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jayarajhi friends need advice here!.... which is the best and standard way to mark an object created by a user as owned by him... and i dont want other users to see those objects any way.... how about using principal metadata to point to ones objects? i know it can be done...but need to know which is the standard way to solve the problems like user profile and user owned objects....10:39
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afd_jayaraj: create a new Owner role, assign this role to the user for his objects, you can then, for example, make a special interface that can be used in indexing those objects in the catalog for easy retrieval ("all objects for this user" type of query)11:08
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jayarajafd_ so when ever a new user is created i should create a new role also! right?11:20
afd_jayaraj: no11:21
afd_just a "Owner" role11:21
afd_you assign this role to a principal, for an object11:21
afd_check out IPrincipalRoleManager11:21
jayarajafd_ let me see11:22
jayarajafd_ i was about to make an index for each user to hold thier own objects and store the reference to it in the principal metadata.. but i had an intution that its not a standard way...11:24
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rockyanyone here having problems accessing ? (i am)13:11
goschtlrocky: i am too  :(13:13
rockyi only noticed because all my buildouts stopped working :(13:14
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FFightergoschtl, might ask on Plone or Zope channel... or even python. I experienced this once before13:19
FFighterand someone told me the server was under maintenance13:20
FFighterit didn't take too much for the server to come back online13:20
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faassenis  [www|svn] down or is this just me?13:36
goschtlfaassen: seems to be down!!!13:37
faassenbenji: checking at the source.. does it work for you guys?13:37
benjifaassen: gotta go now; I'll be back in about an hour13:44
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faassenhm, it works now. :)13:48
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wiggyj1m: can you give me some sourcerelease hints?15:17
wiggyso far I've only gotten it to enter an infinite loop in _relative15:17
J1mwiggy, That's odd.15:17
J1mI've never seen an infinite loop.15:17
J1mwhat sort of hints would you like?15:18
wiggy_relative('/tmp/zc/release/eggs', '/tmp/tmpjX_KHqsource-release1/release') does that15:18
wiggyit stripts off bits from the first one but never ends up with the second15:18
wiggyand it keeps looping at / and never aborts15:18
wiggyJ1m: how to invoke properly would be helpful15:18
wiggywhat I extract from the doctests does not work for me15:18
wiggythat suggests it is just <script> <path to configfile>15:19
wiggybut you need a second parameter pointing to a url with the buildout15:19
wiggyI'm testing with this line now: buildout-source-release file:///tmp/zc/release /tmp/zc/release/buildout.cfg15:19
J1mThe usual thing is: builtout-source-release somesvntagurl soemconfig15:20
wiggywhere someconfig is a standard buildout.cfg ?15:20
J1mfile urls are another option.15:21
wiggyhm, that works better15:21
wiggyseems sourcerelease is not happy if the configfile is in a path inside the buildout itself15:21
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J1mno, the source release expects the buildout config to be in the buildout.15:22
J1mIt expects the given file to be at the top of the project.15:23
J1m(It may be more flexible than that, but that's all I've tested.)15:23
wiggyin my test line buildout.cfg is in the top of the buildout15:23
J1mIf you look at the tests, the test uses a buildout with the buildout.cfg in the top of the buildout.15:24
J1m(It also shows the correct syntax.)15:24
wiggythe doctest as I see it on pypi appears to have a syntax error15:25
wiggyperhaps that's what is confusing me15:25
J1mWhere do you think it has a syntax error?15:26
J1mThe tests pass.15:26
wiggyah, the infamous trailing , for print15:27
wiggy    >>> print system(join('bin', 'buildout-source-release')15:27
wiggy    ...        +' file://'+sample+' buildout.cfg'),15:27
wiggythat only has a single parameter15:27
J1mwhat about it?15:27
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wiggyif I run it with a single parameter I get "pop from empty list"15:28
J1mso don't do that. That isn't correct usage.15:29
wiggybut isn't that exactly what that doctest is doing there?15:29
