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goschtlphiliKON: aroldo teaches us today oo in python for the uv-community-project  :)11:40
philiKONgoschtl: nice11:41
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jayarajHi friends AFAIK the zeo architecture tend share same zodb, and utilizes local filesystem to use as cache. i would like to know wheather we can use separate zodb on each client...15:19
benjijayaraj: "separate zodb on each client"?15:19
jayarajbenji yea i want divide my database among zeo clients15:20
benjioh, you want to take a single database and devide it into seperate stand-alone databases?15:21
benjiyou need to write a migration program that opens your existing database and populates each new DB with the appropriate content15:23
benjior, you could just copy your existing DB to each client and go from there15:23
benjiI'm curious why you'd want to split up your DB like this though.15:24
jayarajbenji, hehehe i still in design phase... i am investigating the load balancing features provided by zope315:25
jayarajis it possible to use multiple *.fs files for zodb rather than a single 'Data.fs'...15:25
benjiyes, but you probably don't want to ;)15:26
benjiif you're interested in loadbalancing, you'll probably be interested in
jayaraji doubt the stability of the filesystem when we use a huge single file... i feal its more convienent to use multiple files15:27
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benjiI have data.fs files over 100GB.15:28
jayarajbenji: i ll be  checking it15:28
jayarajbenji, ic15:28
jayarajbenji, still it performing well15:29
benjiyep, single-file-ness isn't really an issue; but if you really don't want a single large file you can use DirectoryStorage, which creates lots of little files15:30
jayarajbenji, and how about splitting up data over multiple servers?15:31
maltheI have an issue with the testbrowser not calling for a particular encoding, letting Zope to try an encode to iso-8859-1---which often will fail due to high unicode character output.15:31
maltheshould the publisher not fall back then to UTF-815:31
benjijayaraj: you can connect to multiple DB servers15:32
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benjimalthe: "calling for a particular encoding"?15:33
malthebenji: HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING15:33
benjiyou can add that header yourself15:34
jayarajbenji, thank you .... ttyl15:35
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malthebenji: yes---but in general, why insist on iso-8859-1 even if it fails?15:52
malthebesides, wouldn't I need to set this header at every browser request?15:53
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benjimalthe: no idea; I'm a little surprised the publisher is using iso-8859-1 instead of utf-815:55
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malthebenji: no appearently that's what the RFC requires.15:55
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malthe* means free choice15:55
malthebut no specification means iso-8859-115:56
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malthewhat's surprising is that this isn't an issue for anyone but me.15:56
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malthePlone's UI, for instance, has \u2026 in the default output for an authenticated user.15:57
malthehmm this is called HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET btw16:03
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benjithat certainly seems related; perhaps you could provide the information needed to move forward on the bug (it seems to have stalled)16:06
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jayarajbenji, were can i get some resourse on zodb configuration in zope.conf16:20
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benjihmm, good question :) I don't know offhand16:27
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malthebenji: the fix is in that bug report; but I'd like to nail it with a test16:42
benjicool, +116:45
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malthebenji: fixed17:14
malthei'll backport to 3.417:14
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timtemalthe: you write it's only an issue for zope2 - does zope2 actually use zope.publisher, I thought it used ZPublisher?17:18
malthetimte: it's a proxy by now17:18
malthemuch logic is deferred to zope.publisher.17:18
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mcdoncmalthe: do you understand under what circumstances the zope2 publisher defers to zope.publisher?  i have not seen it.18:42
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malthemcdonc: http.HTTPCharsets18:44
maltheso it's only half true18:46
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mcdoncpagetemplates and five seem to use that, but the publisher itself doesnt seem to18:49
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malthemcdonc: right18:52
maltheso the integration is not exactly tight :-)18:52
