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nederhoedCan someone help me out, I ran from Ian, but can't seem to `deactivate`. Now my PYTHONPATH has been changed permanently :S01:04
nederhoedand consequently I can't get my instance running because of missing imports01:05
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instantfoowhen I use z.formlib.form.EditForm the action button's label is "Apply"01:11
instantfooI would like it to be "Edit" instead, any ideas?01:11
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nederhoedsolved, for now...01:19
nederhoedIt should be possible to pass a label value, let me see01:19
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nederhoed@instantfoo: can you pass a label argument to the constructor?01:24
instantfoothe label deals with the uhm.. label of the form.. not the edit action button01:25
nederhoedcan't help you out... I guess01:26
nederhoedand action="Edit"?01:26
instantfoothing is, the editform has an form.action function to handle the edit action.. I can see the string "Apply" there01:27
instantfoo@action(_("Apply"), condition=haveInputWidgets)01:27
instantfoodef handle_edit(..):01:28
instantfooi could copy/paste the entire editformbase and define my own version to use.. but it's a little ugly01:29
nederhoedand in the form template?01:29
nederhoedwhat variable is assigned to the button label?01:29
nederhoedgood luck, time for bed. Hope you'll succeed01:30
instantfooi use a generic formtemplate.. and get all buttons via tal:replace="structure action/render"01:30
instantfoogoodnight :)01:30
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pyqwerHi, I'm looking for some Python/Zope library that creates these OCR-Proof letter/number pictures that people have to read/type to verify that the client is "human".08:47
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pyqwerIs there something available or do I have to implement this myself?08:47
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jayarajcan any one tell me wheather a 'principal folder' plugin in PAU can create new user? i mean is there any sign-up functionality provided? (i am newbie!)11:12
afd_jayaraj: you can manually add users there, but there's no signup functionality in default zope11:13
jayarajyea i know that... but how about doing it using python script....11:14
jayarajic no default11:14
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jayarajthen how can i create a user using python script11:14
afd_jayaraj: there's nothing fancy, read the APIs of the principalfolder11:15
jayarajafd_: thanks a lot ... i was going to ask you for any url... :) and you are already with one ....11:16
jayarajafd_: ithink i have looked at this before... it feels a little messy so dint go forward.... any way i think it may be a good resource...let me see...11:18
afd_jayaraj: you need to:11:19
afd_get the principal folder from the pau11:19
afd_create a new user object11:19
afd_add it to the principal folder11:19
afd_jayaraj: one thing to take care: in zope a principal is created on every request based on the authentication; the principal folder contains internal principals (which are not the same as principals)11:21
afd_basically, a principal will be created when a matching internal principal is found11:21
jayarajso we should create an internal principal for a user account....11:22
jayarajic then thats wot i want to do...11:23
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afd_jayaraj: if you don't already have philipp's book, you can get the code from the website, I think it touches this subject and is a great learning resource11:24
jayarajyea i have philipp's book but 1st ed... and i shall look at examples too ... my 3rd edition will reach by monday!11:25
afd_I wasn't aware of a third edition11:26
jayarajit just released... available in amazone11:27
jayarajlet me learn how to do it ... thans alot ....ttyl11:28
jayarajyea i have downloaded it11:28
jayarajgood thanks!11:28
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maltheis it correct that formlib does not make use of the ``fromUnicode``-method of a field?12:08
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maltheI see, it's the that do not use the IFromUnicode-interface to convert to the field value type.12:14
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ghendiHi all. Could anyone tell me about debug mode/dev mode in Zope3 and templates - how do I make on an deployed project to load the templates at startup only once?15:36
