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J1mTheuni, ayt?01:26
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rockyanyone have a favourite buildout recipe for checking out a particular revision of an egg from svn and using that egg in the buildout?01:58
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* J1m looks for null recipe02:03
aclarkrocky: don't some of the subversion recipes allow you to pass in the revision?02:06
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RoboHakHow would I create a source from the contents of a container?02:38
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andres_fAny reason why this could happen: ?05:06
andres_fBasically siteinfo.adapter_hook(interface, object, name, default) in fails with: __init__() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)05:08
andres_fIf I give it 5 arguments it fails with __init__() takes exaktly 4 argument (5 given)05:08
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aclarkis it possible to use zc.recipe.egg to create a script that runs (similar to zopectl run ?14:02
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jhauserduring buildout aclark ? or sometime later14:18
jhauserthere is a recipe to run zeoscripts during buildout14:18
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aclarkjhauser: during buildout i'd like to create bin/somescript that runs bin/ (or contains equivalent functionality) ... to save me from having to do bin/instance run bin/myscript.py14:52
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tarekaclark, hi !15:53
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tarekaclark, if your script is set as an entry point in your package, zc.recipe.egg will set it in the bin folder of your buildout without having to do extra work15:54
aclarkhey tarek!15:54
aclarkhmm ok15:54
aclarktarek: that means i need a source egg i guess?15:55
tareksee, Automatic Script Creation15:55
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tarekthis is only if you are within an eggified package yes, but that makes sense if it is for a buildout-based application: it is a recipe or a regular package15:56
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J1mTheuni, ping16:26
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J1mTheuni, what is testFuzzing supposed to test?16:38
J1mThe name isn't informative and there are no comments.16:38
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TheuniJ1m: it exercises the API of the file cache tracking the supposed state and operations that should be possible and randomly performs operations from the list of possible options.16:44
J1mThere isn't a file cache any more.16:45
J1mThat was an internal detail of a bad design.16:45
J1mWere these tests aimed at any particular problem?16:45
Theunii guess you could remove them16:46
J1mk, then I'll just remove them as they test something that doesn't exist any more.16:46
Theunithey where aimed at provoking problems that occured in complex situations trying to synthesize 'real life' operations on the subject16:46
Theuniis there anything i can do about the blob stuff on windows? i sent you an analysis a few days ago16:47
J1mIt would have been better if they were witten against the cache itself.16:47
J1mThen they would still be usable.16:47
Theunii know. i was trying to understand the code first though and aimed at the smallest part16:47
J1mrewriting them against the cache would take more time than I have.16:47
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tarekJ1m, for zope.testing command-line name, 'test' might interfer with /bin/test, what about 'ztest'17:26
J1mSince I would never add this script to my path, I don't think it matters.17:30
J1mI don't really care. :)17:30
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tarekJ1m, ok :D17:36
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ignashow do I properly tell setuptools that i depend on zope.component 3.4.anything but am not compatible with zope.component 3.5 or higher?18:53
ignasor must I write zope.component >= 3.4 <=3.5 or something on these lines?18:54
srichterI think assuming that something has been released for 3.4.x already, you simply say <3.4.9918:55
ignashmm, i kind of hoped there is a better way18:56
srichterI think that's what I saw before, but I am no expert either18:57
ignasi see18:57
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ignas"zope.component >= 3.4, < 3.5" is still ugly, but feels safer for me19:01
ignasand from what I know - it works19:01
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TheuniJ1m: i won't whine about you removing that test.19:12
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philiKONignas: yes, this is the correct form19:15
philiKONsrichter: if you just say <3.4.99, you don't specify the lower bound, which means it may think that 3.3.x is ok too19:15
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ignasI am setting up the interdependent egg testing environment for schooltool, and wanted to isolate the ubuntu release versions from the development versions of stuff19:18
ignaskeeping 2 sets of eggs and having both sets tested every checkin + coverage reports + automatic releases ;)19:18
ignas35 interdependent buildbot slaves :)19:19
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ignassetting it up for the KGS would be cool19:22
ignasas it's 3 buildbot slaves per package, an ALL of them are following identical conventions configuration is like 20 lines, the rest is code19:23
lisppaste6ignas pasted "schooltool buildbot configuration" at
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