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pyqwerI have some strange ZODB/BTree problem, does someone know why this happens:11:33
pyqwer  File "/local/home/dusty/Zope-3.4.0c1/lib/python/BTrees/", line 38, in __getstate__11:33
pyqwer    return self.value11:33
pyqwerAttributeError: 'Length' object has no attribute 'value'11:33
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mcdoncpyqwer: it seems as if the length object had its value attr deleted... i've never seen anything like that11:52
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mcdoncsome other piece of code (or a human in a debugger) would have had to do that11:53
pyqwermcdonc: I think I found the reason: I did a deepcopy() on a located object, so deepcopy() tries to copy the __parent__ etc.11:53
mcdoncpyqwer: yup, persistent objects and deepcopy may not work too well together (esp. if you try to repersist them).11:54
pyqwerSeems so. I replaced deepcopy() by a copy(), hopefully this will work, we'll see.11:55
mcdoncpyqwer: i usually just create a clone method on the thing i'm trying to copy that does something like return self.__class__(...)11:56
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* Theuni pokes mcdonc 12:06
mcdonchey, how are ya?12:06
Theuniany chance to get drunken with you at pycon?12:08
mcdoncTheuni: you're gonna go?  cool!12:08
Theunican't miss pycon :)12:08
Theunigonna stay a week in boston before12:08
mcdoncwe shall have beer, then12:08
Theuniabandon all hope, ye who drinke!12:09
mcdonci have to give two talks, both in the first slot, but that never stopped me before12:09
Theuniwe could start drinking after the first slot, though12:09
mcdoncjust dont be making fun of the presenters12:10
* Theuni pokes holes into ZEO12:10
Theuniyou're not a presenter, right? you just happen to be on the stage ;)12:10
mcdonci dont care if you make fun of me, its the other presenters i worry about.. like poor chad whitacre12:11
Theuni ?12:11
mcdonci think we might have had a couple of beers before his talk about some testing thing.. and we were laughing as he showed some video... it only occurred to me later that we were complete assholes ;-)12:12
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Theuniwe did?12:12
mcdoncthats him12:12
mcdoncyes, in dallas12:13
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Theuniwe're gonna pay for that some day ;)12:13
mcdonche's gonna be our boss someday12:13
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Theunii'm afraid of that12:14
Theuniespecially if he manages to do that while you're in VA and I'm in Germany12:14
*** pelle_ has joined #zope3-dev12:14
Theunino subversive drinking possible then12:14
mcdoncperhaps he'd just send us both to romania.12:14
Theunidrinking and girls it is then12:15
mcdonci just made my hotel reservations but couldnt get a room at the crowne plaza.  i had to stay at the doubletree.12:15
* Theuni hits ZEO on the head12:15
mcdoncits right next door12:15
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Theuniif you would have told i  probably have a two bed appartment anyway12:15
Theuni.oO(punctuation is overrated)12:16
mcdonctres is showing up at some point too (probably just for sprints)12:16
Theunii need to do some al capone sight-seeing12:16
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mcdonci've never been to chicago12:16
mcdoncwell, except the airport12:16
mcdonci need to remember to bring your blueberry syrup12:17
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Theunimcdonc: :)12:40
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pyqwermcdonc: Yes, it works now, deepcopy was the reason. Btw., do you know in which circumstances __delitem__ can be used in BTreeContainers?12:56
pyqwerI have a weird problem - I can do a mybtreecontainer['xyz'] = myobj, but when I do a del mybtreecontainer['xyz'], a list(mybtreecontainer) fails, so it's broken.12:57
pyqwerI have to explicitly do a "del mybtreecontainer._SampleContainer__data['xyz']". This is somehow inconsistent, moreover it gives me headaches for security/permission declarations.12:59
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fcorreaHello there. I would like to share some code.. err, a problem actually. I am trying to write something that acquires Annotations from the parent in a recursive method. I've debugged and it is actually returning the value when it founds it, but for some reason the attribution fails. Something like: annotations = getAnnotationsFromParent() doesn't work. I've pasted it here
fcorreaIs there something in zope that I can use to got recusivelly up or down in the acquisition stack?13:15
pyqwerI'm no expert but AFAIK, in zope3 things are different than in zope2, so in zope3 there's no acquisition like in zope2.13:16
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pyqwerThere is ILocation, though, if that is what you mean.13:16
fcorreapyqwer: This is the same beast from yday. Zope2 + Zope3...I mean, Five13:17
pyqwerfcorrea: Hmmm, sorry, don't know much about Five...13:17
fcorreapyqwer: np13:18
fcorreaI don't even know if this is a Five problem or a programming issue :)13:18
afd_fcorrea: if your method is recursive, why there's a missing "return" at the end?13:18
fcorreaafd_ : But it returs in the firt if I think....or am I missing something?13:19
