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goschtlhi is it possible to display a formlib action only if the user has a special permisson?17:24
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mgedminadd a condition on the action17:34
mgedminthat uses
goschtlmgedmin: ok i have found this17:34
goschtlbut i get an error i think this is an grok error i will as in grok channel thanks....17:35
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malthehow to provide z3c.form.interfaces.ITerms for a Choice field?18:56
pyqwermalthe: Hmmm, don't you use vocabularies?19:00
malthepyqwer: I need access to the form19:00
maltheform data, really19:00
malthethe vocab just give me a context19:00
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pyqwerThat's true.19:01
malthei'm not really getting the idea I think19:01
pyqwerBut why do you need the form data in the vocabulary?19:01
pyqwerCan you describe your use case?19:01
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maltheI present a search-field (textline), then display a list of results.19:02
malthein the same form; so sometimes there will be no results, sometimes plenty.19:02
malthebut they depend on the form data19:02
philiKONick, vocabularies19:02
philiKONmalthe: i think your question is typical for vocabularies19:03
philiKONbecause they don't properly separate the data19:03
philiKONand the representation of that data19:03
philiKONsearching the data isn't something the vocab should have to do19:03
pyqwermalthe: I don't really get it - why not simply display the search results below the text line?19:03
philiKONlook at plone's UberSelectWidget19:03
philiKONit's a generic search thing for all sources19:03
malthepyqwer: well I'd like users to choose from them :-)19:03
philiKON(sources being the better alternative to vocabularies)19:03
pyqwerAh, now I get it.19:04
malthephiliKON: cool thanks19:04
philiKONmalthe: it may seem complicated at first with all the adapters involved, but with this it allows you to reuse the widget for pretty much any data source19:04
philiKON(only the representation (terms) and the searching (queriable) adapters have to be customized each time)19:05
maltheah now I understand the solution19:05
malthethe solution is that there is no Choice-based solution19:05
maltheerrr.. rather19:05
maltheit needs a particular widget19:05
philiKONno, it uses Choice19:05
philiKONwhich is just the schema field19:05
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philiKONright, it's up to the widget19:05
malthegood thing this is plone; I can just grab their widget19:06
pyqwerOk, I think I know how to do it: In your action handler, you write the search results in a session.19:06
philiKONugh, weird19:06
malthepyqwer: hehe yes that's good19:06
philiKONpyqwer: you don't really do anything in the action handler19:06
philiKONpyqwer: because it isn't called19:07
pyqwerphiliKON: Why so? If you press the "search" button, it will be called.19:07
philiKONaction handlers are only called when their respective button is pushed19:07
philiKONbut the search button isn't an action19:07
philiKONit's part of the widget19:07
philiKONat least that's hwo it should be19:07
philiKONafter all, you could have multiple choice fields on the same form19:08
pyqwerHmmm, it seems I still don't get it how the widget should look like...19:09
philiKON<text field for search query> <search button>19:10
philiKONonce you hit the search button, it displays a list of possible matches19:10
philiKONe.g. in a drop down box19:10
malthephiliKON: thanks a bunch; later.19:10
pyqwerOk, I think I got it now...19:11
pyqwerphiliKON: btw., did you have a look at my recursive translation patch?19:11
philiKONpyqwer: yeah, i still have some comments19:14
philiKONhaven't finished those yet19:14
pyqwerphiliKON: Ok. What I don't know is the following: I needed to add an extra parameter to the translate() function.19:15
philiKONyes, that's a problem19:15
pyqwerThis is only for preventing endless recursions.19:15
philiKONi know19:15
pyqwerShould this parameter be listed in the interface or not?19:15
philiKONi sent my comments now19:15
philiKONwe mustn't change the interface19:15
philiKONi can't spare much time for thinking about this now19:16
philiKONperhaps there's a more elgant solution19:16
pyqwerYes, we must not change the interface. But is it really necessary to do so if I add some "private" parameter to a function?19:17
philiKONhmm, it's just the function19:17
philiKONhave to think about this19:18
philiKONmust go now19:18
pyqwerThe test does not fail.19:18
hazmatisn't that how sourcequerieables are supposed to work?19:18
pyqwerOk, thanks for now!19:18
philiKONhazmat: yup, that's what source queriables are for19:18
philiKONhazmat: they are used by the widget19:18
philiKONhazmat: the widget will typically adapt the source to two interfaces, ISourceQueriable and ITerms19:18
philiKONthe first one lets the widget search the data19:18
philiKONthe second one lets the widget show the results19:19
philiKONsmall sources can simply be iterated over19:19
philiKONand thus only ITerms is needed19:19
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hazmatright, but does z3c.form provide for sourcequeryable views?19:19
philiKONnote that the queriable adapters are specific for each source19:20
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philiKONbecause ISource doesn't really specify searching capabilities19:20
philiKONthat's what ISourceQueriable is for19:20
hazmatright. the package has some formlib based examples..19:21
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hazmatdoes anyone know the administrative contact for pypi19:48
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