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mintsauceim using a buildout based zope instance - how would i call the bin/debugzope command? (working through PVW's book)13:40
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zagymintsauce: bin/zopectl debug13:48
zagyor bin/something, depending on your setup13:48
floxmintsauce: or you should have a bin/youproject-debug13:48
floxi guess13:48
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mintsaucehi all, im running through PVW's book17:25
mintsauceim trying to create an object via the debug prompt17:26
mintsauceusing ./bin/instance debug17:26
mintsaucehowever, each time i enter a line, say: "from worldcookery.recipe import Recipe" the prompt just quits out, no error, nothing ...17:27
mintsauceoddly, if i mistype the name on purpose, it gives a proper error, so it looks like things are working ..... but the book doesnt show the prompt quitting as it is17:27
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mintsauceany ideas?17:32
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koboldwhere can I find a good example about how to use local utilities?17:43
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srichteris there somewhere a short how-to on how to get started with Zope 3 on Windows? I need to build a couple of binary releases17:44
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mgedminmintsauce: what if you tried try: from worldcookery.recipe import Recipe; except SystemExit: print "waah" ?17:48
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mintsaucemgedmin: quits out silently in just the same way17:52
mintsauceinterestingly if i 'import urllib' it stays in the prompt as it should17:53
mgedminimport worldcookery? import worldcookery.recipe?17:54
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mgedminwhat OS are you on?17:54
mgedminthis sounds like a bug in one of the extension modules, perhaps?17:54
mintsauceimport worldcookery works18:00
mintsauceimport worldcookery.recipe doesnt18:01
mintsauceso my app is registered but the class isn't?18:01
mintsauce(bear in mind im only on the 4th chapter of the book!)18:01
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mgedminmhm, you could try asking on the mailing list18:14
mgedminI don't have OS X handy18:14
mgedminor at all18:14
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mintsaucemgedmin: ill give 'em a try18:29
mgedminit does sound like a python problem (interpreter incompatible with extension modules, or some bug)18:30
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Pan_bah. why im getting this:     UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u0119' in position 13: ordinal not in range(128)20:20
Pan_when im using utf-8 in @action?20:20
mgedminyou're supposed to use unicode strings20:20
mgedminif I understand your problem correctly20:21
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Pan_and im using it like that20:21
mgedminand if you want literal non-ASCII chars, don't forget the # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- at the top of the file20:21
Pan_and even i have header at the beginng of my file:20:21
Pan_i have it20:21
mgedminand you're getting the error?20:21
Pan_# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-20:22
mgedminokay, then maybe you also need to pass a name='lalala' to the action decorator20:22
Pan_    @action(u"Zamknij aukcj√™")20:22
mgedminit is trying to build an ASCII-only ID for the HTML element20:22
Pan_ok. how to do that?20:22
Pan_    @action(u"Zamknij aukcj√™", name="my utf8 string")?20:22
mgedminfirst, file a bug in the zope 3 bug tracker at
mgedminthen do what you said, except with name="my_nonutf8_id"20:24
Pan_hah! working!20:24
Pan_mgedmin thanks :)20:25
mgedminthe usual convention is to use the i18n machinery with English defaults20:25
mgedminso you'd have @action(_("Close auction")) or something20:25
mgedminwith the non-ASCII translation substituted later, while rendering the page20:25
mgedminthat's why nobody noticed this bug, I think20:25
Pan_yes, i think you are right. im doing somethings fast, so i dont always use zope machinery.20:26
Pan_like locales.20:26
Pan_i know that not good idea, but i dont have to much time to end it.20:26
Pan_thanks again ;)20:27
Pan_oh, perhaps you know, how to turn on accesslog in zope3?20:28
Pan_do i have to use zope3recipe?20:28
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mgedminI used to know...20:40
mgedminIIRC there was a setting in zope.conf, around zope 3.2 times20:40
mgedminno idea how it's done now, in the brave new buildout and eggified world20:41
philiKON_accesslog in the wsgi setup isn't supported20:42
philiKON_but you can use Paste#translogger20:42
Pan_what is Paste#translogger?20:43
philiKON_a wsgi middleware20:43
philiKON_that provides an accesslog20:43
philiKON_you can easily plug it in in your deploy.ini file20:43
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Pan_great! its like accesslog?20:44
Pan_mgedmin: rite, i was using accesslog setting in zope.conf, but as philiKON_ said, its not longer supported.20:44
Pan_Middleware for logging requests, using Apache combined log format20:45
Pan_great! :)20:45
Pan_any quick tip how to install it ;) ?20:45
philiKON_jsu plug Paste#translogger as a middleware into your deploy.ini20:46
philiKON_you can read about it on
Pan_ok. great. thanks philiKON_, its big help for me.20:47
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