IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2008-04-25

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pcardunefor the curious: z3c.form documentation with the new skin:
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pcardune  <--- there is now a skin that looks exactly like zode01.lovelysystems.com10:55
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ccomb´╗┐pcardune excellent!11:39
pcarduneccomb: thanks, glad you like it11:41
pyqwerWhat python version would you currently suggest for Zope 3.4? Python 2.4.3? 2.4.4? 2.4.5?11:41
pcardunepyqwer: python 2.5 : )... at least it has been working fine for me so far11:41
pyqwerpcardune: 2.5 or 2.5.1/2.5.2? This is honestly working fine?11:42
pcardunewhatever the latest is.  I have not had a single problem with it yet11:43
pcardunepyqwer: but just FYI, i suppose this still isn't officially blessed by the zope pope himself11:43
pcarduneI'm just reporting my own personal experience11:43
pcardune(which has been very positive!)11:43
pyqwerpcardune: Ok, good to know.11:43
ccomb´╗┐pcardune ???!! are you just telling that zope 3.4 works on python 2.5 ?11:44
pcarduneccomb: it does for me?11:44
ccombI didn't know, that's great, I will try11:44
pcarduneccomb: there was a Google summer of code project last summer that went through and updated everything11:45
pyqwerpcardune: It would be interesting, if the integration tests of Zope 3 pass with Python 2.5.11:45
pyqwerDid you try that?11:45
ccombI thought there were some stuffs to finish11:45
pcardunepyqwer: no, I did not11:45
pyqwerccomb: I though so, too.11:45
pcarduneI figure if I encounter something broken, I'll just take the time to go fix it... no use in living in the past at this point11:46
pcarduneok, I'm off to sleep, bye all11:47
pyqwerpcardune: Bye, sleep well...11:47
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ChrisWanyone here know much about hurry.workflow?13:17
* ChrisW wonders about the difference between manual, automatic and system triggers13:20
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slinkpis anybody else having probs with svn+ssh:// ?21:11
slinkpi get:21:13
slinkpssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host21:13
slinkpsvn: Connection closed unexpectedly21:13
whitanybody know how you arbitrarily add params to the wsgi environ at config time?21:14
whit like wsgi.handleErrors  = True21:15 was working for me til about an hour ago... now, nothing21:16
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whitor maybe phrases a different way, how does one turn on postmortem debugging in zope3?21:20
* whit finds it21:21
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whitand it works, except for the WSGI- part21:26
* whit updates wiki21:28
whithuh... no login to edit eh?21:28
* slinkp gets a response from, finally21:28
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smwhit: congrats on (a) finding the zope 3 doc you need, and (b) updating it :)21:35
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smwhit: incidentally, what's your opinion of the way FAQ is broken into multiple pages ?22:03
whitsm: since I found it though google and digested via type and search in FF, makes little difference to me22:04
smok, thanks22:04
* sm isn't all that fond of it22:05
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