IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2008-06-09

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malthesecurity checkers are not passed down to subclasses, right?02:06
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aelknercan anyone help me with a question i have about traversal02:25
aelkneri have a authentication plug-in that needs to redirect to a CAS server02:26
aelknerbut after it calls the response.redirect() method it doesn't end the traversal loop02:26
aelknerthis causes the plug-in to get called continually02:27
aelkneris there a way to get it to stop traversing?02:27
aelknersrichter: ayt?02:27
aelknerrcrafton: ayt?02:28
aelkneris there anybody out there?02:34
rcraftonaelkner: Sorry. Not really here. Unfortunately I don't think I'm the one to help out with that problem anyway.02:46
aelknerrcrafton: no prob.  i think i night be able to get it to stop travesing by throwing a retry exception02:49
aelkneri hope that works, at least02:49
rcraftonI just haven't had that problem yet. Though I suspect I'll be doing some CAS integration as we convert some of our older apps to zope. So I should pay attention.02:50
aelknerrcrafton: if you have questions about CAS at that point, you can email me at aelkner@gmail.com02:52
aelknerby then, i should have this stuff figured out02:52
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amleczkohi, i need help. i'm searching for how-to to run zc.z3monitor15:14
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benjiamleczko: IIRC, you just have to <include package="zc.z3monitor"/>15:17
amleczkobenji: ok. but how can i use it then?15:18
benjioh, and you probably need this in your zope.conf:<product-config zc.z3monitor> port 809915:18
benjiyou telnet to the monitor port and issue a command; "help" would be a good start ;)15:18
amleczkook seems clear :)15:19
amleczkobenji: thx15:19
benjiit'd be nice to have that in the README.txt; I'll try to remember to do so15:20
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amleczkohi i have another question: is it safe to open new zodb connection inside twisted.internet.task.LoopingCall ?15:44
junkafarianhmm, I am getting a ContentProviderLookupError from a ZPT object referencing a viewlet included in the macro it uses15:47
junkafariando i have to declare it separately than in the zcml?15:48
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amleczkohow can I access zodb from twisted LoopingCall ?15:53
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junkafarianis there a way i can specify the layer, similar to zcml for a ZPT object in the ZMI?16:06
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hazmatbenji, another reason for coverage failure is py 2.516:30
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hazmatat least with doctests16:30
* mgedmin wants to know16:34
benjihazmat: i.e. coverage doesn't work with 2.5?16:35
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regebroCan somebody point me to a basic Zope3 buildout?17:47
regebroNo PasteScript or anything. We just want the most simple buildout.cfg for Zope3, to include as a development buildout for an egg17:47
regebropater -tzope_app creates one that uses Paster and Twisted.17:48
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mgedminI think philikon's zopeproject creates these17:51
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ignasregebro: emm, what is Zope3 in this case?17:53
regebromgedmin: Nah, he still uses twisted and paster.17:55
mgedminah, I missed the 'no pastescript' bit17:55
regebroMaybe that doesn't matter, but the amount of config files created is silly, IMO. :)17:55
ignaswhat is Zope3 in this case? you want to avoid paste for hooking everything up?17:56
regebroignas: Well, you know, Zope 3.17:56
regebroA well know application server.17:56
ignasthere is Zope3 libraries bit17:56
ignasand there is wsgi server bit17:56
ignasand there is wsgi application bit17:56
regebroNo, those you install with easy_install, not buildout. :)17:56
regebro(The libraries, I mean)17:56
ignasand you use paste to connect wsgi server that comes with zope.server to wsgi application that comes with or something like that17:57
ignasi don't think there is a script that connects these without wsgi17:57
mgedminI think regebro wants a plain old
regebroYeah. It existed not long ago, it didn't die did it?17:57
ignasand i think philikon has killed the "zope instance" ;)17:58
ignasat least that was his plan17:58
mgedminsuggest looking at on trunk, assuming trunk hasn't died17:58
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regebromgedmin: is a buildout.cfg? That would surprise me. :)17:58