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fcorreaafd_ : I think I got it :)13:20
afd_maybe you shouldn't test for IAttributeAnnotatable also, test for IAnnotatable13:20
afd_what was it?13:21
pyqwerfcorrea: Hmmm, what about "return self._getAnnotationsFromParent(context=new_context, key=key)"?13:21
fcorreapyqwer, aft_ : I think that was the missing bit. Sorry, my partner is not around and sometimes I need an extra eye to look at my things13:22
fcorreaafd_ : In my zcml I am "Marking" the objects with IAttributeAnnotatable. So you think it will provide IAnnotatable directly?13:23
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fcorreapyqwer, afd_ : the missing return did the trick ;) Thanks for that man13:24
fcorreasrichter: yt?13:25
pyqwerfcorrea: Well, at least form me, recursion often makes my brain explode. Such errors are common. ;-)13:26
fcorreapyqwer: Everytime I think: "I think I am going to use recursion for this" I remember my college tests....which I failed in all of them. That shows now13:27
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afd_fcorrea: IAttributeAnnotatable inherits from IAnnotatable, so yes, any annotatable object provides IAnnotatable13:39
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fcorreaafd_ : Ahh...cool13:48
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rohniGood day all.14:17
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rohniI am wondering if there is something like verbose-security = on, for zope3.  A lot of googling has yielded nothing, and I am trying to debug something that I am 99% sure is a permission problem.14:18
afd_rohni: z3 will give you enough details about Unauthorized exceptions, provided that you log them14:19
afd_you have to configure the error utility not to ignore them14:20
ccombpermissions problems are easier to find with   ./bin/paster serve debug.ini14:20
rohniafd_: Ahh, thanks, where would I find this error utility?14:21
afd_in zmi root, the error tab14:21
rohniafd_: I am thinking I need something else in my buildout, to get the paster utility.  J will just check the zmi root.  Thanks for the advice.14:22
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rohniafd_: Thanks, found the error utility, still getting used to the zope3 zmi interface.  It is much prettier, but the zope2's zmi's ugliness had the advantage that everything yelled at you. ;)14:25
rohniafd_: Thanks, thanks, thanks  I have errors galore. :-)14:26
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baijumJ1m, Do you have plan to use PasteScript for the new Buildout recipe for Zope 3 based WSGI application or just PasteDeploy ?15:14
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J1mbaijum, probably, although I haven't decided.15:42
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pyqwerCan someone give me advice for creating a catalog/index?17:30
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Csiguszinho Hello18:27
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toutpti m just have setting up a zope3 instance, i would like to plug it to my apache23:06
toutpti have find two ways of doing it : rewrite or virtualhost23:07
toutptis there a best one ?23:07
mgedminwhat's the difference?23:07
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev23:07
toutptthis is my question in fact23:07
mgedmintypical zope3 under apache is a rewrite rule inside an apache's <VirtualHost> section, and the rewrite rule itself uses zope's ++vh++ namespace to tell zope the name of the virtual host23:08
mgedminsomething like23:09
mgedminRewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:8080/++vh++http:yourhostname:80/++/$1 [R,L]23:09
toutptwell, that s make it more clear for me23:09
mgedminRewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:8080/++vh++http:yourhostname:80/++/$1 [P,L]23:09
mgedminyou also need to enable apache's mod_proxy and mod_rewrite23:09
toutpti have read that rewrite is slow23:10
toutptin a very old doc23:10
mgedminI have heard that putting zope 3 without apache in front of it is unsecure23:10
toutptfor sure, i don't want an other web server than apache in front of my server23:10
toutptthank you mgedmin23:11
mgedminfwiw when you'll decide you want an https version, the rule is23:11
mgedminRewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:8080/++vh++https:yourhostname:443/++/$1 [P,L]23:11
pyqwerDoes someone know what this error is about?23:13
pyqwer  File "/local/home/dusty/Zope-3.4.0c1/lib/python/zope/app/keyreference/", line 39, in __init__23:13
pyqwer    raise
pyqwerNotYet: <zfym_tennis.match.ZMatch object at 0x413a938>23:13
pyqwerI tried to register an object with an IIntIds utility, maybe something is missing here?23:14
philiKONyou need to make sure it knows which database it'll be added to23:14
philiKONgive it some __parent__ linkage to an already persisted object23:15
philiKONor explicitly add it to the respective zodb database23:15
philiKONiirc, something like  some_obj_thats_in_the_same_database._p_jar.add(your_obj)23:15
pyqwerAh, ok, so I thought I should do that the other way round, let me see...23:16
philiKONRMFB :)23:17
pyqwerphiliKON: Ah, it seems to have worked now, thanks! Now let's see if the object was added to the index...23:18
pyqwerYes, I have the FB in front of me ;-)23:18
pyqwerHmmm, it's not added. :-(23:20