ghendidoes it have anything to do with devmode?15:37
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mgedminghendi: templates are loaded on demand15:44
mgedminand only reloaded if the file modification timestamp changes15:44
mgedmindevmode has nothing to do with it15:44
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mgedminafaik devmode has no impact on speed15:44
benjiI'm of the impression that templates are only checked for changes if devmode is on.15:45
ghendimgedmin: thx; this means that all template files are checked at every request for timestamp changes?15:45
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mgedminwhen in doubt, read the source code ;)15:46
ghendibenji: I thought so too; but if tested it's not so15:46
mgedminbenji: not devmode but __debug__15:46
mgedminwhich is python -O, iirc?15:47
benjimgedmin: yep15:47
ghendimgedmin: __debug__ ? can you tell me more about it?15:47
benjiweh should probably make it behave that way without devmode as well15:47
ghendiwhere is it set?15:47
mgedminno, but can15:47
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mgedminor rather
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ghendimgedmin: how do I start zope with python having the debug mode off (-O option) ?:)15:56
mgedminpython -O ?15:56
mgedminsome option in zdaemon.conf?15:56
mgedminno idea15:56
ghendiok, thx15:56
mgedmin#!/usr/bin/python -O at the top of bin/runzope?15:56
philiKON-O is python's optimization mode15:58
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philiKONi think python's (sic!) debug mode has to be enabled at compile time15:58
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mgedminphiliKON: python's global __debug__ constant *is* an indication that -O is on, check the library docs I linked16:00
philiKONah really16:00
philiKONk then16:00
ghendiphiliKON: what I need is to load templates only once at startup, so that zope doesn't have to check at every request the templates16:01
philiKONthat's what zope.pagetemplates does16:01
philiKONwell, it checks the file's modification time again16:02
philiKONbut that's a fast operation, usually16:02
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ghendiat every request checking all templates involved... hmmm16:02
philiKONof course you could make this conditional with __debug__16:03
philiKONand release a new version of zope.pagetemplate16:03
mgedminzope.pagetemplate already has a conditional on __debug__16:04
philiKONthere you go :)16:04
mgedminbut it never reads the template on startup; it does it on demand16:04
philiKONwell, i'm sure that can be arranged, though16:06
zagyshouldn't the DataManager in zope.sendmail support savepoints?16:07
philiKONwhat should it do on savepoints?16:07
zagynothing, at least not for an opportunistic one16:08
zagybut currently it breaks (i think)16:08
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zagywhen you create a savepoint16:09
philiKONi see16:09
mgedminhow does it break?16:09
zagy TypeError:16:09
zagy('Savepoints unsupported', <
zagyI haven't got a complete TB, yet16:10
zagybut it makes sense so far :)16:10
zagyhm no16:10
zagysomwhere in a non opportunistic savepoint is created as it seems16:11
* zagy checks16:11
mgedminwould be nice if someone who understands savepoints would fix zope.sendmail, hint hint ;)16:13
zagyno, everything is fine, I was wrong16:14
zagyit *must* break in zope.sendmail when you ask for a non-optimistic savepoint16:14
zagy... at least I guess so16:14
zagyotherwise you had to implement the savepoint semantics for mail... *runs*16:14
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ghendimgedmin: #!/usr/bin/python -O at the top of bin/runzope does the trick, thx!16:28
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ghendimgedmin: how about the resources? how can I make them to load only at server startup?17:09
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mgedminchange the code, probably17:27
mgedminI don't know17:27
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mgedminspeaking of things you might want to do on startup, you may want to load the most-often-accessed objects into the ZODB caches of every zope thread17:27
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edgordonis there another index url that lets you easy_install packages from
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tarekphiliKON, hi ! do you happen to know if this has changed since then ?