J1mNo, it is passing 2 arguments, the file URL and the name of the buildout config.15:30
J1mThere's a space at the beginning of: ' buildout.cfg'15:30
wiggyso there is15:31
wiggyshell commands written in python are too hard to read for me it seems15:31
wiggyit seems to break if you make a sourcerelease for a buildout which happens to not use zc.recipe.egg15:32
J1mI don't see why.15:33
J1mThey key is that any downloading done will need to honor the download cache.15:33
wiggyWe have no distributions for zc.recipe.egg that satisfies 'zc.recipe.egg'.15:33
J1manything based on zc.recipe.egg or zc.recipe.cmmi will do that.15:34
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* wiggy wonders if plone.recipe.plone does something weird15:34
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wiggyhighly odd, zc.recipe.egg refuses to be included in the sourcerelease15:54
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J1munbeliveable even15:59
wiggyit appears to be 100% reproducable16:00
wiggypaster create -t plone3_buildout16:00
wiggyand try to sourcerelease the result of that16:00
wiggyzc.recipe.egg is a dependency of plone.recipe.plone and pulled in if I run buildout by hand16:01
* wiggy puzzled16:01
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* J1m boots vm where I make source releases16:06
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J1mwiggy, what makes you think zc.recipe.egg isn't being included?16:08
wiggyit isn't in the tgz and running aborts with an error that it can't be found16:09
J1mI don't know what's going on for you. We make lots of source releases and they all include zc.recipe.egg.16:09
wiggyI wish I knew16:10
wiggyI removed my ~/.buildout/default.cfg and get another fun one now16:10
wiggyOSError: [Errno 17] File exists: '/tmp/tmpFLVZessource-release2/release/eggs'16:10
wiggyah, I know why that is16:10
wiggyI ran buildout in there so it isn't a clean source anymore16:10
J1mIf you want to give me an svn tag and a config file name, I can try to reproduce the problen you're having later.16:11
J1mwith emphasis on later16:11
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wiggyJ1m: buildout.cfg16:13
J1mwiggy, when I ran that, zc.recipe.egg was included in the tar ball.16:19
wiggyI was afraid you were going to say that16:20
J1malthough the source release is a bit odd in other ways.16:21
wiggyin what ways?16:22
J1mactually, mayeb not16:23
J1mnope, It's fine.16:24
wiggydo you have any things for things I can look at to figure out why it doesn't work here?16:25
J1mI got confised by the "release" directory name, which resulted from the url.16:25
J1mare you using your system Python?16:25
J1mI'm not about to debug that.16:25
J1mI'm using a Python installed from source.16:26
J1mGood luck.16:26
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wiggyI'll wait to see if the customer picks this option before investing too much time into it16:26
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J1mIs zc.recipe.egg installed in your virtualenv?16:30
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wiggyI created the virtualenv just to test this16:31
J1mHave you checked your virtualenv site-packages?16:32
wiggyit is16:32
* wiggy wonders why16:33
wiggyoh, it is because zc.sourcerelease requires it16:33
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* J1m shakes his head16:34
wiggyis there a way around that?16:36
J1msure, don't install eggs into site-packages.16:36
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wiggyyes, it's there because the virtualenv easy_install pulled it in when I installed zc.sourcerelease16:37
J1mI should probably add an option to zc.buildout to specifically exclude site packages.16:38
benji_ooh, that'd be nice16:38
benji_could it be the default? ;)16:39
benji_no, I'm not volunteering16:39
wiggyzc.sourcerelease explicitly requires zc.recipe.egg it seems so that sounds logical16:45
wiggyhowever zc.buildout and setuptools do work and are also in site-packages16:46
* wiggy still feels lost too often in this egg world16:46
wiggyhow should I install sourcerelease then?16:47
wiggyI wouldn't know how to install something like zc.sourcerelease without installing its dependencies in site-packages16:48
J1mInstall it in a buildout.16:49
wiggyput it in its own buildout maybe so you get a wrapper and local eggs16:49
J1mMy home directory is a buildout and my ~bin directiory contains various scripts I use.16:49
J1mThis is described in the buildout tutorial.16:50
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wiggysweet, that works17:08
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