pyqwerphiliKON: Do I have to set up a subscriber for the catalog so that if I do iints.register(myobj), the catalog/index is updated?23:23
philiKONshrug, why are you doing the registration manually?23:24
philiKONyou could simply send an ObjectAddedEvent23:24
pyqwerBecause I don't use the ZMI. The only thing I do is add my site via the ZMI, and the setup routine should register everything automatically.23:25
philiKONwhat does this have to do with the zmi23:25
pyqwerHmmm, you said "manually", therefore I thought you ment "not via ZMI".23:25
philiKONtypically, when you send an ObjectAddedEvent, everything happens automatically23:26
pyqwerWon't the ObjectAddedEvent automatically be sent when I add some object to the ZODB?23:26
philiKONregistration in the intid utilty23:26
philiKONregistration with any indices23:26
philiKONno, it won't23:26
philiKONit's sent when you add something to a container23:26
philiKONbut i suspect you aren't23:26
philiKONhmm, ObjectAddedEvents are actually about adding stuff to a container23:26
philiKONso maybe they're the wrong kind of event here23:26
philiKONeither way, when you register something with the intid utility, nothing will be done automatically after that23:27
philiKONif you want to get the object indexed, you need to tell any catalogs as well23:27
pyqwerYes, right. I have a Container and I'm adding an object. But wait, I first add it (which fires the event) and then I do a iintids.register(myobj).23:27
pyqwerSo perhaps the event comes too late?23:27
philiKONyou shouldn't have to do that registration yourself23:27
philiKONtoo late for what?23:27
philiKONsome_container['foo'] = your_object() will send that event23:28
philiKONbut then again, it should also get your_object().__parent__23:28
pyqwerAh, ok, that's your point - I don't have to do the registration. Hmmm.23:28
philiKONwhich it apparently didn't before23:28
*** redir has joined #zope3-dev23:28
*** d2m has quit IRC23:28
philiKONso it seems your container isn't really performing according to IContainer23:28
pyqwerBecause this is what I read in the doctests: >>> d1 = Dummy(u'one') >>> id1 = intids.register(d1) >>> catalog.indexDocSubscriber(IntIdAddedEvent(d1, None))23:29
philiKONwell, this then is more of a test than 'doc'23:29
philiKONthis isn't how you should use intids23:29
pyqwerHmmm, or my IIntids / catalog / indexes are not set up correctly.23:29
philiKONdude, i explained all this in my book23:29
pyqwerWell, sorry, but I didn't get it in your book - you wrote about a fulltext search, but I need to index single attributes.23:30
philiKONwell, that's a minor detail here isn't it.23:30
philiKONthat's just a different kind of index you pop into the catalog23:30
pyqwerYes, I thought so, too. The setup is all the same, only that I have another Index class (which I merely copied from the catalog-doctest) and plug into the catalog.23:31
philiKONuh huh... so you implemented your own index?23:32
pyqwerYes, I have to, don't I?23:32
philiKONuh... no?!?23:32
philiKONi don't implement my own full text index in the book, do i?23:32
mgedminpyqwer: does your object provide IContained?23:33
*** aCiDBaSe has joined #zope3-dev23:33
*** jukart has joined #zope3-dev23:33
mgedminif not, you'll get this error23:33
mgedmincontainers only set the __parent__ attribute to objects that provide IContained23:33
philiKONshouldn't it work with other kinds of objects, too?23:34
philiKONafter all, the container will put a containedproxy around it23:34
pyqwerAh, it did not, it does implement ILocation, though (and I manually locate the object via "locate()")23:35
philiKONmake it provide IContained then23:35
philiKONit's the same as ILocation23:35
philiKONplus that added notion of "i'm in a container"23:35
philiKONyou shouldn't have to locate it yourself23:35
philiKONthe container does that23:35
philiKONin fact, if it already provides ILocation, *IIRC* the container will apply IContained on it23:36
*** seba870 has joined #zope3-dev23:36
pyqwerChanged it to IContainer, no much difference, though.23:36
philiKON    if not IContained.providedBy(object):23:36
philiKON        if ILocation.providedBy(object):23:36
philiKON            zope.interface.alsoProvides(object, IContained)23:36
*** jukart_ has joined #zope3-dev23:36
philiKONpyqwer: it seems you're doing a lot of things manually that are done by the framework23:36
philiKONlike putting things into the object hierarchy (__parent__) and  regstering things with different kinds of utilities (intid, catalog, etc.)23:37
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:37
seba870 salut23:37
seba870 y a qq un?23:37
pyqwerphiliKON: Ah, ha! If I don't call locate() before adding the object to the container, the index routine is called. (Which raises an error, but that's another topic).23:39
*** seba870 has quit IRC23:40
pyqwerphiliKON: YES! And now the object is added to my index. One more question: If I don't write the index for myself, what index class should I use for a simple attribute index? I need to index simple string attributes but also a list attribute where a search should match if one item is found in the list.23:43
*** srichter has quit IRC23:43
philiKONzc.catalog's ValueIndex23:43
*** afd_ has quit IRC23:44
pyqwerAh, nice, didn't know about that, thanks!23:44
*** jukart has quit IRC23:53

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