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maltheI get the following exception in a functional test; in a real application it runs fine: "InvalidObjectReference: Attempt to store a reference to an object from a separate connection to the same database or multidatabase"00:34
maltheIt occurs when I annotate an ``ore.workflow`` persistent workflow that is made up from transitions defined on a module-level.00:37
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maltheSo the issue is really that I'm creating a persistent object that gets a different connection to the ZODB.00:45
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maltheOkay it seems to have to do with persistent utilities as instantiated by getUtility.01:12
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pyqwerDoes someone know how to reach through informations from the Auth/Credentials Plugins to my Login form?11:48
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pyqwerI can successfully authenticate, but I for instance don't know how to check in my login form why my authentication failed (no cookies enabled, wrong login, wrong password) etc.11:49
pyqwerAnd I need to communicate this info to the user.11:49
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pyqwerafd_: Hi, if I remember right, you also recently implemented some authentication, right?18:50
afd_not recently, but maybe I can help you18:51
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afd_I've debuged code of auth related stuff18:51
pyqwerOh, that would be great. The authentication is currently working very well, but I don't know how to pass through information to my login form.18:51
pyqwerFor instance, passing why a login failed (no such user, wrong pass etc.)18:52
pyqwerIn my login form, the authentication has already be done and I know nothing about it.18:52
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afd_pyqwer: thinking18:53
pyqwerI could perhaps put some information in the thread, I assume. But I'm unsure if this is nice.18:53
afd_most of the times the purpose of the login form is just to serve as a place where to put info for the request18:54
afd_then the credential plugin takes this info18:54
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pyqwercurrently, I "recheck" the password in the action handler of my form, but this is quite silly.18:55
afd_have you written your own authentication and credential plugins?18:56
pyqwerMy own authentication, yes, credential not yet, but that should not be too hard.18:57
pyqwerMoreover, there's a similar problem in the credentials, too.18:57
pyqwerIf the browser does not support cookies, the credential plugin will (hopefully) notice this and redirect the user to a specific page.18:57
afd_can't you throw some meaningful error on authenticateCredentials? and display that error in an error page...18:58
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pyqwerafd_: Hmmm, but who would catch this error?18:58
pyqwerA generic error page? Hmmm.18:59
afd_pyqwer: either register a generic page for all exceptions, which would show the errors18:59
afd_or throw specific errors, and register pages just for them18:59
pyqwerSo, it's quite common to have a login page that displays "Wrong user/password combination" in case the user entered a wrong login.18:59
pyqwerHmmm, quite complicated - perhaps it's easier then to put the information in the local thread then?19:00
afd_you mean, annotate the request?19:01
afd_pyqwer: it's not that hard, though, your use case, to display "wrong username/password"19:01
pyqwerNo, if I understand it right, you can do something like "from thread import local". And then you can just write "local.auth_error=blabla".19:01
pyqwerAnd in my form, I once again import local and access the information.19:02
afd_check for the auth input (which should be in the request), check if the is different from zope.anybody19:02
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pyqwerYes, that's one option I also already use, I check if the request provides IUnauthenticatedPrincipal.19:02
pyqwerThis tells me if the authentication succeeded but not why it did not.19:03
afd_like, for example, missing cookies support?19:03
pyqwerYes, for instance.19:03
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pyqwerOr "no such user"19:04
pyqwer(which is different from a wrong password)19:04
afd_maybe you can get away with just 'wrong username/password'19:04
pyqwerHmmm, unfortunately not, there's a lot more info.19:04
afd_I think plone, for instance, has some js code to check cookies support19:04
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pyqwerFor instance, in my system it's possible to lock out users (in case they did something nasty).19:05
afd_I see19:05
pyqwerSo, I don't only check the password but also a flag "locked" on the user.19:05
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afd_shouldn't be too hard to implement those error pages, though19:05
pyqwerAnd what I'd like to do is to redirect the user to another page in case he is locked.19:05
pyqwerSame thing for an unconfirmed user.19:05
pyqwerI assume, in the authentication utility, I can't redirect, right?19:06
afd_if you have access to the request, maybe19:07
afd_but I don't see it used in the zope equivalent stuff19:07
pyqwerHmmm, I'll check that.19:07
afd_it's not that hard to write your custom exception page..19:08
pyqwerAh, I see, so all I do is to register a view for a custom error?19:09
pyqwerYes, that's an option.19:09
pyqwerAnd then, I have another (very silly) thing: My Login form has an "OK" and "Cancel" button.19:09
pyqwerYou probably know what happens if the user inputs the right credentials and then presses "Cancel" ;-)19:10
afd_is this a formlib generated form?19:11
pyqwerNo, z3c.form.19:11
afd_maybe in the cancel action handler you clear a cookie19:12
afd_or... why don't you make the Cancel button be a reset button?19:12
pyqwerWell, yes that's what I also thought. I could also call the logout() function of my Credential plugin.19:12
afd_or you need it to redirect to a different page with it?19:13
pyqwerThe cancel button should also redirect ,right.19:13
pyqwerI use Zope3 for a mobile app, so I need this navigation as there are no menus.19:13
afd_I see19:13
pyqwerI also thought about writing my own SessionCredentials plugin and check if theres button.cancel in the request.19:14
pyqwerI probably have to write my own credential anyway for the cookie checking.19:14
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afd_I'd call credential_plugin.logout() in the action handler19:14
pyqwerYes, that's *maybe* an option.19:15
pyqwerBut there could be problems with the automatic redirection of the logout function.19:15
pyqwerIf my context is not accessible, it redirects me back to my login page.19:16
afd_logout can just erase some cookies, then redirect to a page. It doesn't have to enter circular redirection, if that's what you're afraid of19:17
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pyqwerafd_: Ok, thanks a lot! I'll quit for today and put these idea into action tomorrow!19:21
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