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ignasregebro: such buildout.cfg does not exist from what i can recall17:59
regebroIs it impossible to ue Zope3 with buildout without PasteScript? Wow.17:59
ignasregebro: most people who is using buildout.cfg are using recipes that set up wsgi components from what i can recall17:59
ignasthough maybe there is a zdaemon based recipe, i would not bet on it18:00
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ignasregebro: look at maybe that is related ...18:03
ignasnot sure about it, but it seems that you can setup a zdaemon server18:03
ignasmaybe you can gather out some useful bits that will help you write a recipe that works the way you want ...18:04
regebroI'm now trying to use something baed on grokprojects buildout.18:04
ignasbut still - i don't think there are that many reasons to keep on using the mostly deprecated Zope3 startup methods...18:07
ignasfrom what I can recall there were even talks about Zope getting out of the http server writing business ... and just using wsgi servers already available18:08
ignasso even if zope.server is still there it might be gone in a year, two, three ...18:08
ignasthough i can be mistaken, i mean - i am not the person who decides these things18:08
ignasfrom what I understand the only difference between paste approach and Zope3 approach is that instead of having both "server configuration" and "database configuration" in one file, you get them in 2 files ...18:11
ignasat least that's what changed when schooltool began using paste for deployment18:11
regebroignas: It's not a question of "deprecated", it's js18:13
junkafarianim trying a different approach to my menu problem...18:13
regebrojust that I want to be able to start an instance, without having loads of config files in the root18:13
junkafarianany ideas why context/@@view_get_menu/main_nav wont return anything?18:13
regebroand without having to install twisted.18:13
junkafariani have registered a menu and populated some menuItems18:13
regebroNope, the grokproject one ALSO want to install twisted. But for some reason, the buildout doesn't install it.18:14
regebroThis current situation honestly sucks.18:14
regebroIt should not take me hours to get started with Zope3.18:14
junkafarianbut when i try and call view_get_menu/main_nav it wont reference the  items i specified for the main_nav menu :(18:15
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sidneihey all, what kind of ssh keys is using these days?18:16
sidneiit used to be ssh1 keys18:16
ignasregebro: oh, that18:16
ignasregebro: just fix it in a different way - depend on "zope.server"18:16
ignasand in paste.ini do:18:16
ignasuse = egg:zope.server18:17
ignasin your [server:main]18:17
regebroOh, OK.18:17
regebroWell, that's a step forward at least.18:17
ignasand fix buildout.cfg18:17
regebroI think a small explanation is in order:18:17
ignasto ask for zope.server 3.518:17
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regebroThe currently recommended practice for Zope eggs is to have a buildout.cfg, so you can check out the egg, run the buildout and test/develop.18:18
regebroWith paste, you need a buildout.cfg.18:18
ignasemm - kind of, i mean - you know how paste works?18:19
ignasand how buildout works18:19
regebroAnd a site.zcml.and a paste.ini. And a debug.ini and a deploy.ini.18:19
ignaswell - debug.ini and deploy.ini18:19
regebroI know how buildout works, yes.18:19
ignasare arbitrary18:19
ignasyou don't have to have them18:19
ignasif you don't use the zope3 startup machinery provided18:19
ignasi mean - i am just doing "bin/paster serve foo.ini"18:20
ignasand am living wiht 1 single ini file18:20
ignasthe multiple ini files are for the scripts generated by one of the recipes to work i think18:20
ignascan't recall precisely now18:20
ignasbecause schooltool system is "homebrew" ;)18:20
ignasand we really are not using twisted in any place18:21
regebroWell, Grok is going to save Zope3 anyway, so luckily, we don't have to care about all this in most cases. :)18:21
regebroGrok will be the easy entry into Zope3, and Zope3 can stay complicated.18:21
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ignasregebro: you can't have "easy" and "control" at the same time, and it seems that you want "control" ;)18:23
regebroNo, I want "simple", and I don't understand why "easy" and "simple" isn't the same thing,18:26
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ignasyou can have the illusion of having it simple and having control, but then the law of leaky abstractions hits you, and you get major pain18:26
ignassimple in this case is - don't touch ini files ;)18:27
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regebroNo, that's easy. Simple is "not complicated". Meaning: Less ini files.18:27
