can do with aplet or javascript12:13
malthejayaraj: how would that work?12:13
jayaraji want to perform some operation at client side! is it possible in zope312:14
jayarajif there is no dirrect method.... next Qn is... can i integrate client side scripts with zope3?12:15
malthejayaraj: sure you can; but if it's client-side, then it's flash/air/javascript, right?12:16
malthehas nothing to do with Zope.12:16
malthejayaraj: but you can have Zope implement views that can be called from javascript.12:17
jayarajthanks... i am in the middle of a feasibility study... :)12:17
maltheproviding text, xml, json, whatever it is you need.12:17
malthejayaraj: look into KSS as well; it's server-side control of the client.12:18
maltheit's quite mature but does not round-trips for each interaction.12:18
jayarajyep i ll look for it12:18
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malthe__mac__: zope.component.bbb.interfaces.IDefaultViewName --- seems it's deprecated though.12:57
maltheseems it's that I need to implement.12:59
maltheIt seems everything concerning this is deprecated; funny that they never mention what's taking over.13:02
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__mac__there seems to be no replacement for IDefaultViewName13:06
maltheproposes to make `index.html` the default view name.13:08
malthemust be overridable though13:08
maltheit's not even obvious where it defines this name as the default.13:11
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hazmatmalthe, traverser browserDefault14:58
malthehazmat: yep found it14:58
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hazmatis it possible to do role based ui without resorting to different app urls by role?16:41
wiggyadd roles on traversal?16:43
ignasor do not use @@ to lookup views and write your own view lookup mechanism16:45
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hazmat auth takes place after traversal afaik16:48
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jbonillaanyone come across ZODB.POSException.ConflictError when working with AJAX?  Seems like Zope doesn't handle concurrent updates to the same persistent object.17:46
wiggyzope isn't supposed to17:46
philiKONzope actually rarely can17:49
bigkevmcddepends on the object I suppose17:50
jbonillai was expecting a wait/retry behavior.17:51
philiKONit does that17:51
philiKONup to a certain limit17:51
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jbonillaI see.  Surprised the limit was reached in this case.  I'm sending 3 or 4 concurrent requests.17:53
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philiKONwell, if they are bound to change the same object, you're provoking this behaviour17:54
philiKONbetter send 117:54
jbonillayeah, I have an app with lots of publish/subscribe behavior in dojo.  If I change those AJAX calls to synchronous, everything works.  But the UI feels slow since each of those calls are blocking.17:58
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benjijbonilla: and all those requests change the same object?18:01
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jbonilladiffernt attributes on the object, but same object.18:02
benjiI'd look at either combining the write requests or splitting the object.18:03
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TheSkrillhey all, is it safe to use a NameChooser that stores a 'nextId' attr in the container and increments it for each chooseName() call?18:30
TheSkrillI'm mostly concerned with race conditions.18:30
mgedminI think it's not polite to stick your attributes on other objects18:34
mgedminhow about using an annotation?18:34
mgedminIAnnotations(container)['yourpackage.yourcontainer'] = nextId18:35
hazmatTheSkrill, its more a spot  for conflicts if there are concurrent content creations, than race conditions18:36
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TheSkrillmgedmin, thanks thats a good idea19:05
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TheSkrillhazmat, my consern is when running two instances in front of a ZEO server. would there be an issue with two items reciving the same id?19:07
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benjiwhitmo__________: what a beautiful, long tail you have22:01
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suptonzope.mimetype has an22:12
suptonzope.mimetype has an22:12
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suptonzope.mimetype has an 'unadvertised' dependency on zope.publisher, it seems22:12
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suptonzope.mimetype.typegetter imports zope.publisher.contenttype for two functions...22:13
suptonmakes for complex dependency chain, which might be unneeeded?22:13
suptondep of zope.publisher yields need for a bunch of* deps, which seem extraneous in a minimal CA application22:14
suptonthat just needs to read in files22:14
suptonI'm looking to do type guessing using file magic; there are other python libraries to do this, but I thought I would try zope.mimetype first in my app (which is using zope.component and zope.schema only).22:15
wiggyI'ld suggest bringing it up on the zope-dev list22:16
suptonyeah, likely will do that22:16
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