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aclarktarek: ping14:41
aclarktarek: to do an egg release from a tag, i 1.) remove setup.cfg  and 2.) python bdist_egg sdist register (on pypi) ?14:42
aclarkoh, and upload :-)14:44
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tarekhey aclark14:45
tarek1/ yes14:45
aclarktarek: how does this look? ... is there any way to get it to be 0.9.3 (the real release number)14:45
tarek2/ python register sdist bdist_egg upload14:45
* aclark surprised himself by remembering ;-)14:46
aclarki should probably clean this up a bit... it says Unreleased...etc14:46
tarekaclark, you can use an alias14:47
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tarekdo it like this:14:47
tarekpython alias release register sdist bdist_egg upload14:47
tarekyou'll  have then a new command (added in setup.cfg)14:48
tarekand you will be able to do:14:48
aclarkah, nice14:48
tarekpython release14:48
aclarksneaky ;-)14:48
tarekto play the whole sequence14:48
tarekthat said, you might want to use iw.releaser (now collective.releaser) if you use subversion: it creates the tag and take care of the dev suffix in setup.cfg14:49
aclarktarek: should i leave setup.cfg in the tag and just delete it before doing this? or what14:49
tarekbut this is a bit off topic ;)14:49
aclarkyeah i will, once i learn what it does for me ;-)14:49
tarekhere's how i do (how the script in releaser does):14:49
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tareksvn cp trunk tags/0.114:49
tarekthen you remove in the tag the dev info14:49
tarekin setup?cfg14:50
tarekthen you are ready to call the sequence, setuptools won't add the 'dev' suffix14:50
tarekaclark, philiKON_ has written a doc on this for zope 3 packages, let me try to find it. (i don't think it uses the setuptool dev stuff though)14:51
tareki got it14:53
tarekchecking that reST compile is a good thing to do, for the PyPI front page14:53
aclarktarek: you mean leave setup.cfg but remove tag_build = dev ?14:53
tarekaclark, yeah, i would just remove the tag, because setup.cfg can contain other things, like the alias for instance14:54
aclarktarek: cool can i set the "real" version in there as well?14:54
tarekyah in, and the dev prefix is taken care by setuptools in trunk, no need to do it manually like in phil's doc i gues14:55
* aclark reading14:55
tareki mean, it moves from to setup.cfg in that case :D14:55
aclarktarek, philiKON_: thx :-)14:56
tareki do a branch for this changes, then i tag it, but most people do it in the tag, i guess it is ok14:56
aclarktarek: yeah +1 for doing it in a branch14:56
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aclarktarek: does he skip creating a release branch in*checkout*/Sandbox/philikon/foundation/releasing-software.txt ?15:03
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aclarktarek: i.e. #4 Create a release branch, then do #5 then tag15:05
tarekbrb telephone15:07
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arnarl_is it possible to hack ZEO into sending custom invalidations (identifiers to non-persistent objects)15:23
tarekaclark, back15:28
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aclarktarek: hi, ok making progress here :-)15:28
tarekaclark, yeah he skips it, and change the tag directly15:28
aclarktarek: ok i'm going to branch first then tag15:28
tareklet's switch to plone ;)15:28
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TheuniJ1m: ping17:07
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J1mTheuni, yes?17:08
TheuniI got no replies on my question about the broken KGS update and srichter seems not to be around. Do you have any magic powers that can make the KGS get updated again?17:08
J1mHow long had it been missing updated?17:10
TheuniI'm getting blocked right now from the KGS being used by us but not updated with new packages.17:10
projekt01Theuni, try to send a mail to stephan.richter (at) gmail17:10
TheuniApril 2917:10
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J1mYeah, so since the failure.17:11
J1mI sent him an email about that but never heard anything back.17:11
J1mI suspect that the KGS needs a new maintainer.17:12
baijumHow KGS getting updated, is that some program or just static content ?17:14
agroszerTheuni, maybe add a CC with the old tufts address too17:14
J1mbaijum, it is a combination of manual and automatic, since it mirrors everything not in the set so it can be used as an index.17:15
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Theuni*on the phone right now*17:18
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projekt01Theuni, btw, if you are looking for srichter, you can ask pcardune, he is working with him17:28
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TheuniJ1m: I had the feeling that srichter might be offline/on holidays right now as usually he would have jumped directly at my posting. And I didn't see him on IRC in the last days.17:33
TheuniWe probably don't necessarily need a new maintainer in general, but a little bit more knowledge in the community on how to jumpstart the process when it dies.17:34
J1mIt's been a pretty long time.17:35
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Theunithe last posting on the zope-dev list by srichter was may 217:37
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J1mBut on zope3-users, may 16, although that looked like it might have been a bunch of messages that had been held up.17:38
