IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2008-03-28

malthetesdal: what's the attributes stuff in do? i.e. ``dispatchToSublocations``?00:00
malthelooks advanced00:01
tesdalmalthe: z3 stuff00:01
tesdalmalthe: by default, attributes are the attribute names that was updated00:01
tesdalif I remember correctly00:01
maltheoh really00:01
tesdalArchetypes doesn't implement it though00:01
malthedidn't know about that00:01
malthethis stuff hasn't been carried over yet00:01
maltheI think I'll continue to integrate kapil's async queue first00:02
tesdalmalthe: I think dispatchToSublocations is in enfold.*00:02
malthefrom import dispatchToSublocations00:02
maltheexotic stuff00:02
tesdalwhat's the easiest way to install git on mac?00:02
maltheport install git-core00:03
tesdalah, git-core00:03
* tesdal just tried git00:03
maltheno I think git is something else alas00:03
malthebut git the scm is taking over the name most places00:03
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Theunibenji: pah00:19
benjiTheuni: heh00:19
benjiwhat are you talking about? :)00:20
TheuniI was dared to answer your mail.00:20
benjion zope3-user?00:20
* faassen still doesn't know what Theuni is talking about. :)00:20
Theunibenji: exactly.00:20
TheuniI finally realized I shouldn't feed him.00:20
faassenoh, in my days, we messaged each other using sticks and stones barefoot in the snow.00:20
TheuniI didn't even want to see this starting. ;)00:21
Theunifaassen: i thought you were messaging each other using clubs ...00:21
benjiyeah, he seemed like a troll from the start, so I didn't feel bad about snarking on him00:21
Theuni"Hit me once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'."00:21
Theuni"Aha. Yes, yes."00:21
faassenI just think he was rather incoherently frustrated. :)00:21
TheuniBeing incoherent *is* frustrating.00:22
benjisufficient incoherence is indistinguishable from trolling00:22
faassenI don't think I've seen a real troll on any zope list in a long time, if ever.00:23
faassenI don't think the zope lists are very favorite haunts for trolls.00:23
Theunifaassen: is > 1 year a long time?00:23
faassenI don't recall anyone longer than a year ago either.00:23
Theuniyou want to?00:23
faassenan actual troll, whose main goal is to upset people?00:23
TheuniHmm. Does he need to be self-aware?00:24
faassenyes, trolls are self-aware by definition.00:24
faassenthe others are loonies or crackpots. :)00:24
TheuniI guess that one matches the crackpot.00:24
faassenyes. :)00:24
* Theuni shuffles people over to "crackpot"00:24
faassenanyway, a REAL troll would go like..00:24
TheuniActually, I should shuffle myself into my bed.00:24
faassenhah the ZODB sucks, relational databases are superior in ALL respects.00:25
TheuniYou're right.00:25
* benji has a Bozo list from back when he subscribed to the python-list; Xah Lee is the greatest entry.00:25
* Theuni gets the fish00:25
mcdonczodb eetz chzbgr00:25
faassena clever troll would start out sounding plausible and then making insinuations.. but don't you think the ZODB really sucks for any purpose?00:25
Theunican i haz or8cle?00:25
faassenso what's Xah Lee like?00:26
TheuniI guess that's him?00:27
benjiooooh, yeah!  That's him00:27
benjiI'm not sure he's self-aware though, hard to tell.00:27
TheuniHe mentations compiler implementators.00:27
TheuniI haven't had those in a while.00:27
Theuniooops. freudian.00:27
benjiHe might have perfected crackpottery.00:28
TheuniWoah! He quotes Dijkstra in that post.00:28
faassenhe's long. :000:29
TheuniOuch. On a referenced article, he mentions C, vi, Perl, MySQL and Unix and follows:00:29
TheuniIn our software industry, i like to define criminals as those who cause inordinate harm to society, not necessarily directly. Of the above things, some of their authors are not such criminals or are forgivable. While others, are hypocritical fantastic liers selfish to the core. When dealing with these self-promoting jolly lying humble humorous priests and their insidious superficially-harmless speeches, there should be no benefit of doubt. Tell them dire00:29
faassenI've seen amazing crackpots. I mean, they're not self-aware, it's very interesting. as they're in some respects quite clever and articulate, but then they go off the deep end. I hope I'm not one, but I'd never find out as I'm not self-aware then. :)00:30
mcdoncI personally enjoy:00:30