ignaswhy are they bothering you?18:28
ignasyou don't have to touch them ...18:28
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ignasanyway - it's an intermediate step18:28
regebroI explained above.18:29
ignasStep 1 - you write them yourself18:29
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ignasStep 2 - they get generated18:29
ignasStep 3 - they get generated runtime without you seeing them18:29
*** sidnei has quit IRC18:29
ignasso - it's better now than it was before, it's apparently not good enough ;)18:29
ignasthe Step 4 - they get generated runtime, but if you want to you can write them yourself...18:31
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junkafarianis there a summary of the standard globals available through context in ZPTs?18:35
junkafarianeg: view_get_menu18:35
*** gimni has joined #zope3-dev18:36
ignasjunkafarian: what is view_get_menu ?18:37
ignasa global function in some module?18:37
ignasif it is - no there is no such thing, and you should add a wrapper call in the view and use that18:38
junkafariani am following the example in philikon's book to generate a custom menu18:38
hazmatbenji, apparently not.18:38
hazmatbenji, it was reporting erroneous coverage results on unit tests18:39
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junkafarianbasically... I am trying to modify mu current menu viewlet so that i can include it in a ZPT object created through the ZMI18:39
hazmatbenji, i switched back to py 2.4 and it started working again18:39
hazmatall doc tests though.18:39
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junkafarianignas: which it seems i cant if i just reference the menu with <tal:providers replace="structure provider:menu" />18:41
junkafarianin my standard_macros18:41
ignasjunkafarian: sorry, i don't really know what's going on in philikon'18:41
ignass book18:41
ignasso i can't really help you with that18:42
junkafarian^^ that was just my implementation before it wouldnt work with the ttw ZPT18:42
junkafarianignas: if i use the macro which works fine for pages declared in zcml with the ZPT object, i get:18:43
junkafarianContentProviderLookupError: menu18:44
ignasjunkafarian: sorry, but i just don't know the state you are coming from, and the thing you want to get to, so it's really not enough information for me to solve it18:46
junkafarianat the moment i just have a viewlet which renders a main menu and is assigned to a viewletManager called `menu`18:48
junkafarianand that works fine when any pages use metal to access the master template (which has that tal:providers line in it)18:49
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ignasi see18:50
ignasand ...18:50
junkafarianhowever, i tried to use a ZPT object to allow for TTW editing of the content18:50
junkafarianas i need to provide a basic CMS18:50
junkafarianand that doesnt like the macro i have defined18:50
junkafarianand errors when trying to find the menu viewlet manager18:51
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ignasoh, hmm, i am not sure how TTW handles sites and adapter registries18:52
junkafarianpreviously, i had to update all references using `views/standard_macros/..` to `context/@@standard_macros/...`18:52
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junkafarianI dont suppose anyone has worked on an object which allows a file on the local system to be edited TTW?18:53
junkafarianas that would presumably allow me to expose the .pt files to be updated18:54
hazmatoh.. sorry wrong channel.. for that.. but its a plone extension (z3 style) to browse/ edit / index content on the filesystem18:54
junkafarianany zope3 ports?18:55
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev18:55
hazmatnot that i know of18:55
hazmatif you just want to expose your code for development.. you can set it up as a separate webdav mount18:55
junkafarianits basically to allow for a simple admin CMS18:56
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junkafarianany experience with the ZPT objects through the ZMI?18:56
junkafarianhazmat: ^18:56
* mgedmin thinks ZPT objects in the ZMI are examples, almost completely useless in practice18:58
junkafariandoh! :P18:58
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junkafariandont spose there are any useful projects providing similar functionality?18:58
junkafarianpreviously i have used adapters to store editable content18:59
junkafariani remember someone mentioning a HTMLPage type object19:01
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junkafarianbut I assumed they were talking about the ZPT objects otherwise you would be unable to inherit the macros19:02
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