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greenmanI have a question about ... (
greenmanthe browser mix in looks for dublin core metadata12:06
greenmanyet the former File object doesn't declare itself as providing this12:06
greenmanis there a simple way of allowing this File object to provide that layer?12:07
greenmanwould be nice for show() to be cache friendly for those File objects12:07
greenmanI am guessing the right way is for the context that contains or has as an attribute the file object to be providing the modified data12:12
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afd_File is declared as implementing IAttributeAnnotatable12:21
afd_there is an adapter adapting IAttributeAnnotatable objects to IAnnotation12:21
afd_which is used adapted by DublinCore to store dc data12:21
afd_so you don't have to do anything12:22
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greenmanafd_: so it's up to the factory adding the file to set it up12:40
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seletzramonski: ^^^^12:41
seletzoh sorry, wrong channel :p12:44
* seletz made a fool of himself one more time :p12:45
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greenmansomething tells me that is broken anyway and would indicate File objects never end up with dublin core annotations13:26
greenmanthe line header= self.request.getHeader('If-Modified-Since', None) is wrong13:26
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afd_greenman: why is that line wrong?13:33
greenmanit should be self.request.response.getHeader ?13:34
afd_the browser sends the If-Modified-Since header13:35
greenmanI must have different request objects then, I haven't seen them have a getHeader method ... but I'm in the plone 3 and therefore zope 2 world,13:36
afd_you can see the subscribers there.13:38
afd_they'll update the DC when an event is triggered for an object (modified, created, etc)13:39
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greenmanall I am saying is that I don't believe the line self.request.getHeader('If-Modified-Since', None) is correct13:40
greenmansince when does request have a getHeader method?13:40
greenmanso I am implying this method never gets to this point13:41
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greenmanthis is a zope 3 BrowserRequest?13:44
greenmanyeah, I think that's the problem, this part of the library has issues in the zope 2 world13:45
afd_I think zope 2 has it's own version of a File content object...13:46
greenmanas well as this one13:46
afd_perhaps you should address this problem on #plone, there are probably a few people there with more experience in integrating z2 with z3 libraries13:47
greenmansure. thanks for your help.13:48
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pyqwerDoes someone know, which version of zalchemy in the SVN-Repository works with a recent SQLAlchemy distribution?16:14
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Theunipyqwer: please forget about zalchemy18:34
Theuniit's pretty much abandoned by now. the folder stuff is *bah* and the transaction stuff finally went into zope.sqlalchemy18:35
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pyqwerTheuni: Thanks, I did not know about the zope.sqlalchemy package. Great, I'll have a look at it!20:13
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elrowhat's the replacement for the site manager api?22:07
philiKONwhaddaya mean?22:07
elrozope.component 3.4 seems to say that getSiteManager needs to be deprecated22:08
philiKONdoes it emit a warning?22:08
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philiKONthen it's not deprecated :)22:09
elro shows BBB  too22:09
elroright ok22:10
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philiKONthis is zope.*app*.component22:10
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philiKONand it's about the getNextSiteManager() stuff22:10
philiKONwhich is indeed deprecated22:11
elroI'm writing a test, and I want to test what happens when I change site manager. I'd like to avoid adding into the requirements. Is there any way to setSite to a zope.component.register.Components?22:11
philiKONzope.component knows nothing about the thread local variable that is set to the site manager22:12
philiKONby setSite()22:12
philiKONall this is in
philiKONin fact, you won't even be able to use local site managers without the hooks in enabled22:12
philiKON(you enable them by calling setHooks())22:12
philiKONalso, as far as i remember, the Components class isn't quite made to work as a local, non-persistent component registry22:13
elrobut zope.component.getSiteManager still returns the correct thing - or is that setup by the setHooks22:13
philiKONi think that's what z3c.baseregistry provides22:13