maltheI wish it did defer more.18:53
maltheso I guess saying that ZPublisher is merely a proxy is an outright lie.18:53
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malthewell---they say people pull out about six or seven convenience lies from the hat a day.18:54
mcdoncheh... the z2 publisher is very brittle so it's probably not the right place to innovate, but if i understood the issue i could probably make repoze.zope2 defer properly if it made sense.18:54
malthethere's probably a lot of edge cases18:55
mcdoncyeah it looks like it depends on a z2 request 'feature' that would take some balls to remove ;-)18:58
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* mgedmin is going to learn what repoze is one of these days19:24
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mcdoncmgedmin: it's essentially a) a way to run zope2 under arbitrary wsgi servers and b) an effort to move some of the features of zope2 into wsgi middleware19:26
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mgedminthe name sounds like it has something to do with repositories, which makes me think about revision control systems19:27
mcdoncwell, we would have called it rezope, but the 2nd name in that was already taken19:27
mcdoncso we just switched the letters around19:27
mcdoncwe've branched out a little: it's now possible to run grok, trac, and django under the same stack so my above characterization isn't the whole story (it's just the easiest one to say ;-) )19:29
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mcdoncphiliKON: are you still pondering splitting up the z3 publisher?19:30
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mgedminyou scared him with that question :-)19:37
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philiKONmcdonc: back19:47
philiKONmcdonc: turns out i don't have that much time this week19:47
philiKONmaybe later this month19:47
mcdoncphiliKON: right... i did mention it to tres, and the meme then promptly disappeared into good-idea-land ;)19:48
philiKONah, good-idea-land19:48
philiKONthe country where communist works19:48
mcdoncpaul vacations there sometimes19:49
philiKONmcdonc: it's where I usually tend to lose lots of weight and become attractive19:50
mcdoncaw come on philipp you know we all think you're sexy... ;-)19:50
philiKONyes yes, and i can leave my hat on...19:51
philiKONanyway , gotta go19:51
mcdoncau jus19:51
philiKONone of these days i'll become a repoze contributor19:51
mcdoncphiliKON: good-idea-land welcomes you!19:52
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Theunimcdonc: when are you gonna arrive in chicago?20:44
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mcdoncTheuni: i'm getting there tomorrow afternoon... i'm at the doubletree... when you getting in?20:45
Theunitomorrow noon20:45
Theunii'm at the conference hotel20:45
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mcdoncTheuni: i'm at 540 429 2271...20:46
Theunitime for sight-seeing, tourism and beer i say20:46
mcdoncTheuni: i have to fit in "writing both talks" somewhere in there but otherwise, yp ;-)20:46
Theunihar har20:46
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Theuniwhere is that doubletree hotel?20:47
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mcdoncTheuni: i think it's only a couple blocks away from the conference hotel20:49
Theunilooks like it20:49
Theunigoogle says 158ft20:49
mcdoncthrough barbed wire and crossing a 8-lane highway20:49
Theunioh. 187 actually20:49
Theunithat 8-lane highway is easy.20:49
mcdoncyou should be used to that20:49
* Theuni shuts up20:50
Theunienough honking next to my head for a lifetime20:50
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mcdoncTheuni: I get in to chicago around 4pm... i'll likely need to work on my talk until about 8 or so.. then need to be back at the hotel around midnight to do some work with mike naberezny on the other thing... but 8-12, whatcha doin?21:16
mcdoncsleeping probably21:16
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FFighterI'm having issues with proper character encoding with zope.formlib. The following schema has its fields/widgets incorrectly rendered in the HTML. The "Instruções linha 1" string, for ex, is rendered as "Instruções linha 1" - any ideas on how I could solve it?21:38
FFighterI really need a hand here! :)21:39
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Theunimcdonc: sounds good for dinner and little beer22:19
mcdoncvery good22:19
Theunii'm probably gonna be in the town to do some site-seeing over the day22:19
Theuniso we could meet up downtown22:19
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mcdoncTheuni: sounds good... does it cost much to text message?22:52
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Theunimcdonc: depends on the amount of kinkyness in the message :P23:22
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philiKONmcdonc: that just cost $5 :)23:57

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