mcdoncIn 2004, i'm in a somewhat-depressed mode, living as a vagabond mostly in my car and visiting friends with my savings. This downfall has 3 main causes: • In 2002-10 i was laid off from a tech company. This lay-off lodged in my mind like a stigma. • The pain my dad has caused me at the 21-years-apart reunion in Taiwan. • I'm reaching mid 30s, my hair is falling out, having my mid-life crisis. In 2004-2005, i have worked nonstop on my00:30
benjifaassen: that reminds me of the ending paragraph of "Unskilled and Unaware of it"00:30
faassenhe also has pages on females.00:31
faassenthe Female exhibition.00:31
mcdonci'm pretty sure this is some form of autism00:31
benjimcdonc: good call; you may be right00:33
faassenperhaps crackpots are, I'm not sure. :)00:33
faassencrackpots are quite intriguing, and I imagine they do have some autistic spectrum traits, as they don't seem to respond to feedback very well. :)00:34
mcdoncwe all have a little crackpot in us i suspect... some more crack than pot, however00:34
* faassen grins.00:35
TheuniI detect more adjectives than verbs. Usually a bad sign. ;)00:35
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faassenyeah, it's interesting as they're quite recognizable, and it's hard to put the finger on how they are different exactly. :)00:35
* faassen grins.00:36
mcdoncthey're not.  they're just *more*.  ha.00:37
benjiWe should fork Spambayes into Trollbayes and Crackpotbayes.00:37
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faassenmcdonc: yeah, I think you're right.00:38
faassenbenji: for crackpotbayes you'd get 'Einstein' 'better than' 'neutopia' 'Archimedes' and 'near earth orbit' :)00:39
faassenABIAN MASS-TIME EQUIVALENCE FORMULA m = Mo(1-exp(T/(kT-Mo))) Abian units.00:39
faassenTO CREATE A BORN AGAIN EARTH (1990)00:39
mcdoncman you type fast00:40
faassenthat was a copy paste. one of my favorite old crackpots, unfortunately now deceased.00:40
faassenthe only crackpot I ever heard on the radio, apparently before he went crackpot he was a respected mathematician.00:40
mcdonci know.. it was just fun to pretend you were typing it.00:41
faassenthat is, I heard that he'd died on the radio.00:41
wiggyfaassen: does your paste button have a build-in capslock? :)00:41
benjifaassen: was he the person making the announcement?00:41
faassenthat's what his sig looked like. Alexander Abian.00:41
faassenno, he wasn't on the radio himself. :)00:41
mcdoncmy favorite crackpots are in pkd's scanner darkly... i have had some of those conversations... ;-)00:42
faassenthen there's Doctress Neutopia, who is all for the gaia revolution and happy love satellites00:42
faassen>Martijn Faassen ( wrote:00:43
faassen >: I heard you wanted to create a moon base? (for the queen00:43
faassen >: bee, if I remember correctly) That doesn't sounds like knowledge being00:43
faassen >: on Earth.. How does this fit in?00:43
faassen >This is correct.  I would like to live in a biospheric moon colony.00:43
faassen >That is, I would like to rule the earth from Outer Space using00:43
faassen >communication satellites which direct the flow of energy.  00:43
faassenme in conversation with Doctress Neutopia! in '94. :)00:43
mcdonce.g. ("i drove by the maylar microdot corporation...")00:43
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faassen>: What is male-center knowledge? Why is it wrong? How would changing our00:44
faassen >: architecture change our knowledge? or survival?00:44
faassen >Martijn, you ask good questions.  00:44
* faassen grins.00:44
mcdoncyou're a troll troller00:44
faassenI was just curious. :)00:45
faassenshe wasn't a troll though. she's a crackpot, the only female one I witnessed in the early days. I'm sure there's a lot of new ones now. :)00:46
faassenand then you have Archimedes Plutonium. :)00:47
faassenanyway, I'll stop spamming you all now.00:47
faassenI'm off, see you later!00:47
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georgy_hello Zope developers05:58
georgy_I am applying for this year's summer of code with trying to port many important components of Zope 3 to Jython05:59
georgy_in case that someone has suggestions and feedback is really welcome, please check the following email:05:59
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andy-chenwhen use z3c.form, i have a question. how can i custom a widget use template..........? i use the z3c:widgetTemplate , and give a IMyWidget extends ITextWidget, but where should i instance my widget class ? in form ?08:44
