IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2008-06-01

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Pan_can i use datetimewidget with z3c.form?14:19
Pan_or there is some datetimewidget implelemntation for z3c.form14:23
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sunew_Pan_: I think there are a widget, look in the browser folder in the z3c.form distribution14:43
sunew_hmm maybe theres not14:45
Pan_yes, it is, but it is silly without javascript intercation14:45
Pan_sunew_: im trying to use zc.datetimewidget with z3c.form but i dont have any good example how to do that14:46
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Pan_hm. i dont have any, even bad examples ;)14:46
sunew_Pan_: the zc.datetimewidget is for formlib i guess? You will have to port that to z3c.form, its not usable right away14:48
Pan_so... how can i use some userfriendly widget for data edition for users?14:49
Pan_do i really have to write my own?14:49
sunew_Pan_: yes14:52
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Pan_that doesnt give speed in web development.14:53
andres_fPan_: relieve all of us from the pain and release your widget afterwards...14:57
andres_fWidget writing is so boring that it shouldnt need to get done multiple times...14:57
Pan_andres_f: so the question is - why the hell this kind of widget hasnt been yet created? i think many ppl need it14:58
andres_fPan_: It doesnt play any role - wether nobody created it yet, or nobody published - you have to do it yourself...14:58
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Pan_andres_f: by the way, how can i bind my own widget to widgetmanager? in formlib i was using something like custom_widget for field manager. how it is done in z3c.form?15:30
Pan_widgetFactory! ;)15:33
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Pan_this datetime select widget for z3c.form is very hard to do...18:00
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hazmatanyone use lovely.recipe:mkfile to generate  python scripts?19:10
Pan_not me.19:10
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sunewsrichter: have you got a second? I'm implementing a list/set widget for z3c.form20:18
sunewor maybe some other z3c.form developers?20:22
sunewI'm finding it problematic that the CollectionSelectFieldWidget adapts from IUnorderedCollection, since thats blocks non-select kind of widget use of the interface20:22
sunewMaybe there should be a more general Collection widget, and the selection specific stuff should be moved a bit down the line?20:24
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Pan_how to turn of rotterdam skin?21:04
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