philiKONelro: z.c.getSiteManager() returns the correct thing b/c it's replaced by a custom implementation from this replacement happens when you call setHooks() indeed.22:13
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elrodoes z3c.baseregistry replace getSiteManager too?22:15
elroI'm trying to work out whether I can use id(z.c.getSiteManager()) in a scoping function for zope.sqlalchemy22:16
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philiKONno, z3c.baseregistry doesn't replace getSiteManager()22:22
philiKONit uses the same mechanism as
philiKONit just provides non persistent local site managers22:22
philiKON(in contrast to persistent local site managers that z.a.component has)22:22
philiKONid() sounds scary, especially if it may be a persistent obj22:23
elrothe id() shouldn't change for the duration of a request though, no?22:23
philiKONno, i suppose not22:24
elrothough I could probably test for a _p_oid first22:24
philiKONwhat you really want is to detect when a site manager changes, right?22:24
philiKONor rather, that a site manager has changed22:25
elroit seems easier just to add it to the scoping function of sqlalchemy's scoped session22:25
philiKONi have no idea what that means :)22:26
* philiKON doesn't know sqlalchemy that well22:26
philiKONi just wonder what you want with the sitemanager22:26
philiKONand why you'd need its id()22:26
elroI need to ensure that I end up with a different session within different site managers22:27
elrobecause local utility registrations could differ22:28
philiKONbut per request there's really only on esite manager22:28
philiKONit's set during traversal22:28
philiKONeach time the publication traverses over an ISit eobject, it stows the corresponding site manager away22:28
philiKONso when the application code (views, etc.) is executed, there's only one site manager active22:28
philiKONof course, i don't know how much you do stuff during traversal, because that's really only where the site manager changes22:29
elrothe corner case I'm trying to handle is having two instances of an application (each with a db engine registered as a local utility) get different sessions when they are both accessed in a single request22:30
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philiKONso let me understand this22:33
elroIf app.site1 = MyApp(); app.site2 = MyApp(), I want an operation such as = bar; to force two sessions into the transaction22:33
philiKONlet's say in an early stage (e.g. during traversal), code finds a particular db engine22:33
philiKONah i see22:33
philiKONthat's not really possible with just a getSiteManager() call22:34
philiKONas said, there's only one active site manager22:34
philiKONit's found during traversal22:34
philiKONso it depends on the URL which site is active22:34
philiKONif the view behind http://.../app/site1/... manages to modify something in site2, then still site1's site manager is active22:35
philiKONthe only way to circumvent that is to explicitly use a context argument22:35
philiKONthis will yield site2's site manager22:35
elrocould something like site1 = app.restrictedTraverse(site1); site2 = app.restrictedTraverse(site2); =bar; = bar work?22:38
elro(assuming that site1.obj somehow triggers a getUtility lookup somewhere)22:40
elroor would getUtility(ISomething, site1.obj) work (assuming site1.obj,__parent__ = site1)22:41
philiKONi don't seem to quite follow22:42
philiKONthere's no restrictedTraverse in z3 :)22:42
philiKONtraversal happens exactly once per request22:42
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elroI've spend too long in Zope2 ;-)22:43
philiKONi could tell from obj.obj.obj.obj :)22:43
philiKONugly attribute syntax22:43
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philiKONi don't quite undestand this, i'm afraid22:44
elrodoes the context that gets passed to getUtility have to be a site, or can it just refer to a site somewhere in it's __parent__ chain?22:44
philiKONthe latter22:44
philiKONit's an explicit keywrod argument though22:44
philiKONgetUtility(IFoo, context=context)22:44
philiKONwhere context should have a __parent__ chain somewhere leading to an ISite22:44
philiKON(the 2nd positional arg to getUtilty is the name)22:45
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elrowithout a context though I guess I'm stuffed22:46
philiKONfrom what i understand, it appears so22:46
elroI need to register a ScopedSession for each instance of the application, and ensure I look up the ScopedSession with a context22:46
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philiKONseems so22:48
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elroThough maybe it would be more natural to adapt an object to a session22:52
philiKONnot a bad idea22:53
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