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andy-chenwhen i look at z3c.form, i found in our widgets manager , FieldWidgets.update() will get the IFieldWidget for each field in form use getMultiAdapter(field,request) , then for example, IFieldWidget factory for TextWidget: the TextFieldWidget will return FieldWidget(field, TextWidget(request))........why ? how can i specify MyTextWidget class here ?09:01
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afd_Grokstar buildout fails with:
afd_what's the easiest way to solve that version conflict?10:28
timtedo you use virtualenv? it could fix it10:33
afd_timte: no... but I can try10:33
timteif virtualenv doesn't fix it, then you probably need to pin down the version of zope.schema10:33
afd_I could also add an entry for that specific egg in the buildout.cfg, I think10:33
timtezope.schema = ...10:34
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pyqwerHi, it seems that the SessionCredentialsPlugin, which sets cookies, sets the cookie with a cookie path including the skin, which is bad.12:15
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pyqwerThis way, changing the skin changes the cookie, thus I loose the authentication. Is there a way to change this behaviour?12:16
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jayarajso one small doubt :) is there any way to view all contents of an annotation .... like a tuple... i tried print tuple(list(annotation))...but dint work13:30
pyqwerHmmm, does list(annotation) work?13:31
pyqwerThought so. I'm unsure how and where annotations are stored, but I think it's mentioned in Philipps book.13:31
timtethey are usually stored in obj.__annotations__13:32
jayarajyea thats rite13:32
pyqwerNot necessarily, this is only true for attribut annotations, I think.13:32
pyqwerOk, it reads: "N IAnnotations adapter is a singular object with a dictionary-like interface that can store metadata".13:33
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pyqwerso, what about annotations.items()?13:34
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jayaraji checked IAnnotation... and it seems we can access the contents only by specifying keys.... mm i dint try .items().. lemme see13:34
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jayarajpyqwer .items() wont work13:38
pyqwerHmmm, then I don't know either, I'd try to find out of what type your object is, e.g. by printing the object, and dir(object), and object.__dict__.13:38
pyqwerProbably you'll find out this way.13:39
timtejayaraj: what kind of object is annotation?13:39
jayarajits true that annotaions have dictionary like interface.. but it require the keys to be specified13:39
pyqwerjayaraj: Well, check what extra functions are available through annotations.__dict__13:39
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jayarajpyqwer: output of the annotation.__dict__ looks like this.. {'__name__': u'PAUsignupjose', 'data': <persistent.dict.PersistentDict object at 0xb6779c6c>, 'principalId': u'PAUsignupjose', '__parent__': < object at 0xb6c8472c>}13:57
jayarajanootations here is a principal annotation13:57
pyqwerHmmm, have a look at
pyqwerI assume, you will find your data there.13:58
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jayarajyea data is there14:08
pyqwerAh, fine. So I assume, you should be able to do something like
pyqwerSo, in your case, annotations seem not to be stored in attributes.14:09
jayarajyea i got list(
pyqwerPerfect. So in your case the annotation class does not implement certain functions, such as items().14:10
jayaraji checked the IAnnotation but item() was not there14:11
pyqwerYes, the class should theoretically provide all methods that a dict has. These methods would then simply return the appropriate method of annotation.data14:12
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pyqwerOnce in a while I stumble over such things - Zope objects promise to behave like a dict/list but miss several methods.14:12
pyqwerBut it's not a big deal.14:13
jayarajits a persistent dictionary14:14
pyqwerBut, well, no, "data" is the persistent dictionary.14:15
pyqwerThe annotation object is not, I assume.14:15
jayarajyep you are right... object at 0xb6741bec14:20
pyqwerYes, you find it in app/principalannotation/__init__.py14:21
pyqwerAnd there, only __getitem__, __setitem__, __delitem__ and get() is defined.14:21
pyqwerSo, someone could simply add something like this: "def items(self): return"14:22