philiKONfive supports overrides.zcml now18:24
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tarekphiliKON, what is the best practice to override an already overriden directive ? is there something to read on the topic ?18:25
philiKONwell, overridden things can be overridden again18:26
jfrochehello, somebody tried to setup twisted with twisted.web2 in a buildout ?18:27
philiKONit's all a matter of ordering18:27
philiKONjfroche: we include twisted in the egg :(18:27
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tarekphiliKON, the ordering happens in site.zcml or there's a way in a package to define it ?18:30
maltheJ1m: -re- directory resources; did you see my response on the list?18:33
malthetarek: what I'd like to do is be able to *append* to buildout parts directives.18:34
maltheAnton mentioned that you would certainly appreciate something like that18:34
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tarekphiliKON, do you know if there's any trick available to change the ordering, let's say for the "B" package to superseed the directive overriden by the "A" package without touching the site.cml file ?18:35
tarekmalthe, a yes that would be nice, we talked about a specific directive with J1m, to make parts platform-specific18:36
malthewhat kind of platforms would that be?18:37
maltheyou mean something non-POSIX18:37
J1mmalthe, yes, I saw your email. Did you think that that constituted a proposal? :)18:37
maltheno it didn't; but I would like to get a +1 or -100 based on that reply.18:38
tarekmalthe, whatever sys.platform coudl return18:38
malthe+0.1 maybe18:38
maltheI guess I'll just start coding and put it in a branch; it'll be obvious from the tests if it's a good approach or not18:39
J1mmalthe, I'd really like someone to write  proposal so we can make sure we write the right thing. :)18:40
maltheah you mean a wiki proposal18:40
J1mI can think of a number of ways this could be done.18:40
J1mIt doesn't have to be in a wiki, although that might be nice.18:40
J1mAnd it doesn't have to be super formal.18:40
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mgedmintarek: for zcml overrides it's not the linear order that matters, it's the include hierarchy18:41
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mgedminany zcml file can override any directive from any other file it includes, directly or indirectly18:41
mgedminany zcml file included with includeOverrides can override any directive from any file included from the parent zcml file18:42
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mgedmin(in that respect includeOverrides is equivalent to directly copying and pasting the full text of the overrides.zcml directly)18:42
tarekmgedmin, so as long as A includes B, if B already overrides a directive, it will superseed, right ?18:42
tarekmgedmin, oki thx18:42
mgedminI've no idea what happens when your include tree is a not a tree but a digraph18:43
mgedminprobably something accidental and unexpected18:43
mgedminIIRC any includes of a file that was already processed are simply ignored18:43
mgedminI think it works18:44
mgedminyes, this shouldn't affect overrides at all18:44
tarekmy use case is quite simple -> beeing able in a project to override everything, no matter if it's already overriden somehow18:44
tarekso i guess i'll try different use cases18:45
malthetarek: remember to include the ZCML that registers the directive in you want to override at the same level as your <includeOverrides>-directive.18:46
tarekmalthe, oki thx18:46
mgedminoh, and there are some directives that can never be overridden18:46
mgedminsubscribers, for example18:47
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tarekmgedmin, ok. that should be ok i guess, as long as the the css/resource etc story  is covered18:47
mgedmincss/resources can also be dealt with skins rather than overrides18:48
mgedminand I personally suggest avoiding overrides like an overused cliche18:48
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J1mmalthe, sorry18:50
J1mso it would ne nice to have something that stand on it's own, not depending on email context. That sattes the problem and the solution in some specificity.18:50
maltheunderstand; I'll work on that over the weekend and put it somewhere, maybe the wiki.18:51
malthecan I create a new page there with my zope account?18:51
tarekmgedmin, yeah. I am trying to convince people to use resources instead of Zope2 skins so i was making sure about the override story18:52
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tarekmalthe, is your proposal related to sections options ?18:53
mgedmintarek: I'm not familiar with Zope 2, but in Zope 3 resources depend on skin18:54
maltheit's related to defining filters for resources18:54
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J1mmalthe, I think the wiki is wide open, for better or worse. :)18:55
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edgordonhow would i get a viewlet to show up in only a certain view, as opposed to for a whole interface?22:31
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pyqweredgordon: Hmmm, there should be some options - still interested?22:52
edgordonno, i realized the view zcml attribute did what i wanted22:52
pyqwerOk, fine!22:53
edgordonhaha. thanks anyways22:53
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