IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2008-07-11

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CSWookieI've got a buildout recipe, and I'd like to test it in a way that will let me get some use out of doctest's test coverage stuff.  Any ideas?03:38
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gstrattonI'm trying to test some security stuff from the command line, but I'm getting04:07
gstrattonAttributeError: 'thread._local' object has no attribute 'interaction'04:07
gstrattonHow can I write the interaction into the thread local? Or isn't it possible?04:07
philiKONgstratton: got my book?04:13
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gstrattonphiliKON: Not with me. I'll go and fetch it from work if this isn't a one-liner. This is all based on experimentation from your book04:25
philiKONall this is exactly spelled out in my book :)04:25
philiKONchapter 22 or wahtever it is04:25
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gstrattonphiliKON: Okay, thanks!04:26
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hazmatphiliKON, you still in dc?05:28
philiKONwell, f'burg05:28
hazmatah.. right.. i was debating whether or not to swing out tomorrow.. and grab a drink and maybe a code session.. but i'm swamped atm.. tbd05:29
hazmatyou sprinting while your there.. or just hanging out05:29
philiKONmostly hanging :)05:29
philiKONi'll be busy tomorrow anyway05:29
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qsrvI am experiencing problems with the zope3 catalog09:20
qsrvfor some reason only objects that are direct children of the Site get indexed09:21
qsrvbut objects that located in a container, are not09:21
qsrvthe objects, located in a container, do not get registered with intids utility09:22
qsrvand that, I think, is the cause of this problem09:22
qsrvbut why this happens, I'm not sure09:23
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qsrvdoes a class need to implement some interface to be automatically registered with the intid utility?13:16
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floxwhich one to use for blob storage? z3C.extfile or zope.file?13:30
afd__qsrv: usually inheriting from Persistent insures that13:30
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qsrvafd__: well, it's inherited from Contained13:49
afd__You should inherit from Persistent, Contained13:50
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qsrvafd__: thanks14:19
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jayarajflox, did you try z3c.blobfile?14:30
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floxi tried zope.file14:31
floxwill try z3c.blobfile now...14:32
jayarajk tell the valuable feed back to me too :)14:32
floxzope.file uses standard "blob" feature from the ZODB14:33
fcorreahazmat, waiting for your next blog post ;)14:33
floxwhile z3c.extfile provides its own blob implementation (written before blob support in the ZODB)14:34
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jayarajz3c.blobfile gives its own IFile implementation IIRC14:36
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floxAFAICT z3c.extfile does not provide an "add" view14:36
jayarajflox,  do we really need one? we can have our own! i think blobfile will be a better choice to try with! i still dint get time to look at the diffs :\14:39
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floxjayaraj: yes, the z3c.blobfile is the right one. It uses the zodb blob feature (like zope.file)14:45
floxand it overrides the "Add File" menu entry14:45
floxthough, i don't see many differences between zope.file and z3c.blobfile14:46
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jayarajflox, will have to look at implementation! there may be some thing extra in blobfile! other wise it wont be there!14:47
floxz3c.blobfile keep the standard views of (translated)14:48
floxwhile zope.file provides its own "add Zope file" entry, and it detects better the content type14:48
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floxz3c.blobfile provides support for migrating existing objects14:49
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ktwilight_hazmat, didn't know you have a blog. great stuff! ;)14:53
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flox1ok, copy/paste is broken on blob objects15:10
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jayarajyea that rite flox i have seen one bug in launchpad!15:15
jayarajflox, bbs15:16
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HammerToe'lo all :) any pypi gurus about?  Does pypi take a while before buildout can 'see' a new package uploaded to pypi?16:32
HammerToeie. I've uploaded a new package to pypi and can see it on the pypi website etc... but buildout can't find it16:33
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philiKONHammerToe: that's weird16:33
philiKONHammerToe: are you using some other index perhaps?16:33
HammerToephiliKON, not that I'm aware of... I've got other pypi packages in my buildout.cfg16:33
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HammerToephiliKON, do you know if maybe there is some index that buildout uses that is only periodically refreshed or something?16:34
philiKONwell, buildout uses the pypi simple index16:34
HammerToemaybe that is updated via a cron job or something16:34
HammerToeany idea what the actual url is that buildout goes to? -vvvv doesn't tell me16:35
HammerToehrm... its there16:35
HammerToeoh wait... there is no download url16:36
HammerToeahhh... maybe I don't understand pypi then.... the packages themselves are not hosted on there?16:36
philiKONbut you need to upload16:36
philiKONpython register sdist upload16:36
philiKONthis a) registers the package b) builds a tarball and c) uploads the tarball16:37
HammerToeahh, I just did register16:37
philiKONyou don't *have* to host the packages on pypi, of coruse16:37
HammerToeyeah I know16:37
HammerToebut I thoguht I'd give it a try16:37
HammerToeits just a simple zope 2 index package16:37
HammerToeyay! thanks philiKON :) it works now16:39
HammerToeoh... bugger16:39
HammerToenot quite grrr...16:39
HammerToeits stored it as a comrpessed egg or whatever it does... it needs to be uncompressed so zope can see the configure.zcml file in it... is that some metadata flag somewhere I've missed?16:40
HammerToeyeah, I did that16:42
HammerToeand I can see a file called 'not-zip-safe' in the .egg-info dir16:42
HammerToehrmm... nope somethign else is screwy...16:43
HammerToeok weird.... setuptools didn't include the configure.zcml when it built the package and uploaded it16:44
mgedminis your source kept in a revision control system?16:44
mgedminwhich one?16:44
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HammerToeits not, no... we use svn but this isn't checked in16:45
mgedminsetuptools only picks up *.py then16:45
HammerToeahh bugger... so how do you get it to include a .zcml file then?16:46
mgedminsimplest way: check it into svn16:46
mgedminor build a or something16:46
mgedminyou'll have to read setuptools documentation for that16:47
mgedminI just keep everything in svn16:47
HammerToehow does checking it into svn help it?  does setup_tools look in the .svn files for clues?16:47
HammerToeok... well I've import this into our svn then16:47
mgedminsetuptools parses .svn/entries16:47
mgedminwhich causes problems when a new version of subversion comes out with a new working tree format and then you have to upgrade your setuptools to get it to include all your source files16:48
* mgedmin sighs16:48
mgedminthere are plugins for other version control systems16:48
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HammerToemgedmin, great, that worked thanks :)16:58
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* flox thinks that there's way too much packages to do the same thing19:44
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floxzope.sqlalchemy, z3c.sqlalchemy, z3c.zalchemy and sqlos, and relstorage ...19:48
floxthey all provide some kind of ORM19:49
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floxwhere I can start ?19:50
flox$ python -c 'import this' |grep obvious19:51
floxThere should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.19:51
floxAlthough that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.19:51
* flox thanks Tim Peters for writing these principles19:54
bigkevmcdflox: you're missing zstorm too19:56
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floxbigkevmcd: this one is a little bit more hidden... not available in pypi20:00
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floxis it this one?
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* flox don't want to try all 6 solutions...20:17
floxsomeone has experience with one of these ORM packages?20:18
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floxfound this post from Martijn:
floxsounds interesting22:30
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