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junkafarianhey, when adding interface fields to the form_fields is it possible to change it's key?15:05
pyqwerfor z3c.form?15:05
junkafarianeg form_fields += Fields(ISomeInterface).select('field')15:05
junkafarianbut then being able to reference form_fields['otherfieldname']15:06
junkafarianbasically i just want to be able to access it in the create method of an AddForm15:07
junkafarianand process it seperately15:07
junkafarianpyqwer: does that make sense?15:08
pyqwerJust a minute...15:09
junkafarianthe situation is that i want to construct an AddForm which has the required  interface fields to create one object, but then i want to include 2 extra (identical) fields from another interface to be used to create separate objects15:10
pyqwerHmmm, for z3c.form, it's called "fields", not "form_fields", right? Or are you using formlib?15:10
junkafarianah yes sorry15:11
junkafarianusing formlib15:11
*** fcorrea has joined #zope3-dev15:11
pyqwerAh, formlib, not z3c.form. Hmmm, I'm not very good at this.15:11
junkafarianwould it be better to use z3c.form?15:11
*** niemeyer has joined #zope3-dev15:12
fcorreajunkafarian: In theses it would be, but in practice it means that you'd need to read some docs first. At least five doctests ;)15:12
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junkafarianfcorrea: did you see the q before?15:15
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mgedminjunkafarian: you can't change the key, but you can add a prefix15:19
fcorreajunkafarian: Too bad my early experiences with formlib was to basic and I didn't have those use cases. I can talk about z3c.form. You have ways of adding whatever fields you want and create extended field schemas15:19
mgedminbut you don't need that if you want to process the field separately15:19
mgedminjust pop it from the data dict before you invoke the inherited function15:19
junkafarianmgedmin: what about for adding the same field twice?15:20
pyqwerz3c.form is to my mind superior, but it takes some time to get into it.15:20
junkafarianits basically to create 2 images15:20
junkafariani had it working with the single field15:22
junkafarianbut need to provide 2 image upload slots on a single step form15:22
pyqwerWell, try to do some magic: myfield = copy.deepcopy(ISomeInterface['field'])15:24
pyqwerand then do a myfield.__name__ = 'myothername'15:24
pyqwerand then add this specific field.15:24
*** toko has quit IRC15:24
pyqwerSuch things work in z3c.form.15:24
pyqwerDon't (!) forget to copy the field, otherwise you will change it in the interface class.15:25
junkafarianpyqwer: where is the copy module?15:26
pyqwerimport copy15:29
pyqwerThat's python-related.15:29
junkafarianah k15:29
pyqwerThe copy module is for copying objects.15:29
*** redir has joined #zope3-dev15:30
junkafarianand then i should be able to do: form_fields += Fields(myfield)15:30
junkafarianor do i deepcopy Fields(ISomeInterface).select('field')15:31
pyqwerI don't know for sure, but it works like that in z3c.form15:31
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junkafarianis there a way edit the __name__ attribute of an FormField object15:44
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junkafarianits cool i got it :D15:53
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junkafarianthanks pyqwer / mgedmin / fcorrea15:53
*** redir has quit IRC15:53
junkafariandeepcopying the FormFields object seemed to work a treat15:54
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vimes656when running my buildout I get this error: 'Error: Download error: unknown url type: svn' for z3c.template16:29
vimes656I manually put the z3c.template egg in my buildout-eggs directory but got the same error for z3c.form16:30
vimes656what do I need to do so that the buildout can get the eggs from subversion repositories?16:34
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pcarduneTheuni: just released gocept.registration.  You are an owner as well.19:19
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Theunipcardune: yay! thanks!19:29
pcarduneTheuni: no, thank you!  made my job a lot easier.19:30
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tesdalhey malthe22:09
tesdalany progress on z3c.indexing.dispatch?22:10
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* tesdal pokes malthe 22:27
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