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Theunii remember that. all of those came it at once17:38
Theunifwiw i could probably do *something* to update the KGS17:39
TheuniI'm reluctant to commit myself to maintaining it.17:39
J1msame here.17:39
J1mDo people find it useful?17:39
Theunireading the zope.release code tells me that i probably just have to check it out, run buildout and use the upload command17:39
TheuniWe find it useful in that we're referring to it in a few projects which we'd like not to have to switch away from in a matter of days.17:40
J1mI think it's straightforward.17:40
J1mI just don't know the details and don't have time to find out.17:41
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TheuniI'm the one who's being bitten right now.17:41
TheuniI'll try to find out, write up some documentation and fix the current thing.17:41
TheuniThat's not a committment for the future. ;)17:41
J1mI think the main thing is that stephan had a cron job that got lost when the machine got replaced.17:42
J1mIf I knew what that cron job *was*, I could set it up again.17:42
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Theunialright, i'll play with the kgs and try to figure out the command line to update that directory17:42
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J1mThat won't help me.17:45
J1mI need to know where he put the scripts.17:45
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TheuniHe has a home directory on that machine AFAICT17:46
Theunibut i can't look into that17:46
J1mOK, I may have found the scripts.17:50
TheuniI just found out that those scripts seem to feed from the 'controlled-packages.cfg' that gets uploaded by the zope.release software to
J1mOK, I just ran the scripts manually.17:55
J1mDoes the site seem to be up to date?17:56
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Theuniand i think i found a file that i can use to monitor the updating process using nagios17:56
J1mk, then I'll create a system cron job.17:57
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Theunialright. i have a nagios service monitoring the age of the pypi-access file18:04
Theunisrichter: there you are! we've been missing you! :)18:04
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srichterTheuni: I was always here; just very busy these days18:09
srichterTheuni: I saw your KGS E-mail; I sitll have to resetup the cron jobs to update the KGS18:10
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J1msrichter, I just did this as a system cron job.18:10
srichterJ1m: for the KGS as well?18:10
TheuniJ1m: what resolution did you set the updates to?18:10
J1m* * * * * srichter /home/srichter/mirror-tool/bin/update-simple-mirror /var/www/
J1m* * * * * srichter /home/srichter/zope.release/bin/generate-site /var/www/
Theunialright, so every minute.18:11
J1mThis is what was in srichter's personal crontab on the old machine.18:11
srichterok, that's identical to my local crontab file18:11
srichterso that should be correct18:11
TheuniI have setup the monitoring to complain if the http server that delivers the 'pypi-poll-timestamp' says it hasn't been modified for more than ten minutes18:12
srichterthe second directive listens to new packages.cfg uploads and generates new release files18:12
Theunithat test should be sufficient to notice when it breaks18:12
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Theuniok, thanks J1m for taking care of that18:19
replaceafillhi. i read in the mailing list that to return large data without holding application resources, i have to write the data to a temp file and then return the temp file18:20
replaceafillbut the message is from 200618:20
replaceafillis this still necessary in zope 3.4?18:21
*** arnarl has joined #zope3-dev18:22
Theunireplaceafill: the abstract parts are still true18:24
TheuniIIRC you can return an IResult object that is iterable which doesn't hold to application resources (e.g. a temporary file)18:25
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sidneiJ1m: ping?18:55
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J1msidnei, yes?19:01
sidneiJ1m: hey jim, is the key upload application up? that guy tried uploading his ssh key and got a 502 proxy error19:02
sidneithat was last night19:02
J1mIt seems fine now.19:03
J1myou too can try out the key upload program.19:04
sidneiok, thanks19:06
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aelknerpcardune_: ayt?19:49
*** pcardune_ is now known as pcardune19:49
pcarduneaelkner: as a matter of fact, yes19:49
aelkneri have a question about your page template for person add in schooltool19:49
aelkneryou use macro:form19:50
aelknerhow do i find that macro?19:50
aelkneri need to replace it with something19:50
pcarduneit is registered in zcml of the z3c.formui package19:50
aelknera tabular form would be better19:50
pcarduneit is the default macro of z3c.formui19:50
pcarduneyou can override it by making another macro registration in the schooltool layer19:51
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aelknergot it, thanks19:51
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afd_there's an error in z3c.language.switch.vocabulary, a misspelled AttributeError. I don't have svn access, could someone fix that?19:55
afd_please? :-)19:56
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